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Aquatic Invasive Species Committee

(formerly the Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee)

Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) was first discovered in Tomahawk and Sandbar lakes in the Fall of 2004. The Barnes Eau Claire Lakes Property Owners Association helped organize an Ad Hoc Committee which coordinated the submission of a grant. The grant was awarded which resulted in survey work being done the summer of 2005. Read more about the activity below.

Members of the committee approached the town board during the summer of 2006 to get an official town committee established. At the board's September, 2006 meeting the committee was approved.

The information here will relate to actions of the committee. For information about EWM look here in the Town Digital Library, Environmetal Topics.

Additional Resources

Sand Bar Lake Permit Application and map

Tomahawk Lake Permit Application and map

SASS Home Study
Surface Air Supply Systems training required to use the BAISS, (Barnes Aquatic Invasive Species Sucker). 160 page pdf file (11 MB) can be downloaded to your computer.

Meeting Minutes

2016 Committee Update

Selective Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil on Tomahawk Lake

Response to Survey

Tomahawk/Sand Bar Research & CBCW 2009-2010 Grant Proposal and Budget

Tomahawk and Sandbar draft APM plan July 2010

AD HOC EWM Committee

Sandbar Lake Survey by Matt Berg

Tomahawk Lake Survey by Matt Berg

George Lake Survey by Matt Berg

Introduction for BAISS Volunteers

Notice to Lakeshore owners

Volunteer Labor Worksheet form

Improving AIS Control Using Low-Cost Herbicide Enclosures

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