6-1         Purpose

6-2         Authority

6-3         Adoption of Ordinance

6-4         General Provisions

6-5         Forfeiture Penalty

6-6         Enforcement







This ordinance is entitled the "Town of Barnes Traffic Ordinance".  The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate motor vehicle traffic. 





The Town Board of the Town of Barnes has the specific statutory authority, powers and duties, pursuant to the specific statutory sections noted in this ordinance and/or by its adoption of village powers under Sec. 60.10, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats., to regulate, control, prevent and enforce against in the Town of Barnes certain uses, activities, businesses and operations by persons that may affect the traffic in the Town of Barnes.





The Town Board of the Town of Barnes has, by adoption of this ordinance, confirmed the specific statutory authority, powers and duties noted in the specific sections of this ordinance and has established, by these sections and this ordinance, the regulations, controls and enforcement against certain uses, activities, businesses and operations by persons that may affect the traffic in the Town of Barnes.





(a)  Except as specifically noted otherwise in this ordinance, in Chapters 340 to 348, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats., inclusive, Chapter 350 and Chapter 941, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats., describing and defining regulations with respect to vehicles, traffic and snowmobiles for which the penalty is a forfeiture only, including penalties to be imposed and procedure for prosecution, are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference by the Town of Barnes and made part of this ordinance as if fully set forth herein.


(b)  Any future amendments, modifications, revisions, additions or deletions of the above noted statutory Chapters shall be incorporated herein and made part of this ordinance in order to secure uniform state regulations of traffic on the public highways, roads, streets and alleys of the State of Wisconsin.


             Chapter 340, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     340.01    Words and Phrases Defined


             Chapter 341, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     341.01    Words and Phrases Defined

341.04                  Operating Unregistered or Improperly

              Registered Vehicle

     341.05    When Vehicle Exempt from Registration

341.07                  Certain Vehicles to be Registered by

341.08                  Resident Lessee

     341.08    Application for Registration

     341.11(4) Display of Registration Certificate

     341.15    Display of Registration Plates

     341.16    Surrender of Illegible Plates

     341.42    Reciprocity Permits

341.51                  Registration of Dealer, Distributor,

              Manufacturer or Transporter

     341.55    Misuse of Plates

     341.61    Improper Use of Evidence of Registration

     341.62    False Evidence of Registration

     341.63(3) Surrender of Plates Upon Suspension


Chapter 342, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     342.01    Words and Phrases Defined

     342.05    Certificate of Title Required

     342.06    Application for Certificate of Title

     342.15    Transfer of Interest in a Vehicle

     342.16    Transfer to or from Dealer

     342.30(3) Assignment and Stamping of New Identification


     342.31(2) Report of Stolen or Abandoned Vehicle

     342.33    Sale of Vehicle Used as Taxicab

     342.34    Destruction of Vehicle


Chapter 343, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     343.01    Words and Phrases Defined

     343.05    Operating Without Valid Driver's License

     343.10    Occupational Licenses

     343.12    School Bus Operators to Obtain Special License

     343.125   Chauffeurs to Obtain Special License

     343.18    License to be Carried

     343.19    Duplicate Licenses

     343.22    Notice of Change of Address or Name

     343.305   Implied Consent

     343.35    Surrender of License Upon Revocation, Cancellation or Suspension

     343.44    Driving After License Revoked or Suspended

     343.45    Permitting Unauthorized Persons to Drive


Chapter 344, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     344.01    Words and Phrases Defined


Chapters 346, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     346.01    Words and Phrases Defined

     346.32    Required Position for Turning Into Private Road or Driveway

     346.33    Where Turns Prohibited

     346.34    Turning Movements and Required Signal on Turning and Stopping

     346.35    Method of Giving Signals on Turning and Stopping

     346.37    Traffic Control Signal Legend

     346.38    Pedestrian Control Signals

     346.39    Flashing Signals

     346.40    Whistle Signals

     346.41    Display of Unauthorized Signs and Signals Prohibited

     346.42    Interference with Signs and Signals Prohibited

     346.44    All Vehicles to Stop at Signal Indicating Approach of Train

     346.45    Certain Vehicles to Stop at all Railroad Crossings

     346.46    Vehicles to Stop at Stop Signs

     346.47    When Vehicles Using Alley or Non-Highway Access to Stop

     346.48    Vehicles to Stop for School Buses Loading or Unloading Children

     346.50    Exceptions to Stopping and Parking Restrictions

     346.51    Stopping, Standing or Parking Outside of Business or Residence Districts

     346.52    Stopping Prohibited in Certain Specified Places

     346.53    Parking Prohibited in Certain Specified Places

     346.54    How to Park and Stop on Streets

     346.55    Other Restrictions on Parking and Stopping

     346.57(2) Reasonable and Prudent Speed

     346.57(3) Conditions Requiring Reduced Speed


       (a)-(c) Fixed Speed Limits in School or Safety Zones


       (d)-(h) Fixed Speed Limits


       (hm)    Emergency Energy Speed Limit


       (i)         Speeding in Park or Recreation Area

     346.57(5) Zoned and Posted Speed Limits

     346.58    Special Speed Restrictions for Certain Vehicles

     346.59    Minimum Speed Regulations

     346.595   Motor Driven Cycles

     346.61    Applicability of Sections Relating to Reckless and Drunken Driving

     346.62(2) Reckless Driving (First Offense Within Five (5) Years)

