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Barnes Clean Up Campaign

May 1 through May 31, 2024

Each Spring the Town of Barnes will host a Spruce-Up and clean-up campaign. It will generally be held in the month of April. The primary emphasis is roadside clean-up; however, other public areas such as town parks and boat landings are included as well.

To help coordinate and reduce duplication, the town is encouraging organizations and individuals to pledge to clean a designated portion of road or area. Pledges are then included in the list below so others will know what areas will be cleaned and concentrate on areas not listed.

To make a pledge, you must first register so we know who you are. The registration information is strictly confidential, used only to identify or contact you and will not be displayed. After registering you can log on to make a pledge. This allows you a means of viewing just your pledge(s) and edit or delete them. That's all there is to it! No need to contact someone. Everything is done automatically.

If you find you are unable to accomplish your pledge and wish to remove or change it just log on and make the change. This information will be available here year round. You can access it any time you like. We anticipate sending an email reminder of the pledge(s) you have made each spring before cleanup time.

We hope this pledge process will provide a means to better plan and coordinate the effort and also provide recognition to those that are volunteering their time. If you have any questions or comments please email or phone (795-2782).

Road Clean-Up Guidelines

  • You are expected to clean-up both sides of the road.
  • All roadside litter may be dropped off at no charge.
  • Bags may be picked up at the transfer site at no charge.
  • Please use every roadside safety precaution.
  • If possible, please separate recyclables.
  • If you haven't made a pledge, please tell transfer site personnel your name/organization and section of road cleaned.

Let's make this year even more successful than last year!

Additional Resources

Current Pledge List for Roads Clean-up

You need to register once so you will be able to maintain your pledges yourself.

Make or Change a Pledge!
Please register before making your first pledge.

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