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September 17, 2009 Minutes

Town Building Maintenance Committee September 17, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009 (1st meeting)

Present: Margaret Bossow, Steve Hunter, Greg Martin, Bob Paszak, Mike Tremblay, Mitch McGee, Jerry Witt

Goal: To establish priority of work to be done on town buildings. To establish whether is it more cost effective to remodel or to construct new building.

Meeting started at approximately 3:00 p.m.

After general discussions everyone agreed to elect officers.

Motion was made to elect Mike Tremblay for Chairperson. Mike accepted. Motion was made and seconded. All in agreement.

Motion was made by Steve Hunter to nominate Margaret Bossow as Secretary. Margaret accepted after discussion was made that she would not only be secretary/administrative assistant. Motion was made and seconded. All in agreement.

Elected Officers: Mike Tremblay  Chairperson Margaret Bossow  Secretary

Approximately 10 minutes were spent with everyone going through all the paperwork and plans submitted by the town board.

It was establish that we need to make sure that everything is up to ADA code. Margaret will get on ADA website and check into ramp and front entrance regulations.

Mike will draft what needs to be done in sequence and to establish priorities.

Discussion on bidding (sealed) and what contractors will be required to do.

Discussion with well water. Water is black and needs filtering system. Town has a quote from Rasmussen of $4,500. Quote was tabled after discussion of amount. Statement was made that the pressure tank needs to be removed and area filled in. Rasmussen had quoted it as installing under the floor. Everyone in agreement that we should not install it under the floor but should install in the utility closet. Discussions will continue at a later date.

Question was put to Jerry Witt on what needed to be done 1st. Jerry stated that the ramps and railings should be top priority. Motion to concentrate on new ramp and railings, decks (SH/GM)

Discussion to meet once a month. Discussion started on what to do on the ramp and railings. Margaret suggested going outside so we could look at what needed to be done at the same time. Committee proceeded to outside.

Started at front entrance. Steve stated railing needs to be 4 between max. Suggested composite railings and decking due to no maintenance required. All in agreement.

Went to ramp on west side. Discussion was made that the landing at the top needed to be 5 ft. by 5 ft. Landing is required ½ way down  5 ft by 5 ft.

Discussion was made on possibility of concrete ramp. Suggestion of heating element in concrete. Would require small heater.

Discussion of installing railing only on outside and extending and connecting ramp to building. All in agreement. Discussion of enclosed ramp. Discussion of pros and cons.

Discussion on the fact that the walls of the building were 3 to 4 inches out of plumb.

Suggestion on pricing front deck and side ramp separate. All in agreement.

Steve stated that he could get someone to come in and give a rough estimate on cost for concrete and cost for composite ramp and railings so that we would have something to work with.

Discussions on what to concentrate on now. Margaret suggested that we concentrate on west ramp for now.

Committee proceeded to front entrance. Discussion was made that the risers were not all equal in height and that people were having a difficult time, tripping, etc. Measurements were taken and there was a discrepancy in height. Risers need to be less than 3/16 off. Requirements of 6 ¾. Deck height is currently at 28 high. Margaret is to check into requirements on ADA website prior to next meeting.

Discussions on option to close off front deck. Possibility of installing 5 steps instead of 4. Possibility of exiting front door, having a landing and having steps going down both east and west instead of south.

Went back to west ramp. Ramp needs pads for posts. There are currently no pads.

Went to east ramp. Decision to hold on office deck and ramp until pricing comes in on west ramp and front entrance steps and railings.

Margaret to check into handicap parking spaces. How many required for square footage of building.

Committee proceeded into building. Agreement made that everyone is to review all materials before next meeting.

If any public comes to meeting then they will be allowed 3 minutes to talk.

4:13 p.m.  Motion to adjourn (SH/MB) Mike Tremblay (Chairperson) 51130 E. Idlewild Lake Road Barnes, WI 54873 (715) 795-2331 [email protected]

Margaret Bossow (Secretary) 53140 Jack Pine Lane Barnes, WI 54873 (715) 795-3406 [email protected]

Steve Hunter 1730 Lake Road Barnes, WI 54873 (715) 795-2979 (218) 391-2151 cell phone

Greg Martin 50625 Martin Road Barnes, WI 54873 (715) 795-2015 [email protected]

Bob Paszak 2119 Van Ellen Drive Gordon, WI 54838 (715) 795-3102 [email protected]

Mitch McGee 51525 Smith Lake Rd. Barnes, WI 54873 (715) 795-2528 [email protected]

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