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Table 3: Wildfire Mitigation Strategy

Goal 1: Wildfire Prevention

Table 3: Wildfire Mitigation Strategy

Goal 1: Wildfire Prevention

Projects Recommended




Fire Prone Property


Establish & coordinate a Neighborhood Fuels Reduction Demonstration Project on 20 private properties w/n both the Eau Claire Lakes and Potowatomi Estates subdivisions. Provide cost-share reimbursement incentives to willing landowners for creating defensible space. Investigate NFP grant sources. Town of Barnes,


Bayfield County,

Barnes Fire Dep.

Within 2 years
Working Group Form a Wildfire Mitigation working group between Towns, WDNR and USFS. The primary task of this group will be to coordinate and lead plan implementation efforts. Towns, WDNR, USFS Immediately following plan adoption
Education Programs for Children & Young Adults Work with the Drummond School District (or others) to adapt the WDNR's "Take Smokey Camping!" Campaign as part of the annual fire education program. Drummond, VFD,



Spring 2006

Education Programs for Children & Young Adults Work with the Drummond School District Administration to develop curriculum for annual fire education program. Integrate wildfire mitigation into "Fire Prevention Week."

Approach Drummond schools

Fire chiefs, WDNR and USFS work together to develop activity oriented wildfire hazard program for inclusion in "Fire Prevention Week" held during the second week of October.

WDNR, Towns, USFS Initiate in 2006
Engage Drummond School District in discussion about creating a Wildfire Hazard/Risk Assessment Project as part of the school's science curriculum. Pattern after the Stillwater, MN & MDNR Firewise success story. WDNR,



Bayfield County

School District

Curriculum in-place by Fall 2007
Education Programs for adults and landowners Hold a "Forest Fire Prevention & Control Night" associated with the annual Drummond VFD picnic. Drummond, VFD,



July 2006
Provide additional information on wildfire hazards along with the WDNR hazard assessment packets. WDNR 2006
Encourage Potawatomi Estates to become a recognized Firewise Community. WDNR, Barnes FD 2008
Education Programs for adults and landowners Continue to seek opportunities for presentation at adult group meetings. Towns, WDNR, USFS Spring 2006
Host an annual "Firewise Clean-Up Week" held in the spring to encourage landowners to create defensible space around their homes. Specific demonstration projects may be designed and utilized to educate residents about longer-term investments they could make to increase fire safety. Towns, WDNR, USFS, Bayfield County 2006
Add CWPP and Firewise information to government and agency web sites, along with relevant information on escape routes and ongoing mitigation activities. Towns 2006
Enforcement of rules & regulations Provide a brief summary of the CWPP to all households (5-6 pages). WDNR, USFS Ongoing
Continue aggressive enforcement of State and Federal forest fire laws. WDNR Ongoing
Explore further restrictions on burning permits. Towns Ongoing
As part of local subdivision review/approval process, new or proposed subdivisions should be reviewed by the responding Fire Departments for comment. Towns, Bayfield County Zoning
Cause investigation and determination Incorporate wildfire mitigation subdivision guidelines/ ordinances into local comprehensive planning efforts. Consider the use of regulatory tools such as wildfire mitigation overlay districts, traditional zoning and Firewise subdivision ordinances. Utilize examples such as the Virginia Department of Forestry's model wildfire mitigation subdivision ordinance

fire/subdivision guidelines.shtml

WDNR, USFS Ongoing
Continue aggressive origin and cause determination. WDNR, USFS Ongoing

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