APRIL 17, 2007



Chairman Collard called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 6:30PM. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was said. Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice –Porter-present, McGee –present, Webb-present, Meinke-present, Collyard – present. Quorum was established. Motion (Webb/McGee)  to approve the April Agenda. Motion carried.  The agenda is as follows:





APRIL 17, 2007 AT 6:30PM


Call the Regular Board Meeting to order.

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice/Motion to approve the April Agenda

Approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting and Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk Correspondence

                Department Head Reports:



                Fire Department

                                Discussion on Ambulance/Firefighter Training reimbursement

                                Approval of 2 new Firefighters       

                Ambulance Department

                                Approval of Dawn Ross, new EMT

                                Approval to purchase Defibulator units

                                Update on new Helipad


Committee and Commission Reports:

                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee

                Road Committee

                Land Use Planning Commission

Barnes Area Development Corporation – Approval of Helipad at the Barnes Business Park

Discussion on ATV route additions on town roads

Discussion on new committee for Town Complex

Discussion and approval on Timeless Services Agreement for scrap metal removal

Approval for network & surveillance lines to be dug to the town garage by Chequamegon Telephone

2 Year Operator License Approval for Patrick Wilkinson

2 Year Operator License Approval for Melanie Ruud

Discussion on Town Hall Use Policy

Discussion and approval for Veterinarian to give vaccinations at the Fire Hall

Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Issues Timeline Update


All Department Heads are required to be at the Regular Board Meetings

All Department Heads and Committee Heads must submit a signed written report to the clerk by Friday evening prior to the Board Meeting.

The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from

Department heads and Committee heads only, without opening the floor to discussion.

Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the Clerk-Treasurer

Elaine J. Brustad Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 12th Day of April, 2007






Motion (Porter/Meinke ) to approve the minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting and Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes. Motion carried.










Treasurers Report











Checking Balance from last meeting









Check #'s 21329-21414




March Tax Payment & other direct payments



Service Charge March





Interest Earned March






















Money Market Gen'l Fund Balance from Last Meeting


Interest earned March


YTD Interest $15175.73









Sub-Total Money Market Gen'l Funds


Highway Dept. Sinking Fund




BES Sinking Fund





Park Savings

Deposit Water Money $91.16


Ski Trail Savings





Parade-Event-Calender Fund





Sub-Total Money Market sub accounts


Total all Money Market Funds














































Motion (Meinke/Porter) to approve the Treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.


Voucher’s Approval

Motion (Porter/Meinke) to approve the voucher’s. Collyard said Mitch McGee has a few questions on the vouchers and the procedures for payment. Collyard said he instructed McGee to see the Clerk first to see if she can answer the questions for him and they might need to have a Closed Session to discuss it.  Motion carried.

Collyard wanted to remind everyone of the change of date for the May Board Meeting. It will be changed from the 15th to the 8th.


Clerk Correspondence

Brustad said she had received notification of an award of $5,139.07 for the recycling grant for 2007.

Spring Clean-up/Spruce-up Day will be 4-28-07. Pledges to clean up a road can be done on the website or call the clerk. Clean-up can be done anytime before that date.


Department Head Reports:

                Highway –   

   At this time we have switched half of the plow equipment over for summer time use.


   Mike and I have cleaned up the dump area directly behind the Quonset hut. As soon as the frost is out of the ground we will pull the stumps, disc up the ground, and plant grass.

   I had a truck salesman from V&H Trucking, located in Marshfield, Wi. look at our 05 Tandem International. With the physical size of the truck, and all the problems we have encountered with the snow plow, the idea was to trade this truck in on a new single axle plow truck, as did the Town of Highland  last year. The salesman quoted a price of 60,000 dollars to boot, on a hundred thousand dollar single axle plow truck with the same equipment.

   The ad for the mitigation work will be going out soon. The roads that will have the right of way worked on will include: Weldon Rd, (Kaufman Rd: from the Hall Rd to Barnes Rd), (the Webster Rd) from Barnes Rd to Halfway Rd: and the Roy Dick Rd.

    For many years, the Town of Barnes Highway department has been in need of a heavy duty disc to work on the town roads. At this time I would like to ask the boards permission to purchase the “All American Disc” for a price of $4900.00. This disc is a heavy duty designed piece of equipment that can be used on our grader, or put on our tractor that mows the roads.

  I have a full slate of work scheduled for the summer. I would like to place an ad in the paper for a Limited term employee (LTE) for the summer months of June, July, August, and September. His work would include roadside mowing duties, hauling gravel when needed, and any other maintenance jobs required. A class B (CDL) license would be required and prior experience in the equipment they would be operating.  

Motion (Meinke/McGee) to hire a limited term employee for the summer. Webb mentioned we need to check the Employee Policy handbook to make sure the term “Limited Term Employee” is addressed and not in conflict. Motion carried.

Motion (Webb/McGee) to authorize the purchase of a heavy duty disk for $4,900.00. Monies are to be taken from the regular highway repair budget and put in capital outlay budget for this purpose. Roll call vote taken: All yes. Motion carried.


