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Regular Town Board Meeting March 16, 2010


MARCH 16, 2010
The Regular Town Board Meeting of March 16, 2010 was called to order by Chair Lu Peet. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited. Peet asked for a roll call to establish a quorum and verification of the public notice being posted as required by the Clerk-Treasurer. Roll call taken and all present except Chris Webb. A quorum was established. Clerk-Treasurer Brustad verified the agenda for the meeting was posted as required.   Peet then asked for a motion to approve the March Agenda, approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting and to dispense with reading of the minutes.
Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the agenda, the minutes of the last RegularTown Board meeting and to dispense with the reading of those minutes. Motion carried. The agenda follows:
MARCH 16, 2010 at 6:30PM
Call the Regular Board Meeting to order
Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice
Motion to approve the March Agenda, approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting and Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes.
Treasurer’s Report
Voucher’s Approval
Clerk Correspondence                    
Department Head Reports:
                Fire and Ambulance Department
Committee Reports
                EWM Committee – approval of increase in rate to $10.00 per hour for Boat Landing Monitors and approval of increase in rate to $12.00 per hour for the Coordinator position
Land Use Planning Commission
Business Insurance renewal information presented my Mike Sherry of Holden Insurance
Public Comment Session – 3 Minute limit for those not on the agenda
Dan Augustine: claim for excessive assessment and unlawful taxes as per sections 74.37 and 74.35 Wi. Stats (tabled from February meeting)
Approval for trap club to construct a 3’x40’ sidewalk at the trap house in the rifle range
Operator Licenses: 1 year new application by Kenneth J. Anderson
                                  2 year new application by David A. Zorn
Approval of Timber Sales Contract for 2010
Update on State Highway 27 Project 2010
Issues Timeline Update
All Department Heads are encouraged to be at the Regular Board Meetings
All Department Heads and Committee Heads are to submit a written report to the clerk
by Friday evening prior to the Board Meeting.
The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from
Department heads and Committee heads only, without opening the floor to discussion.
Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the Clerk-Treasurer
Elaine J. Brustad Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer 
Dated this 11th day of March, 2010
Treasurer’s Report

General Fund
Checking Balance from last meeting
Transfer from Money Market acct
Check #'s 24635-24733
February Direct tax payments ck # 356-359
Service Charge February
Interest Earned February
Money Market
Money Market Gen'l Fund Balance from Last Meeting
Interest earned February - svc chg
YTD Interest $405.30
Deposits from Taxes
Ck#s 1149-1154
Transfer sinking funds to accounts
Transfer to General Fund
Sub-Total Money Market Gen'l Funds
Highway Dept. Sinking Fund
30,000.00 sinking funds
BES Sinking Fund
20,000.00 sinking funds
Park Savings
Ski Trail Savings
Deposit 20.00
Town Hall Maint & Repair Fund
50,000.00 sinking funds
transf 6822.00 to gen fund
ACT 102 Fund
Tasler prepaid taxes for 2010
Total all Money Market Funds
Hayward Community Credit Union
9 Month CD
9 Month CD
6 Month CD
9 month CD
YTD Interest $768.34
Total Hayward Community Credit Union

