Of March 28, 2008

Chairman Collyard called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 4:00PM.The agenda for this meeting is as follows:


1)       Discussion of Business Insurance Proposals and approval of selected proposal.

2)       Discussion on Tractor Bids received and approval of selected bid.

Elaine J. Brustad

Barnes Town Clerk/Treasurer

Dated March 24, 2008

Collyard asked to move the #2 item up so jerry would be able to leave. Motion(Porter/Meinke) to move the #2 agenda item up to the #1 position. Motion carried.

Jerry went over the bid amounts with the Board members.

Lulichís Bid for a 2008 New Holland was $85,750.00 for a 20ft boom mower

Lulichís bid for a 2008 New Holland was $87,500.00 with a 23ft boom mower

Rolandís bid for a 2008 John Deere was $84,750.00 with a 20 ft boom mower

Kohelís bid for a 2008 John Deere was $79,890.00 with a 23 ft boom mower or

$84,790.00 with a comfort hard premium cab for $84,790.00.

Jerry recommended going with standard cab on Kohelís bid, although he would rather have a New Holland.The price difference though wasnít worth going with just because of what he would rather have.

Motion (Meinke/McGee) to accept Jerryís recommendation of Kohelís bid for a standard cab tractor for $79,890.00.Roll call vote taken: Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.

Business Insurance Proposals: Collyard said it was almost a no brainer, Holdenís was less expensive and seemed to have more coverage for the money.

Motion (Porter/Meinke) to accept the proposal for business insurance through Holden Insurance Agency for $22,163.00.Roll call vote taken: Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Webb-yes, Meinke-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.

Motion(Webb/Meinke) to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 4:25PM.


Respectfully Submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad


Dated this 10th day of April, 2008