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September 24, 2009 Minutes

Town Building Maintenance Committee September 24, 2009

Present: Margaret Bossow, Steve Hunter, Greg Martin, Bob Paszak, Mike Tremblay, Mitch McGee

Meeting called to order at 9:02 a.m.

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting (MB/GM).

Greg stated that the quote on the well from Rasmussen was $2,900, not $4,500. Greg had spoken directly with Rasmussen.

Mike (Chair) stated that he will be posting an agenda prior to every meeting.

Steve passed out cost estimate on new concrete ramp with non-maintenance railing and wooden posts.

Will have to cut siding, put in rubber membrane and J channel to cap to be able to install concrete ramp.

Discussion continued on whether it was more cost effective/safer to install concrete ramp. Everyone agreed that it is best to go with concrete.

Discussion of heating element or possibility of enclosed ramp. Everyone agreed that the use of a heating element is to be considered and that we should not do enclosure. We will get some rough estimates to do so.

Motion to submit to board (SH/GM)

Would like to have opening of bids at October meeting and get ramp done prior to winter if approved.

Discussion on whether we need permits  state? County? How long to get approved?

Margaret will get information on what permits are needed.

Discussion on doorway between hall and bathrooms. Does it comply. Steve looked through ADA guidelines and it is compliant.

Exterior door needs to be compliant. Threshold and door will need to be changed.

Discussion on order to do items: 1. Need to get new plans drawn. 2. Need to get board approval to get bids 3. Goal  to install a new ramp before winter

Margaret to contact Cheq. Engineering to see if they can do new plans asap.

October 20th is next board meeting.

Discussion on need to establish mission/goal.

Mike M. was asked if he could speak to the board about whether they could give us written instructions on what they would like us to do. What order, priority, etc.

Mike T. passed out the Work Statement to all Committee members. Mike M. will take this before the board and see what their response is.

Discussions on cost estimate from Cheq. Bay Building Inspection. Everyone agreed that after reviewing all the documents that the costs are to low.

Discussion on when to have next meeting. If the board approves the plan to do the ramp before winter then we will meet on Oct. 5th at 9:00 a.m., if they want us to wait until next summer than we will meet on October 16th at 9:00 (Friday).

Discussion on what to do at next meeting. Everyone is to go through the Town Inspection Report and prioritize the items. We will also discuss the west ramp.

Motion to adjourn  10:34 a.m. (GM/BP)

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