     346.63    Operating Under Influence of Intoxicant or Other Drug

     346.66    Applicability of Sections Relating to Accidents and Accident Reporting

     346.68    Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle

     346.69    Duty Upon Striking Property on or Adjacent to Highway

     346.70    Duty to Report Accident

     346.71    Coroners to Report

     346.72    Garages to Keep Record of Repairs of Accident Damage

     346.73    Accident Reports Confidential

     346.77    Responsibility of Parent or Guardian for violation of Bicycle and Play Vehicle Regulations

     346.78    Play Vehicles Not to be Used on Roadway

     346.79    Special Rules Applicable to Bicycles

     346.80    Riding Bicycle on Roadway

     346.804   Riding Bicycle on Sidewalks

     346.81    Lamps and Other Equipment on Bicycles

     346.87    Limitation on Backing

     346.88    Obstruction of Operator

     346.89    Inattentive Driving

     346.90    Following Emergency Vehicle

     346.91    Crossing Fire Hose

     346.92    Illegal Riding

     346.93    Intoxicants in Vehicles Carrying Minors

     346.935   Drinking in Motor Vehicles on Highway

     346.94    Miscellaneous Prohibited Acts


Chapter 347, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     347.01    Words and Phrases Defined


Chapter 347, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     347.03    Sale of Prohibited Equipment

     347.04    Improperly Equipped Vehicle

     347.06    When Lighted Lamps Required

     347.07    Special Restrictions on Lamps and the Use Thereof

     347.08    Determining the Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps

     347.09    Headlamps on Motor Vehicles

     347.10    Headlamp Specifications for Motor Vehicles Other Than Power-Driven Cycles

     347.11    Headlamp Specifications for Power-Driven Cycles and Motor Bicycles

     347.12    Use of Multiple-Beam Headlamps

     347.13    Tail Lamps and Registration Plate Lamps

     347.14    Stop Lamps

     347.15    Direction Signal Lamps or Devices

     347.16    Clearance Lamps and Reflectors

     347.18    Mounting of Clearance Lamps and Reflectors

     347.19    Visibility of Clearance Lamps or Reflectors

     347.20    Lamp or Flag on Projecting Load



Chapter 348, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.


     348.01    Words and Phrases Defined

     348.18    Weight Limitations Apply to Publicly-Owned Vehicles; Exceptions

     348.185   Empty Weight to be Indicated on Side of Certain Vehicles; Rules

     348.19    Traffic Officers May Weigh Vehicles and Require Removal of Excess Load

     348.20    Policy in Prosecuting Weight Violations

     348.25    General Provisions Relating to Permits for Vehicles and Loads of Excessive Size and Weight

     348.26    Single Trip Permits

     348.27    Annual or Multiple Trip Permits

     348.28    Permits to be Carried






(a)  The penalty for violation of any provision of this Section shall be a forfeiture as hereafter provided, together with court costs and fees prescribed by Sections 814.63(1) and (2) or 814.65(1).  Wis. Stats., the penalty assessment for moving traffic violations and the driver improvement surcharge imposed by Sections 165.87 and 346.655, Wis. Stats., where applicable.  Payment of the judgment and applicable court costs, fees, assessments and surcharges may be suspended by the sentencing court for not more than sixty (60) days.  Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older who shall fail to pay the amount of the forfeiture, court costs, any penalty assessment or driver surcharge or other penalty imposed for violation of any provision of this Chapter may, upon order of the court entering judgment therefore and having jurisdiction of the case, be imprisoned until such forfeiture, costs and assessment are paid, but not exceeding ninety (90) days.


(b)  Other Sanctions.

(1)         By Court.  Nothing herein shall preclude or affect the power of the sentencing court to exercise additional authorities granted by the Wisconsin Statutes to suspend or revoke the operating privileges of the defendant, order the defendant to submit to assessment and rehabilitation programs or to attend traffic safety school in addition to payment of a monetary penalty or in lieu or imprisonment.


(c)  Forfeitures for Violation of Uniform Moving Traffic



Forfeitures for violations of any moving traffic regulation set forth in the Wisconsin Statutes adopted by reference in Section 5-4 shall conform to the forfeiture penalty permitted to be imposed for violations of the comparable Wisconsin Stature, including any variations or increases for subsequent offenses; provided, however, that this Subsection shall not be construed to permit prosecution under this Chapter for any offense described in Chapters 341 to 350 Wis. Stats., for which an imprisonment penalty or fine may be imposed upon the defendant.



(d)  Forfeitures for Uniform Statewide Parking, Stopping and Standing Offenses.


Minimum and maximum forfeiture for violation of non-moving traffic violations adopted by reference in Section 5-4 as described in Chapters 341 to 350, Wis. Stats., shall be found in the current edition of the Revised Uniform State Traffic Deposit Schedule, as from time to time in effect after adoption by the Wisconsin Judicial Conference.





(a)  Enforcement Procedures.  Except where otherwise specifically provided by the laws of the State of Wisconsin or this Code, the traffic regulations in this Code of Ordinances shall be enforced in the Circuit Court of Bayfield County in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 345 and 799, Wis. Stats.


(b)  Citations.  The Wisconsin Uniform Traffic Citation and Complaint described and defined in the Wisconsin Statutes shall be used for enforcement of all provisions of this Section.

(c)  Deposits.  Deposits shall be made in conformance with Sec.    345.26, (2001-2002) Wis. Stats.  If a particular deposit is not established by this statute, then the person shall deposit a forfeiture penalty as provided by the Town of Barnes and approved by the Town Board of the Town of Barnes.