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Annual Meeting April 12, 2011


OF APRIL 12, 2011
Chair Lu Peet called the meeting to order at 7:03PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Peet asked for a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last Annual meeting.
Motion (Gene Ratzel/Ron Pearson) to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last Annual meeting.  Motion carried.
Clerk-Treasurer Elaine Brustad read the results of the Spring Election:
Local Election Results for
April 5, 2011 Election
Total persons voting: 410
Lu Peet                                                                   237
Dick Collyard                                                       164        
Miscellaneous Write-Ins                                        4
Donna Porter                                                        322        
Christine Webb                                                     215       
Irene Bott                                                              148
Miscellaneous Write-Ins                                         4
Mike O’Keefe                                                        317        
Miscellaneous Write-Ins                                     17
Town Audit
Peet asked if everyone received a copy from the back room to review. She gave everyone a few minutes to look at the material. Clerk-Treasurer Brustad and Supervisor Chris Webb explained a few items in the report. There were a few questions from the audience and Brustad and Webb answered those. Peet then asked for a motion to approve the audit.
 Motion (Gordy Lund/Bobbie Pearson) to approve the 2010 Annual Report as presented. Motion carried.
Brustad read her annual Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Balance January 1, 2010
Transfers of funds from Money Market
Interest Earned and service charges
Money Market Balance January 1, 2010
Checks written
Interest Earned and Service charges
Transfer of funds to General Fund
Sub account balances December 31, 2010
General Funds Savings
Highway Dept. Sinking Fund
BES Sinking Fund
Park Savings
Ski Trail Savings
Town Hall Maintenance Fund
ACT 102 Funds
Hayward Community Credit Union balance January 1, 2010
Interest Earned
Sub Account Balances December 31, 2010
18 month CD maturing on 11.17.2011
15 month CD maturing on 7.7.2011
18 month CD maturing on 11.19.2011
Portion of monies due for tax collections:

Peet asked for a motion to approve the Annual Treasurer’s report as read:
Motion (Greg Martin/Melissa Driscoll) to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Motion carried
Annual Highway Department Report  
Several roads were blacktopped in 2010. These include Smith Lake Road, James Road, Martin Road, and a portion of Moore Road. Also the Robinson Lake Road boat landing was blacktopped. With all of the rains that occurred during 2010, some roads required some reconstruction. These include 1.5 miles of Lower Lake Road, the last 2 miles of Mulligan Creek Road, Point o Pines Road, Augustine Road, and Halfway Road. In fact, some of these had to be repaired multiple times. An indicator of the extreme amounts of water was the fact that Pease Road flooded over the road twice last summer. From what I gather, this has only happened a couple of times in the past.
There was also considerable effort put into the Town Hall last year. A new handicap access ramp was constructed late last fall along with a new set of entry steps. This spring a new entry door was installed at the handicap entrance. Presently, a new ceiling and lighting is being installed along with some upgrades to the insulation problems that were exposed when the ceiling was removed. We also plan on eliminating the well pit on the north side of the town hall and moving the pressure tank and water valves into the utility room.
This coming construction season will revolve around improving some of our present infrastructure and focusing on some of the secondary roads on the north side of town. We will be expanding turn arounds on some of our dead end roads and widening some of our narrower roads to allow for more flexibility with our snow plowing routes. We are also going to spend considerable time reclaiming the sand roads that have been neglected for decades.
Along with all of this, we are working on our road inventory and accessing roads that need to be upgraded or discontinued. The Town Roads and Right-of-Way Committee made recommendations on a number of roads. I will be working with the Town Board and land owners to determine which course of action will be appropriate on those roads and others. With Elaine’s help we will be writing letters and making contacts during the next few weeks and months.
Annual Report from the Chair
     I want to thank the voters in Barnes for re-electing me and our two board members, Chris Webb and Donna Porter in the Spring Election on April 5th-. We are honored to be able to serve the Barnes community and the board looks forward to working for the people of Barnes.
     Another year has gone by here in Barnes. It has been another busy one, with quite a few projects going forward.
     Since one of our main goals was getting our citizens involved with the day to day problems and concerns of the town, the Road Committee and Town Hall and Building Committees were established a few years ago. They have continued to meet and address these issues. We have also set up a new Recreation Committee.
1.       The Road Committee has been working hard looking at our road system and to see where the town can improve its services and road safety. This group of citizens works with the road foreman and the town board on how to approach road issues that are brought up. They see to it that the issues go through the proper channels and steps needed to accomplish these goals.
2.       The Town Hall and Building Committee has worked hard to identify the major areas of hall renovation and remodeling. The very competent group of citizens that makes up the committee has done a great job in assessing what work needs to be done and the priorities of these projects. The work that they have done so far has greatly improved our hall and its efficiency.
