JANUARY 16, 2007


Chairman Collyard called the meeting to order at 6:34PM.  The pledge of Allegiance to the flag was said.

Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice/Approve the January Agenda: Webb-present, Meinke-present, McGee-present, Porter-present, Collyard-present. Quorum was established.

Motion( Webb/Porter) to approve the January agenda. Motion carried.  The agenda is as follows:






JANUARY 16, 2007 AT 6:30PM


Call the Regular Board Meeting to order.

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice/Approve the January Agenda

Approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting/Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk Correspondence

                1) Discussion and possible board approval to delete or reduce erroneous omitted tax bills and discussion and possible board action for approval for the Treasurer to reduce or delete tax bill corrections not received by the county prior to tax bill printing.

                2)  Appointment of Delores Merrill  as a Poll Worker for 2007  

Department Head Reports:



                Fire Department

                                 Approval of Fireworks contract

                                Discussion on Policy for Fire billings (Tabled from last meeting)

                Ambulance Department


Committee and Commission Reports:

                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee – Resolution for Grant Approval

                Land Use Planning Commission Reports

Board Meeting Dates for 2007

Amendment to Driveway Ordinance

Discussion on Town Hall Use Policy

Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Issues Timeline Update


All Department Heads are required to be at the Regular Board Meetings

All Department Heads and Committee Heads must submit a signed written report to the clerk by Friday evening prior to the Board Meeting.

The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from

Department heads and Committee heads only, without opening the floor to discussion.

Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the Clerk.

Elaine J. Brustad Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 11th Day of January, 2007



Approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting/Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes. Motion (Webb/Porter) to approve the minutes of the last meeting and to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion carried.



Treasurer’s Report

January 16, 2007 Town Board Meeting








Treasurers Report











Checking Balance from last meeting









Check #'s 21056-21142




December Tax Payment & other direct payments


Service Charge December




Interest Earned December





















Money Market Gen'l Fund Balance from Last Meeting


Interest earned December

YTD Interest $32937.21


Check # 1028-1042











Sub-Total Money Market Gen'l Funds


Highway Dept. Sinking Fund




BES Sinking Fund





Park Savings





Ski Trail Savings





Parade-Event-Calendar Fund










Total all Money Market Funds






















Motion (Meinke/McGee) to approve the Treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.



Voucher’s Approval

Motion (McGee/Meinke) to approve the vouchers. Motion carried.


Clerk Correspondence

The clerk received one Notice to Cut from Plum Creek Timberlands on S7, T43N, R9W.

She then read a letter from Larry Bergman requesting paving of James Road. Collyard said to refer the letter to Jerry Witt, and it will also be put on the timeline for review.


                1) Discussion and possible board approval to delete or reduce erroneous omitted tax bills and discussion and possible board action for approval for the Treasurer to reduce or delete tax bill corrections not received by the county prior to tax bill printing.

Brustad said there were a number of erroneous omitted tax bills and after talking with the state Department of Revenue and the County Treasurer she said in order to delete or reduce them it had to be by Board action.  She gave a list to each Board member for review prior to the meeting with her recommendations on each.  She also had a few personal property bills to be deleted and charged back next year which she wanted the Board to give their approval even those didn’t need Board approval to change.  Motion Webb/Porter) to approve and authorize the Clerk-Treasurer on the omitted taxes as well as the personal property and other tax bills to delete or reduce as presented. Roll call vote taken: Collyard-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Porter-yes, McGee-yes. Motion carried.  


                2)  Appointment of Delores Merrill  as a Poll Worker for 2007  

Brustad had forgotten to include Lori Merrill’s application for a poll worker with the others presented in December. Motion (Porter/McGee) to appoint Delores Merrill as a poll worker for 2007. Motion carried.


Department Head Reports:


1/16/2007 TOB Meeting


   Mike has been off work since the last board meeting with health problems.  He has not yet returned to work. Red Mundle has been running his plowing and sanding route when needed.

   The plow frame on the tandem 05 International was replaced last week by McKenzie Equipment of Rice Lake. The frame has been bending progressively each time the plow has been used the past two winters with no apparent abuse. Any bending of a plow frame is not covered by  warranty and a repair bill of  $1667.20  was charged to the Town.

