Miscellaneous Ordinances



SEC. 15-1     Prohibition of Nude Exhibitions in Liquor









(a)  Purpose.  To restrict establishments licensed to sell alcoholic beverages from allowing or engaging in undesirable conduct or behavior.


(b)  It is unlawful for a person to perform nude or nearly nude when that person appears on the premises of an establishment licensed to sell liquor for consumption on the premises, in such a manner or utilizing such attire as to expose to view any portion of the pubic area, anus, vulva or genitals or any simulation thereof, or when any female appears on such an establishment’s premise in such a manner of attire as to expose to view that portion of the breast referred to as the areola, nipple or simulation thereof.


(c)  Penalties.

(1)  Any person who performs nude or nearly nude in violation of Sec. 1.b. shall be subject to a forfeiture in accordance with the schedule of deposit, which is now in existence and as may be amended from time to time in the future, plus any applicable assessments, costs, fees and penalty enhances now in force in the Bayfield County Circuit Court, or as enforced in the future.


(2) The proprietor or owner of a licensed establishment who knowingly permits the nude or nearly nude activity proscribed by paragraph 1.b. on the licensed premises shall have the liquor license for said premises revoked, not renewed, or suspended for not less than six (6) months nor more than one (1) year. 


(3)  Each performance in violation of Section 1.b. shall be subject to a separate offense.