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June, 2022


After almost four years of wishing I had time to continue with the Barnes Notes and News, I finally found a little time. (wow, four years already). I still work full time from home, but my workload has moved around a bit giving me a few hours back a week so I thought I would give ‘er another whirl. It’s truly heartwarming and humbling to hear that you’ve missed the “paper” and thought it was a pretty good little deal.

I am extremely excited to bring this back and am already having a ball putting things together again. It was so much fun to do this and I truly missed sharing the histories and stories of our local businesses and people with you.

With the cost of supplies, the time to print copies, and respecting anyone with Covid concerns, this will be available on line only in lieu of hard copies being distributed as in the past. (At least for the forseable future).

** A little reminder for you and some history for those that don’t know:

The Barnes Notes and News is a free, local publication that brings back the ideas and format of the original newsletter, "the Barnes Blog", but with a few personal twists. So many people commented that they missed the neighborliness of the original Blog, and I thought, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."

Let me introduce myself. I am your editor and publisher, Julie (Friermood) Sarkauskas. Many of you already know me. I’m the daughter of Bill and Joyce Friermood who co-owned Friermood’s Service Station and Arctic Cat Dealership on Hwy N in Barnes with my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Viola from 1956 to 1980. Some question my sanity about coming back here to live, but I’ve never regretted being born and raised here. Of course, those were the days when you climbed trees and rode your bikes for fun and having four brothers and two sisters, we pretty much were never bored. (And you didn’t dare tell Mom you were bored, she’d have a mop or a broom in your hand so fast it made your head spin.)

I wasn’t sure if it was a crazy idea or not, but I decided to try my hand at getting some of the stories and news that you enjoyed back to you.

The original paper (The Barnes Blog) was created by Lu Peet in 2009 with just a few pages of important information for the community; it soon tripled in size. People thrived on being informed of area happenings and situations. It was a much needed publication and Lu succeeded very well.

One of the features in the new paper is a “Reminiscing” section where we share the memories and tales of the town’s businesses and people that helped build this community and the ones that keep it strong and growing today.

The first edition of the Barnes Notes and News was published in May, 2017. Click the links in the column to the right to read PDF copies.

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