   We started sanding for first ice on blacktop roads December 6. Since that time, a period of a little over a month, we have used two thirds of our sand/salt stockpile on hand in the Quonset hut. Due to the constant freezing and thawing of what little snow we have had, ice on our roads has been a real problem. Due to its’ ineffectiveness to melt snow and ice, and the harm it does to the gravel, the Wisconsin DOT does not recommend sand/salt placement on gravel roads as a standard practice. My sanding policy on gravel roads warrants assessment on the sanding request compared to other areas of the same nature, around town. If there is a request to sand one icy hill on a gravel road, it is only fair to the public to sand the other 20 to 30 icy hills of the same nature in Town.  

   I would like to address the problem of all the overhanging branches on South Shore Rd. Heavy wet snow drops many of these branches to windshield height of the plow truck when plowing snow and sanding. I would like to propose a ‘ major haircut’ of the branches and overhanging trees along this road to improve visibility and safety.

Jerry felt it would be difficult for him to do it personally as he is most often tied up with snowplowing this time of year. He had received a proposal from Harv’s tree service to do the whole road for $15,000.00, but felt if he had to bid out the job it would take a few months to get everything in line to do the work.  Could he have Harv’s do about $5,000.00 worth now when there is time. Van Ellen to the lock and dam is the worst part. He has the money in the budget. Motion (Porter/Meinke) to have Jerry use Harv’s to cut branches along South Shore Road up to $5,000.00 only. Roll call vote taken: Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.   


                Cemetery – Bud Pease reported no activity since the last Board Meeting.


                Fire Department

The last month the Ambulance department has had five runs: 1 to Duluth, 1 to
Ashland , 1 to Hayward and two no transports.  The ambulance has received 5
new radios through the Radio inoperability grant.  The new radios are
digital compatible with the new 2011 regulations and meet all incident
command radio inoperability procedures. There are a total of 7 radios received.

The Fire Department had had two runs since last meeting , 1 mutual aid to
Highland and 1 mutual aid to Drummond for double fatality semi vs. Car
accident for extrication.  As a result of the accident five fire fighters
responded.  All five were sent to a stress incident debriefing held in
Drummond.  The wildland grant has a few purchases yet and then will be
complete for audit.

                                 Approval of Fireworks contract

Tom had received the contract for fireworks from Premier Pyrotechnics. The three year contract is what the Board had discussed last year at a budget meeting. If the full price is paid before April 1st they will add 10% free product, and an additional 5% product will be added if the Board signs a contract for the three year term.  Tom thought the charge was $6,000.00 or $7,000.00 each year. Brustad would call Bob Walters and find out. Motion (Webb/McGee) to approve the payment to Premier Pyrotechnics for 2007 and enter into a 3 year contract with them.  Roll call vote taken: Webb-yes, Porter-yes, Meinke-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


                                Discussion on Policy for Fire billings (Tabled from last meeting)

Tom had forgotten the meeting. Webb said the Clerk had received information through the Clerk network regarding the billing policies.  Webb  would give that to Tom to study and they will get together in January for a meeting.


                Ambulance Department – see Fire Department



The Clerk read the Constable’s report; There were 2 home alarms, 1 car/deer hit, contacted the Sheriff, 1 trespass complaint ( Ice fisherman coming on private land, found nothing on arrival.)  O’Keefe stated he has been doing periodic home/cabin checks for residents who are away for the winter and will continue to do so until spring.  He had been asked to serve a court summons to a resident of Barnes. The county had made several attempts with no success. He understands this is out of his normal duties but does have legal authority to do so.