A.      The HAVA (Help America Vote Act) mandates for entry way, parking and ramps to the hall have been for the most part completed. A few issues remain, but these should be accomplished in the near future. The new entrance door has been put in on the west side of the hall. It is so nice to see who is on the other side. The parking area is still a work in progress.
B.      The renovation to the front entrance to the hall has been completed, along with improved lighting that is still in the works.
C.      The ceiling tiles in the main hall and additional lighting and insulation will be completed in April of this year.
3.       The Recreation Committee has been planning for some new park equipment and the board approved the purchase of this equipment. This will be installed this spring. A walking trail is also included
     Jerry Witt, our former highway and property foreman diligently worked on improving our roads this past year. Projects that were completed this past summer include James Road, Martin Road and Smith Lake Road. Our new foreman, Bob Lang, has been busy assessing our system and is making recommendations on how he feels we should proceed with our system. At this time the road foreman is identifying roads that should be scheduled for improvements or even possible discontinuance. This is important for the safety of the citizens and also for efficiency in plowing and other maintenance and for access for emergency vehicles.
     April is clean-up month in Barnes and we encourage everyone to participate in the road clean up. On April 30th, there will be coffee and rolls available to all at the transfer site. Bring in your roadside trash for free (There are some of the old imprinted bags available from the town hall or the transfer site. These are very strong bags. Check with the Transfer Site Attendant or the Town Clerk to get some.) Check on the web site for more information. During this past year many areas of concern were cleaned up (the major one being on County Highway N) and we are working towards cleaning up several other areas.
     We continue to encourage our citizens to fill out the Citizen Request for Action forms when they feel a problem has arisen. This way the issues can be analyzed, the right department is then consulted and involved and the steps needed to fix the problem (if necessary) are addressed. The board then makes the recommendations based on these reports.
     The 2010 Census has been done. The official tally for the Town of Barnes was 769 residents, up from 610 in 2000. We hope this gives a more accurate picture of the number of people we have living here in Barnes. The money we get from federal and state coffers is directly related to the numbers that are shown in the official census.
Annual Ambulance and Fire Department Report
Tom Renz reported there were 76 runs for the ambulance in 2010. The Fire Department had more runs than previous, so it was an active year. He got a contract signed by the Town of Highland for service to their southeastern residents. With the new contract the Town of Highland guarantees to pay Barnes should one of their residents not pay an ambulance bill. Previously we just wrote it off, which results in the Town of Barnes residents eating that cost. They are still looking for new people to join the ambulance department. The run totals are:
10-01 - 01-08-10 Medical Little Island Road Transported to Hayward
10-02 - 01-10-09 Medical Murray Lake Town of highland Transported to Hayward
10-03 - 01-13-10 Medical County Highway N Transported to Hayward
10-04 - 01-14-10 Medical Call East Ellison Lake Road
10-05 - 01-21-10 Medical Augustine Road Transported to St. Mary's
10-06 - 01-25-10 Vehicle hit power pole on Lake Road no injuries waited for Power Company
10-07 - 01-25-10 Medical Alarm Cranberry Lake Road False
10-08 - 02-10-10 Medical CTH N transported to St. Marys
10-09 - 02-04-10 Snowmobile accident Halfway Road
10-10 - 02-25-10 Medical Call Idlewild Lake Road transported to Hayward
10-11 - 03-03-10 Medical call Birch Tree Trail Patient deceased
10-12 - 03-11-10 Medical assist no transport Highway 27
10-13 - 03-16-10 Medical Point o Pines Road transported to Hayward
10-14 - 03-18-10 Medical Highway 27 Transported to Hayward
10-15 - 04-03-10 Medical Pease Road transported to St. Marys
10-16 - 04-04-10 Medical CTH N Transported to Hayward
10-17 - 04-11-10 Snowmobile Fire Lake Road
10-18 - 04-29-10 Medical transported to St. Marys
10-19 - 05-02-10 Medical transported to Hayward