Motion (Meinke/McGee) to approve the Treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.
Voucher’s Approval
Motion (McGee/Porter) to approve the voucher’s as presented. Motion carried.
Clerk Correspondence
Brustad reported since her office had been insulated under the floors the Dahlberg Electric bills had been approximately $50.00 per month less than last year.
She received a letter and CD from SawyerCounty on their comprehensive plan. It will be available in her office should anyone want to view it.
She received a letter from Senator Bob Jauch acknowledging receipt of a letter from the Town Board regarding the town’s resolution sent  in opposition to county-wide assessment. 
Brustad received 3 Notices to cut on property in sections 3, 10 and 11 of Township 43N, Range 9 West     
Department Head Reports:
   Winter is hopefully about over. This past month there was very little snow to plow, most of our time was spent scraping and sanding blacktop roads to remove the heavy ice accumulation.
   Weight limits were imposed Monday, March 9, about two weeks earlier than normal, due to the warm weather.
   Major road work planned for the summer is as follows:
      Reconstruction to minimum state standards of the James Rd, and Smith Lake Rd from the Pease Rd to the Snowshoe Rd. Even though these roads were just recently reconstructed, the previous work was not done to meet minimum State standards as required by State Statute 82.50 (Town Road Standards)
      To take advantage of the hot mix plant from Northwood’s Paving being located in Town for the Highway 27 project this summer, the reconstructed areas of Martin Rd, James Rd, and SmithLake road will be blacktopped.
   The Highway Dept. has a sinking fund active to replace the 1997 Ford dump truck. I would like to get the process going to have a new plow truck for the next winter season. The reasons being are as follows:
   At the present time the majority of Potawatomi is being plowed by one of our loaders. While the operator is doing an excellent job, he is being limited by what he has to work with, mainly the loader. Without a wing, and with limited speed, the loader cannot get snow far enough off the road so residents have a place to put snow from their driveways and mailboxes. A full size plow truck with wing can cut snowplowing time in half, open the roads wider, and save fuel.
Clerk will put on the next agenda discussion and approval for bidding out the new dump truck as well as the loan process. 
No report was given.
                Fire and Ambulance Department
Since the last meeting the Ambulance has had 4 runs, 2-no transport, 1 to Duluth and 1 to Hayward.
Not much else to report, Irene Wells has completed her EMT training and passed all tests as reported last month. Deanna and Benjamin still have hurdles they need to jump through yet but are getting there and all should be completed by next meeting.
The Fire Department has had no runs to report. The department conducted its refresher with the DNR and we are getting prepared for a real busy spring fire season. I want to remind everyone to use caution when using burning materials outside and to be careful with your outside garbage burners.
No report was given.
Committee Reports
                Building Committee
No report, they will be meeting on Wednesday of next week.
                EWM Committee – approval of increase in rate to $10.00 per hour for Boat Landing Monitors and approval of increase in rate to $12.00 per hour for the Coordinator position This was brought up by Ingmar Ekstrom at the last meeting. 
Motion (Porter/McGee) to increase the hourly rate of the coordinator and the boat landing monitors by $1.00 per hour. Roll call vote taken: all responded yes. (Webb absent) Motion carried.
Land Use Planning Commission
No meeting as there were no items to discuss.
Business Insurance renewal information presented by Mike Sherry of Holden Insurance
Mike Sherry presented the renewal information to the Board for the 2010-2011term. The premium went up
to $26,200.00 for the year, up from $23,646.00. The increase was due mainly to the increase in Workers Compensation and the general increase imposed on the real estate and contents replacement feature. Mike asked the Board if there were any questions. There were none from the Board but Tom Renz asked about how it was handled when a firefighter drives his own vehicle to a fire and if he got into an accident would the town’s insurance pay the repair cost or how it would be handled. Mike said he would check with his underwriter and get back to Tom in that.
Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the 2010-2011 renewal premiums to be paid to Holden Insurance.
Roll call vote taken: all responded yes. Motion carried.
Public Comment Session – 3 Minute limit for those not on the agenda
Robert Henley wanted to know how Personal Property tax is calculated. Clerk-Treasurer Brustad said if it is a home it is assessed like it would be with regular real estate, but it is really a question for our Assessor. She told Mr. Henley to talk with her after the meeting and she would give him the Assessor’s phone number. 
Dan Augustine: claim for excessive assessment and unlawful taxes as per sections 74.37 and 74.35 Wi. Stats (tabled from February meeting)
Clerk-Treasurer Brustad explained she had contacted the town’s attorney on this matter and he gave her a template of a letter to send out to the Augustine’s. Because the Augustine’s had not paid the taxes in a timely manner (they had only paid a portion of the tax in January, but not the full one-half amount) they could not legally make a claim for excessive assessment or unlawful taxes, therefore the Board had to deny their request. The Augustine’s were present and said they were told by the Department of Revenue person they could still file a claim. 
Motion (Meinke/McGee) to send the letter recommended by the town’s attorney to the Augustine’s. Per statutes it must be sent certified or registered mail within 90 days. Roll call vote taken: all responded yes. Motion carried.
Approval for trap club to construct a 3’x40’ concrete sidewalk at the trap house in the rifle range
George Martin said the sidewalk is needed by the guys when they are shooting so it is a more even surface. The sidewalk will be constructed and paid in full by the Trap Club. it will be 16 yards behind the trap house. The town won’t have to maintain the sidewalk.
Motion (Porter/Meinke) to approve the construction of the sidewalk at the trap house, pending Jerry’s approval. Motion carried. Someone from the Board will check with Jerry to make sure he doesn’t have any objections. 
Operator Licenses:
                                1 year new application by Kenneth J. Anderson
Brustad said on the background check it revealed three felony arrests none of the paperwork said if he was actually convicted or not. The person wants to work at the Buck N Bass. He has not completed his beverage server course yet either. The arrests were not noted on his application.
Motion (Porter/McGee) to deny the request as he did not fill out his application truthfully. Motion carried.
                 2 year new application by David A. Zorn
Brustad Zorn had completed his beverage server course, background check revealed some arrests but all were noted on his application and none related to beverage serving.
Motion (Porter/Meinke) to approve the application for David Zorn. Motion carried.
Approval of Timber Sales Contract for 2010
Jack Meinke received the new application from Dan Cobb. All board members were made a copy. Brustad asked if the items the board had wanted in the contract were actually there as far as no crossing of the ski trail, and also additional buffer zones near the Joswick property and the ski trail. Meinke said they were aware of those items.
Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the 2010 contract for cutting at Tomahawk and Potawatomi areas. Roll call vote taken and all present responded yes. Motion carried.
Update of State Highway 27 Project for 2010
Chair Lu Peet reported talking with Matt Dickinson of the DOT regarding the state highway road improvement project slated to begin this spring. They will be starting in mid-May, paving in mid-August and should be complete by mid-September. The road will NOT be closed; although at times will be down to one lane. 
Also, Lu talked with the DNR on the taking of water out of our lakes. She finally was given to John Spangberg, who said no-one should be taking water from our area lakes at all. They should only be taking water from streams and rivers and if anyone is using our lakes they should report it. They can call John at 715-685-2923 if anyone has issues regarding this. 
Issues Timeline Update
TownOwnedLand – Contract signed for Tomahawk and Potawatomi areas
Town Hall Maintenance – Meeting next week
Re-appointments- put on agenda for next month the plan commission members who are up
Roads – Jerry reported on up coming work to be done
Zoning items – Brustad to check with Furtak again on Schreuers
Motion (Porter/Meinke) to adjourn the meeting of March 16, 2010. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:05PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine J. Brustad,
dated this 5th day of April, 2010

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