                Cemetery – Bud Pease said there was no activity this past month.


                Fire Department and Ambulance Department –

Radio reprogramming has taken place. 

Ambulance :         1 run the last month

                                The new Defibulators are in.

                                The demonstration on the “Geezer Squeezer” will be on April 24th from 3:30 to 5:30 at the                                                Barnes Town Hall for those Interested. The “Geezer Squeezer” is an automatic CPR                                        machine. I have been working on moving forward with Landing Zone request put in to                                              The Barnes Area Development Corporation

                                Town Board needs to approve Dawn Ross, they never formally approved her at the last                                             

                                meeting.  Motion(Webb/Porter) to approve the new EMT, Dawn Ross. Motion carried.

Collyard said he wanted to have a discussion on the training for Fire and Ambulance personnel.  Currently the town pays for classes, books and mileage for someone to go to class to become an EMT or Firefighter.  It is common in the industry for someone not to finish the classes, has there been discussion about this at all? Tom said yes he and Chris had discussed that last night.  Renz feels it is more common with the Ambulance department than with the fire department.  The state actually pays for classes and books in the fire department. With the Ambulance department the town pays for classes, books and mileage.  Porter said she checked with a number of the departments in the area and most don’t pay mileage. Tom said those services have larger numbers and we are trying to attract more applicants because of our smaller numbers, that is why we have been paying for everything in the past.  Renz thought we could have applicants sign a contract and if they don’t complete the training or don’t stay on with the department then he could file a judgement against them.  Webb said we could reimburse them for mileage after the classes are completed rather than during. Collyard and Webb both told Tom to work something up and bring it to the Board for review. Webb also wanted to mention at the WTA meeting last month they talked about a “Municipal Disaster Proclamation” which would basically designate who needs to do what and who is in charge.  Tom Renz said he would put something together for the next month’s meeting and present it then.

An approval from the Board is needed for the purchase of the defibulator units to be purchased out of ACT 102 monies.  He mentioned also the ACT 102 monies needed to be kept separate from general funds. Brustad said that had never been done so she would get that taken care of.   

Motion (Webb/McGee) to purchase the Defibulator Units out of Act 102 monies. Roll call vote taken: McGee-yes, Porter-yes, Webb-yes, Meinke-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


Fire :                       1 run false alarm

                                2 new members for approval, Patti Jacob and Anna Kane

Motion(Webb/McGee) to approve new firefighter trainee Anna Kane. Motion carried.

Motion(McGee/Meinke)to approve the hire of new firefighter trainee Patti Jacob. Motion carried.

                                Chris Webb and I met last evening and are putting together the Dept. Policy.

               He called Logics software, and to go to network software the cost would be $315.00. This                                              might be helpful with the other officers to add them to the network.

Webb mentioned the Employee award program she and Tom had talked about again last night.  A form was done by Renz before this meeting so Webb had the only copy, which she passed around to the Board.  Renz suggested each employee would nominate someone for the award.  He felt it important to begin now to have someone recognized for last year.  Collyard said they could open up the month of May to accept nominations.  Motion (Webb/Porter) to open up the month of May for nominations for Employee of the Year 2006 Award. Motion carried.


Update on New Helipad The Barnes Area Dev. Corp has been working on this and it will be addressed under their agenda item below.


Constable Mike was not at the meeting so the Clerk read his report. “During the past year I received over 150 requests for assistance from residents of Barnes. I have also responded to over 40 calls from the Bayfield County Sheriff’s department for assistance for alarms on both residential and private homes, highway related situations, deer hits, accidents, officer assistance, etc. I have also been doing home/cabin checks this past season for those residents who requested that I check their homes while unoccupied this winter.  This upcoming spring/summer/fall I will have both a boat and ATV in service to handle any lake or trail related complaints.  I also encourage citizens to, if they can’t reach me at my home number of 795-3111 to contact the sheriff’s department in case of emergency.  I’m not always home to hear your messages but I can be reached via pager at 798-1444.  I’d like to thank the people of Barnes for their continued support over the last six years. As far as I’m concerned this is the best township in Wisconsin, with the nicest people, and a great place to raise a family.  Like our Sheriff’s department, its my goal to do whatever it takes to keep Barnes safe, secure, and the kind of place we can all be proud of. Thank you again.”


Committee and Commission Reports:


                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee  Ingemar Ekstrom spoke on the committee updates from the last meeting. They met last weekend for interviews for the three Monitor positions and the Co-ordinator position.  The new persons recommended are : Dave Pederson, Charles Corlett, and Drew Carlson as the monitors, and Jack Kaufman as the co-ordinator.  John Kudlas will act as a sub for both positions.  The committee felt that there should be a sub in case there would be times one would need to be off.  There would be no change in the number of hours or the monies involved. 



                Road Committee Jack Meinke spoke on the updates from the Road Committee. They met for a phone conference with the Wisconsin Towns Association attorney, Carol Nawrocki on Monday to answer some questions they had.


