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April 10, 2012: Special Board Meeting




Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 6:15PM

At Barnes Town Hall

Chairperson Lu Peet called the Special Board Meeting to order at 6:18pm.  Roll call taken and all were present.  Clerk-Treasurer Baldwin verified the meeting was posted as required.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


1)      Review and possible action on proposed changes from the Transfer Site Committee for the physical lay-out and access to the Barnes Transfer Site.


Peet read the April 6th e-mail from Bob Lang on the physical layout and traffic flow changes for the Transfer Site proposed by the Transfer Site Committee:   


Hello Everyone,


I put together a drawing to scale of the transfer site.  I know it doesn’t look possible, but either my math is awful, or it’s pretty darn close.  I didn’t want to put numbers all over the drawing for fear it will become too confusing.  Here are some of the dimensions.

·       The area of the complex is 250 feet by 180 feet.

·       From the proposed entrance gate to the dividing fence for the compost is 200 feet.

I allowed 40 feet of width for the roll-offs which should provide enough space for three.  We will only have two at a time so there is room to dump one off when they pick up the other.

I allowed 10 feet for each recycle dumpster, 10 feet for the shack, and 10 feet for the aluminum roll-off.  I put the shack and aluminum roll-off at the end so they are close to the compactors, but they can be put anywhere in the lineup.

This drawing demonstrates 50 feet between the compactors and the lineup of dumpsters and shack.  I think this is too much, as it makes it quite a hike from one side to the next.  Right now there is approximately 35 feet from the compactors to the roll-offs.  That is plenty to allow for two lanes of traffic.


If you have any questions, let me know.

Bob Lang

Roads & Property Foreman – Town of Barnes



Referring to the attached diagram that he had also provided, Lang proposed a new “U-shaped”  1-way traffic flow through the yard at the site with new separate entrance/exit gates on the east side of the site from the adjacent town road.  The current site access/gate from County Road N will be CLOSED.  In response to Peet’s question on estimated costs, Lang said their ‘best-guess’ estimate at this time was:

·       $500. For exterior controls for the compactor.

·       $1,500. For the materials to build the new Attendant shack for the yard.

·       $500. For the 2 new gates

·       Current Estimate:  $2,500.

·       Lang stated that the $2,500. Estimate was not total cost as we need to order new signage for the site:  a Stop sign, recycling, and possibly other signs as well such as ‘One-Way’.   We also will order orange ‘highway cones’ to mark the 2-car drive lanes in the yard.

Timeline Estimate:  Lang said they intend to be ready the week of May 1st so as to use the ‘Fishing Opener weekend’ as a “trial run”.  The committee recommended using the month of May to test the new process and then re-evaluate and make adjustments as needed.

There was a discussion on collecting cash at the site and the need to secure it in the shack when the attendant was out in the yard, and also the possible need for 2 attendants to be on duty for the busy summer holidays and weekends.  Lang stated this would be evaluated based upon the experience gained from the May ‘test’ period. 

Motion (Webb/Porter) to authorize and approve spending approximately $2,500. on changes at the Transfer Site for a ‘trial run’ of new process.  Motion carried. 


Peet requested that Lang and the Committee report back to the Board as to progress and the ‘trail results’ in one month.

Lang stated that they are continuing to look for and identify options for recycling TV’s, computer monitors, and other items that we have not previously taken at the site.  All of these items, as well as tires that the state requires be under cover, will now be stored for recycling in the Transfer Site Building.  He also said that the committee is drafting a new flyer that will be distributed at the site to all users to inform them of the recycling mandates and all the new items and their fees that we will now take at the site.


2)      Adjourn

Motion (Webb / Meinke) to adjourn the Special Town Board Meeting of April 10th, 2012.

Motion Carried.   Meeting adjourned at 6:48PM.



Respectfully Submitted,




Stephen C. Baldwin, Town of Barnes Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 4thday of May, 2012


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