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Current Pledge List for Roads Clean-up

In 2005 John Kudlas did an excellent job coordinating the first annual Spruce-Up Day. An attempt was made that year to document roads that were cleaned up. We know the list was not complete, but it was a start. The list below was started with the 2005 list.

The list now includes all the pledges received since then. If you made a pledge last year and are listed please review the pledge to be sure you are able to fulfil it again this year. If you know of individuals on the list that won't be able to volunteer for the designated road segment please notify us by email or phone (795-2782).

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Road Clean-up Pledges

Road Name North or West
Starting Point
South or East
Ending Point
Making Pledge
Barnes Road County N Kelly Lake Road ATV Club
Beaver Trail East Red Oak Drive Raven Trail Bobbie De Lizio
Birch Lake Road All ECL Conservation Club
Birch Lake Road Bony Lake Road Lake Road Brad, Julie & Katelyn Huber
Bony Lake Rd. All Judy Scholz
Broken Arrow Road All Mary & Larry Bielke
County A County N Barnes Road ATV Club
County N Transfer Site County A ATV Club
County N Transfer site County A Dave Pederson
County N Highway 27 Transfer site Barnes Community Church
County N Highway 27 County Y Donna Porter
County Y County N Highway 27 Donna Porter
County Y Cabin Store Enchanted Inn Bob Paszak, Fred Weire
County Y County N Beauregard Lake Road Donna Porter
County Y Cabin Store Johnson Rd.(Douglas Co.) Paul LaLiberte
East Shore Road all Lee and Sue Wiesner
East Shore Road Highway 27 end Lee Wiesner
Eight Mile Lake Road and East Eight Mile Lake Road Eightmile Lake Road and Webster Road County A Pat Prusila
Ellison Lake Road Highway 27 Highway 27 The Pease's
George Lake Rd Clark Rd Ellison Lake Rd Keith & Colleen Lois
George Lake Road Island Lake Road Ellison Lake Road Lanette Beckwell
George Lake Road Potawatomi border Clark Rd. Ingemar Ekstrom
Highway 27 County N Bony Lake Road Property Owners Association
Highway 27 East Shore South Shore ATV Club
Highway 27 East Shore Road County N ATV Club
HIghway 27 Pickerel Lake Boat Landing Bony Lake Road Dean and Lu Peet
Highway 27 County N County Y Donna Porter
Idlewild (East&West) Lake Road Lake Rd Hwy N Deereworks (Suz & Mike Tremblay)
Idlewild Lake Road All ATV Club
Island Road Island Drive Barnes Road Jean Carter
James Road Pease Road end of James Road Larry Bergman
Kaufman Kelly Lake rd Barnes Walley World
Kelly Lake rd. Barnes rd Route A Walley World
Kelly Lake Road Barnes Road County A ATV Club
Lake Road County N Highway 27 Conservation Club
Lake Road County N Call of Wild Road Bob and Irene Lundberg
Lake Road Highway 27 County Y ECL Conservation Club
Lake Road W. Idlewild Lake Rd. Highway 27 Vern & Sharon Boettihi
Lake Road Highway 27 Cabin Store Bob Paszak, Fred Weire
Lyndale Bay Road Pease Road end of Lyndale Bay Road Larry Bergman
Lynx All Mary & Larry Bielke
outlet bay rd laker lounge hwy 27 wellnitz
Pease Rd Co Hyw N Mulligan Creek Rd Ron Moen & Mike Thorn
Pease Road Martin Road Highway 27 George Martin
Pease Road Mulligan Creek Rd. Highway 27 Dave & Carol Pease
Pease Road County N Muligan Creek Road Larry Bergman
Pickerel Lake Rd Connors Rd Birch Lake Rd Jeanne Urban
Pickerel Lake Road Highway 27 Conners Road Tami Hoff
Point-O-Pines Road All Carol Tierney
River Road Lake Rd. River bridge Keith & Helen Kromer
River Road Bridge Van Ellen Rd David Delforge & Cindy Miller
Robinson Lake & E. Robinson Lake Roads County N Lake Road Eau Claire Lake Conservation Club
Roy Dick Co.Hwy N Ellison Lake Rd Masterjohn Realty Inc.
Silverwolf Road All Mary & Larry Bielke
Smith Lake Road Pease Road end of Smith Lake Road Larry Bergman
South Shore Stone Road Highway 27 Doug Brierly
Wampum Road all Jean Carter
Wilderness Court all Jean Carter

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