                Land Use Planning Commission Gene Ratzel spoke for the Planning Commission. There were no pending applications this past month so they didn’t meet.


Barnes Area Development Corporation – Approval of Helipad at the Barnes Business Park 

Motion (Porter/Webb) to approve the lease of  lots 1 and 2 for use as a helipad. Motion carried.  Collyard and Ratzel will be in contact with Dale Brevak of the County also to see if they will be putting in a turn lane.  Porter asked if there is a charge for the lease. Meinke said it is $1.00 per year for 94 years, and is renewable!  The BADC is also looking for persons interested in becoming members of the group.  They have three positions open as voting directors.  Anyone interested can see Gene Ratzel or any of the Town Board members.  They have lost almost everyone in the Corporation, so they are needing members to be active voting members since there is activity there now.


Discussion on ATV route additions on town roads – Dave Pederson spoke on the list he submitted to the Board.  It will give the residents on Kaufman and Kelly Lake road access to the Moore Road Trail.  The roads on the list are all sand roads except Kelly Lake Road.  Porter said she felt in that area it would be ok, but never would have voted for Lake road to be on the list because it is dangerous.  Collyard said the County needs to approve yet, so this was just in discussion. He will be getting together with Steve Probst.  Jerry said the sand roads are no problem but the paved roads are because the ATV’s don’t ride on the road. It ruins the edges of the road when they do not.  Collyard asked if the club could put signs up to stay on the roads.  Pederson said they are already up but not everyone does it, probably because it seems weird to ride on the road with those machines.  Pederson this will not be approved until June or so by the County. 


Discussion on new committee for Town Complex- Collyard explained at the Annual meeting a resolution was passed to direct the Town Board to explore possibilities for a new town complex.  Collyard thought the town should advertise for committee members.  The clerk should place an ad into the paper and it will be reviewed at the next Board meeting on the 8th of May.  He thought one Board member should be involved in the committee. They could decide between themselves who would want to be in the committee.


Discussion and Approval on Timeless Services agreement for scrap metal removal

Brustad apologized she hadn’t copied the agreement for the Board Members. She said the agreement was a no charge agreement for 2 year period.  Collyard said they would discuss again at the next meeting. Clerk-Treasurer is to copy the Board and talk with Tom Pieters at the Transfer Site to get more information. She also said the Recycling grant takes into account what we pay for removal of these items. It may affect the grant amount if we don’t pay for the services.


Approval for network and surveillance lines to be dug to the town garage by Chequamegon Telephone.  Collyard explained the line needed to be dug for the network and he received a bid for $1,030.00 by Chequamegon Telephone to bore under the blacktop and put the lines and conduit in. This is necessary for the network but also will be used if a surveilence system is put in next year or so.

Motion (Porter/Meinke) to approve the bore under the blacktop for a total of $1,030.00. Roll call vote taken: Meinke-yes, Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Webb-abstain, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


2 Year Operator License Approval for Patrick Wilkinson Brustad stated she received the required fee, a background check showed no criminal history, but he had turned in a copy of the beverage server’s certificate.  Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the two year Operator’s license for Patrick Wilkinson on condition the Beverage Server Certificate is received before the next meeting. Motion carried with Chris Webb abstaining.


2 Year Operator License Approval for Melanie Ruud. Brustad said the required fee had been paid, no criminal history found on background check and she had a copy of the Beverage Server’s Certificate on file.  Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the two year Operator License application for Melanie Ruud. Motion carried.


Discussion on Town Hall Use Policy – Clerk-Treasurer Brustad had retyped the policy with the changes for the Board. Motion (Webb/McGee) to approve the Town Hall Use Policy as presented. Motion carried.


Discussion and approval for Veterinarian to give vaccinations at the Fire HallCollyard explained this was done in the past but there were complaints on animal hair at the hall afterwards so it was discontinued.  Dr Jan Snell will do these again, she will donate $5.00 received per vaccination for use of the hall to the Fire and Ambulance department.  She would like to start this year on May 12th from 9:30AM until 11:00AM. The town will advertise in the shopper and on the website. Motion (Webb/McGee) to approve the use of the firehall for Jan Snell to give annual vaccinations to dogs and cats. Motion carried.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Dave Scharlau said there is a problem with the Upper Eau Claire dock at the boat landing.  The Conservation Club is willing to buy a new dock and is planning on getting it purchased before Jerry would be putting the docks in for the season.  Collyard said he appreciated the club’s generosity.  Webb agreed.



Issues Timeline Update –

Town Owned Land- no changes

Fire Department – Webb and Renz met on the 16th for SOG’s

Heliport for landing zone- Work in Progress. Lot approved by BADC. Collyard wants Tom O’Brien’s phone number to update him

Town Hall Use Policy – adopted this evening

Employee Awards Program – Work in Progress.


Motion (Porter/McGee) to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting of 4-17-07. Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:10PM.


Respecfully Submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad

Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 26th Day of April, 2007