Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Chairman Collyard called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 5:02PM.  All Board Members were present except Jack Meinke.  Clerk-Treasurer Elaine Brustad and Constable Mike O’Keefe were also present.  The purpose of the meeting was for discussion and approval to purchase a vehicle for the Constable.  

Collyard and O’Keefe had looked for vehicles at three places.  A bid was received from Link Brothers Ford in Minong for a 2006 Ford F150 super cab with 11,000 miles.  With 4 new tires and a fiberglass topper the price for this vehicle was $23,000.00.  The second bid was from Gillis Motors for a Dodge Ram truck for $28,124.00 plus a topper would be an additional $1200.00.  Don Johnson Motors had a 2007 Demo truck for $26,950.00 with 5700 miles.  A topper would be an additional $1100.00 to $1250.00.  Motion (McGee/Porter) to accept the bid from Link Brothers Ford for $23,000.00.

There would be an extra cost to install a radio and light bars on the truck.  O’Keefe said he could contact his detailer to paint the vehicle signage.  He wanted to put on the vehicle somewhere “Police” and wanted to know what the Board thought of that.  Collyard thought “Law Enforcement” would be better. O’Keefe said many people from out of town don’t know what a Constable is so his thought was if the vehicle said “Police” it would be more recognizable. Roll call vote taken: McGee-yes, Porter-yes, Webb-yes, Collyard-yes. Meinke-absent. Motion carried.  

Motion (Webb/Porter) to adjourn the Special Town Board Meeting. Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 5:20PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Elaine J. Brustad,

Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

December 5, 2007