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Special Town Board meeting February 8, 2011


Of February 8, 2011
Chair Lu Peet called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 5:18PM. The full Board from Highland was present along with their Fire Chief, Clerk Nora Moss and Treasurer Rose Graves. All were present from the Barnes Board.  Barnes Ambulance Director Tom Renz was also present.   Brustad verified the agenda had been posted as required. T he agenda for the meeting is as follows:
1)     Discussion on Contract for Ambulance Service with the Town of Highland
Renz stated the letter sent by the Highland Chair had a few changes they would like in the contract. The reiterated the fee schedule should be $4,000.00 for each of the next three years. Highland wanted to change the notification period from 30 days to 60 days. This was accepted by Renz and The Barnes Board. Highland wanted an insert in the contract that the agreement could not be cancelled except by a meeting of the two boards. The Barnes board and Renz did not think that should be in the contract as Renz would not automatically cancel the contract without prior Board approval. Highland wanted a monthly report with name and address of the call, date, time, names of responders and transport information including destination or intercept information. Renz said this was more than he gave the Barnes board and he felt Highland should get the same information. The Barnes Board agreed it should be a monthly report submitted to Highland’s clerk with the number of runs to the town, the address of the run and where transported. The Town of Barnes board also reiterated their stand that the Town of Highland will be responsible to reimburse the unpaid portion to the Town of Barnes after no activity within a continuous 90 day cycle of a bill from a Highland resident. At that time Highland will receive additional information on the run so they may be able to bill the customer. Clerk-Treasurer Brustad amended the contract as such and Chair Lu Peet signed two copies to give to the Highland Town Board for signatures. 
The Barnes Board also wanted to make a motion to let the Highland Board know that their Ambulance Director had full authorization to make any needed changes on the contract.
Motion (Menke/McGee) to give Tom Renz, Ambulance Director full authorization to make any needed changes to the contract and that this contract has been fully approved by the Town Board of Barnes.  Motion carried.
Motion (Webb/Meinke) to adjourn the Special Town Board meeting of February 8, 2011. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:15PM. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Brustad
Dated this 3rd Day of March, 2011

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