Of June 9, 2008

Chairman Collyard called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 5:00PM.  Preset were Board members Christine Webb, Jack Meinke, Donna Porter, Mitch McGee and Dick Collyard.  The agenda for this meeting is as follows:


1)   Approval of shouldering of Island Lake Road, Kelly Lake Road and    Pease Road.

2) Discussion on Operator License Applicants not being truthful on their applications.

3) Discussion on Board meeting date for July with possible change in date.

4) Discussion on swimming lessons this summer.

5)   Closed Session - The Town Board of the Town of Barnes will meet in regular session to go into a        closed session pursuant to State Statute 19.85(c) “considering employment, promotion,         compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the               governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.  The board will reconvene to the regular session immediately after the closed    session.


1) Bids were received at the last Board meeting for the shouldering of Island Lake Road.  Jerry wanted to shoulder Kelly Lake Road and Pease Road also.  Northwoods Paving bid was $15,772.16 for all three roads with their equipment. Antzsak Construction was $12,492.80 and would require the town’s crew to do some along with the use of the town’s equipment.  Northwoods was also giving a $5,000.00 credit back on the paving for Island Lake Road so that will reduce the bid down to $10,772.16.  Motion (McGee/Meinke) to approve Northwood’s Paving bid to do the shouldering of Island Lake Road, Kelly lake Road and Pease Road.  Roll call vote taken: Meinke-yes, Porter-yes, Webb-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes, Motion carried.


2) Brustad said that on two of the new applications for an Operator license she received they had lied on the applications. Nothing in the Liquor license ordinance addressed this, and after checking with the Clerkslist most said they present these to their Boards with a recommendation for denial because of not being truthful.  Some had said their policy was to call the applicants back in and have them redo their applications.  The arrest record of both of the applicants didn’t apply to liquor so if they had been truthful she would have just mentioned the arrest didn’t pertain to liquor and no reason to deny.  Brustad felt for this first time with no policy in place she should call the applicants back in to redo the applications.  Webb agreed.  Collyard said he would like Brustad to do some research and bring back to the Board at the August meeting some sort of policy they could adopt.  He also asked that she also bring back a policy for doing background checks for the renewals at the August meeting.


3) Collyard said the week of the July Board meeting Brustad will be at the Treasurer’s completion classes.  He wanted to know how the Board felt, if they should change the Board meeting date or leave it and have a deputy attend the meeting.  It was decided to leave the Board meeting on the 15th of July and have the Deputy attend and do the minutes for the meeting. 


4) Donna Porter talked with someone who wanted to do the swimming lessons but said we needed a lifeguard present also, along with the swimming instructor.  This person is 17 years old so we’ll need to check if we can hire him or not. Sue Benson is a certified Instructor so he suggested he could be the lifeguard and could ride with her from Cable to the lessons.  This would save on mileage.  They will charge $35.00 to $40.00 per child and will split that between the two of them.  The committee will discuss this further at their meeting on the 11th and a decision can be made at the next Board meeting on the 17th of June.


5) Motion (Porter/McGee) to go into closed session pursuant to State Statute 19.85(c) “considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Roll call vote taken: Webb-yes, Meinke-yes, Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.  The Board adjourned to closed session at 5:25PM.

Motion (Porter/McGee) to adjourn the closed session and return to open session.  Motion carried.  The Board returned to the open session at 5:50PM.

There were no decisions made in closed session and discussion was limited to the statute noticed above.  Motion (Webb/Porter) to have the Chairman talk to the Town’s attorney regarding the previous fire inspector.  Motion carried.

Motion (Webb/Porter) to review the pay schedule for the EMT’s at the next Board Meeting.  Motion carried.


Motion(Meinke/Webb) to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:00PM.


Respectfully Submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad


Dated this 12th day of June, 2008