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Location: 2810 Ellison Lake Road



1.     The management of the cemetery shall be vested in the Cemetery Committee. The committee shall manage the cemetery in accordance with the statutory provisions for cemeteries in the State of Wisconsin. All monument firms, lot holders and funeral directors must comply with these regulations.

2.     The committee shall consist of 7 members approved by the Town Board. The committee shall elect their own officers and decide on the date and the frequency of their meetings. The Term of officers shall be a period of two years with an election at the spring meeting.

3.     The committee shall be charged with making recommendations for keeping the cemetery in a state of good repair, and shall be empowered to transact such business as hereafter set forth.

4.     The cemetery committee has the right to stop any construction or erection of markers unless the work is being done according to the rules and regulations of the cemetery committee.

5.     The Town of Barnes, its employees or the cemetery committee assumes no liability for damage to the property or of a person, for physical or mental suffering arising out of the performance of it normal operations, or loss of vandalism or other acts beyond its reasonable control.

6.     The secretary shall keep a correct record of all the proceeding of the cemetery committee.

7.     All grading, tree cutting, landscaping, lot division and lot sales and other improvements shall be done under the supervision of the Sexton. Major improvements shall have approval of the Town Board if costs exceed $1,000.00.

8.     Any person desiring to purchase a lot or grave must apply to the Sexton of the cemetery committee.

9.     The following charges shall have Town Board approval before becoming official:

        Grave Openings:                       $500.00          May1st - November 29th

        Grave OpeningsWinter              $1200.00        November 30th - April 29th

        Cremation Openings                 $200.00 

        Cremation Winter                      $300.00

        One Grave Space                     $100.00        

        Cremation Lot                           $ 50.00


1.     The Sexton shall have charge of the record book with all lots and graves in the cemetery, including number of the lot or grave and to whom. He shall keep a correct record of all interments in the cemetery, showing the name and date of all persons buried in the Cemetery and the lot number and block where each person is interred.

2.     The Town Clerk shall keep correct account of all money paid and disburse all money for the purpose of the cemetery. The Sexton  a is requested to furnish the Town Clerk with a copy of all deeds and burial permits. The town's cemetery record book shall be kept up-to-date by the town clerk.


1.     All interments shall be made in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin

2.     Whenever interments are to be made, notice should be given to the Sexton at least tow days before interment and no graves are to be dug except under the authorization of the Sexton in charge. No interment will be permitted on any grave unless the purchase price of said grave has been paid in full.

3.     State approved vaults shall be required for all burials.

4.     No more than 2 persons per cremation sites and no more than 4 cremations in one grave site.

5.     There shall be no more than 2 cremations to existing burials.


1.     To avoid errors, no markers shall be placed on any grave without notice to the Sexton.

2.     All monuments must be set on a concrete base with a five-inch margin around


1.     No glass containers shall be allowed because of breakage.

2.     Natural and artificial flowers shall be permitted in approved vases which are the temporary pin type vases. Pots placed in stands that are approved by the cemetery committee may be up to fourteen inches in size. The approved vases and pots should be set in front of or close to the memorial stone.  Artificial flowers may be put in the cemetery beginning May 1st  and must removed  or they can be removed by the committee.

3.     Effective immediately, no Astroturf, artificial grass or other carpeting shall be placed on any grave or placed in the cemetery.

4.     Lot owners are not permitted to plant trees or shrubs.

5.     Shrubs must be approved by the Sexton.

The Cemetery Sexton is David Schiess: 715-638-0424.

The above rules and regulations were approved by the Town Board at a Regular Town Board Meeting held on July 17, 2001 and were posted at that time. An update was approved by the Town Board at their Regular Town Board Meeting on June 19, 2007. A price update was approved by the Town Board at their regular Town Board Meeting on June 21,2022.

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