10-20 - 05-08-10 Medical Island Lake Road no transport
10-21 - 05-09-10 Mutual aid to Highland for Wildland Fire 9.3 acres burned
10-22 - 05-13-10 Trauma Call Lake Road
10-23 - 05-23-10 Medical Lyndale Bay Road transported to Hayward
10-24 - 05-25-10 Medical Lake Road patient deceased Coroner contacted
10-25 - 05-30-10 Trauma Blue Spruce Court Transported to Duluth Gold Cross Int
10-26- 06-04-10 Medical Call CTH N patient refused transport
10-27- 06-13-10 Medical Call Wilderness Court Patient deceased en-route to Hosp
10-28- 06-18-10 Trauma ATV accident Town of Highland
10-29- 06-20-10 Medical call CTH N Great Divide Contacted for Mutual Aid
10-30- 06-23-10 Medical Call Cable Mutual Aid to Great Divide
10-31- 06-24-10 Structure Fire State Highway 27
10-32- 06-26-10 Burn Patient County Highway A Gold Cross intercept
10-33 - 06-29-10 Medical Pease Road transported to Hayward
10-34 - 07-11-10 Medical Cabin Store Transported to Hayward
10-35 - 07-14-10 Power Line Down Outlet Bay Road
10-36- 07-19-10 Medical Evergreen Road Town of Highland Patient refused
10-37 - 07-21-10 Trauma River Road Gold Cross intercept
10-38 - 07-22-10 False Fire Alarm George Lake Road
10-39 - 07-25-10 Medical Dana Road Great divide contacted for mutual aid
 10-40 - 07-26-10 Motor vehicle crash hwy 27 and Lower Lake Road 2 patients Transported to Hayward
10-41- 07-30-10 C02 Alarm Clearwater Road
10-42 - 08-02-10 Medical Murray Lake Road Town of Highland transported to St. St/ Lukes Gold cross intercept rode in our ambulance
10-43 - 08-03-10 Assist subject out of woods Cranberry Lake Road
10-44 - 08-05-10 Medical Idlewild Lake Road Gold Cross intercept
 10-45 - 08-06-10 Medical Golf Course Road Great Divide mutual aid Patient Life flighted
10-46 - 08-08-10 Water Ski accident great Divide int only 1 emt responded patient Transferred to Life Link Helicopter
10-47- 08-09-10 Medical George Lake Road Transported to St. Mary's
10-48 - 08-11-10 Medical CTH N transported to St. Mary's Gold Cross Intercept
10-49 - 08-11-10 Medical at Patient came to Fire Hall Great Divide contacted because ambulance out on another call
10-50 - 08-19-10 Medical CTH N transported to St. Lukes Gold Cross intercept 10-51 - 08-20-10 Structure Fire Twin Bay Road
10-52- 08-27-10 Medical Lifeflight CTH N
10-53 - 08-27-10 Stand Bye Great Divide
10-54 - 08-29-10 Medical CTH N Gold Cross intercept
10-55 - 08-30-10 Water rescue incident East Shore Road
10-56 - 09-14-10 Trauma South Shore Road Transported to St. Lukes
10-57 - 09-18-10 Medical Wilderness Court Great Divide Transported
10-58 - 09-22-10 Mutual aid Gordon Structure Fire
10-59 - 09-25-10 Medical Peninsula Road Patient deceased en-route
10-60 - 09-26-10 Trauma Beauregard lake Road Town of Highland
10-61- 09-27-10 Medical White Eagle Road Transported Hayward
10-62 10-18-10 Medical Jackpine Lane Transported to St. Marys Gold Cross int 10-63 10-22-10 Stand-by Great Divide
10-64 10-24-10 Medical County Highway N transported to Hayward
10-65 10-26-10 Power Line down on Lake Road
10-65 10-26-10 Power Line Down Birch Lake Road
10-66 10-26-10 Power line down
10-67 10-29-10 medical Lake Road
10-68 10-31-01 Medical North Beaver Trail
10-69 Medical Jack Pine Lane
10-70 Medical Jack Pine Lane
10-71 Medical Highway 27
10-72 Medical White Eagle Drive
10-73 Medical Highway 27
10-74 Medical County Highway N
10-75 Medical County Highway N
10-76 Medical County Highway N
Annual Constable Report  
From April 2010 to April 2011 I received 168 calls at my residence for assistance. 25% were from the sheriff’s department dispatch and private alarm companies to respond to alarms, assist fire department for traffic control, deer hits and welfare checks. The remainder calls were town ordinance related calls such as lake complaints, animal complaints, fireworks or firearm complaints, trespass and ATV complaints. 
Peet asked if any resolutions had been received by the Clerk-Treasurer. Brustad said she had received none.
Peet then asked for any resolutions from the floor. There being none she asked for a motion to adjourn the Annual meeting of 2011 to the 2nd Tuesday in April, 2012.
Motion (Tom Renz/Dave Pease) to adjourn the Annual Meeting of the Qualified Electors of the Town of Barnes of April 12, 2011, to the second Tuesday in April 2012 at 7:00PM.   The meeting was adjourned at 7:35P.M.      
Respectfully submitted,
Elaine J. Brustad,
Dated this 14th day of April, 2011

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