Committee and Commission Reports:


                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee – Resolution for Grant Approval

Ingemar Ekstrom spoke on the committee’s meeting the prior evening.  A letter was recently sent out regarding options for containment of the Eurasian Water Milfoil. Gene Miller has put that on the website.  The DNR and Army Corps of Engineers will address the Board at the next meeting in February and submit a proposed out line on what to do on the lakes.  They will also have a meeting for the homeowners on the 27th of May at 2:00PM at the Town Hall. Stefania gave us the final copy of the grant application for the Clean Boats-Clean Waters program.  The Board needs to sign a Resolution for approval of the grant and accepting funds and assistance from the DNR.  The Resolution is as follows in its entirety:




Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant

Eau Claire Chain of Lakes, Barnes Area Lakes,

Education, Prevention & Planning

2007-2008 Project


RESOLUTION OF the Town of Barnes           County of Bayfield

                WHEREAS, the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes and other lakes of the Barnes area are an important and high quality resource used extensively by the public for recreation and enjoyment of the area's natural beauty; and

                WHEREAS, the Town of Barnes recognizes the need to continue efforts in educating recreationists on aquatic invasive issues, preventing additional infestations in our lakes, controlling present infestations, monitoring lakeshores for suspicious species, and continuing our long-range planning to address AIS issues, and;

                WHEREAS, the Town of Barnes has expended much time, energy and funding for aquatic invasive species by sponsoring an AIS Lake Management Planning Grant in 2005, establishing a standing EWM Committee, and setting aside town funds to address the EWM infestations and property owners' concerns of EWM and other aquatic invasive species, and;

                WHEREAS, the Town of Barnes is qualified to carry out the responsibilities of the aquatic invasive species project


The Town of Barnes requests the funds and assistance available from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources "Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Program;" and

HEREBY AUTHORIZES the Town Chairman to act on behalf of the Town of Barnes to:  submit an application to the State of Wisconsin for financial aid for aquatic invasive species grant purposes; sign documents; and take necessary action to undertake, direct, and complete an approved grant.

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town of Barnes will meet the obligations of the project including timely publication of the results and meet the financial obligations under this grant including the prompt payment of our 50% commitment to planning project cost.

We understand the importance of a continuing education, prevention and planning program for the Eau Claire Chain of Lakes and other lakes of the Barnes area and intend to continue on that course.

Adopted this 16th day of January, 2007

____________________________                                               ___________________________

Richard D, Collyard, Chairman                                                                Jack Meinke, Supervisor

_____________________________                                                      __________________________

Christine Webb, Supervisor                                                                    Donna Porter, Supervisor


Mitch McGee, Supervisor



                Elaine J. Brustad,

                Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

                Dated this 16th day of January, 2007


Motion (Meinke/McGee) to accept Resolution # R07-1.  Roll call vote taken: Meinke-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes, Porter-yes, Webb-yes. Motion carried.


                Land Use Planning Commission Reports

Chairman Ratzel said the Commission didn’t meet this month, there were no pending applications to consider.


Board Meeting Dates for 2007

Collyard said he wanted to change the May meeting date of the 15th, to either the week before or week after.  He also wanted to know if anyone else had conflicting dates this year for Board meetings.  Webb said to bring it up again in March, so it can be changed in plenty of time.


Amendment to Driveway Ordinance

Meinke explained there was a change needed to the Driveway ordinance for temporary driveways. The resolution for amendment is as follows:




Driveway Ordinance Resolution

The town board of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, by this resolution, adopted on proper notice with a quorum and by a roll call vote of a majority of the town board present and voting resolves and orders as follows:

Chapter three (17), section 3(f) of the Town of Barnes ordinances shall be amended to read: F. If a driveway already exists that presently serves open land and an application is filed for a building permit on the land which is accessed by an existing driveway, the Board will either examine the existing driveway to determine if it is adequate to meet the specifications of this ordinance. The Board shall either document the existence of an approved driveway or shall require changes to bring the driveway up to standard. An approved Town Driveway                Permit must be in place before a building permit can be issued.

                a.)  If a temporary driveway/access road is required to access a permitted construction site other than the approved driveway to the site a driveway permit is required. Specifications of a temporary driveway will be determined by the Town Board or designee. A temporary approved driveway/access road must be removed and access area restored to original non-driveway condition at time of completed construction or expiration of building permit.                    

The town clerk shall properly post or publish this resolution as required under s. 60.80, Wis. stats.

   Town of Barnes

_________________________________              ________________________________

Dick Collyard -Town Chairman                                                        Christine M. Webb-Town Supervisor


_________________________________                                 ____________________________

Donna Porter -Town Supervisor                                                       Jack Meinke-Town Supervisor



Mitch McGee -Town Supervisor


Adopted:  January 16, 2007


Published: __________________                                 Posted: ___________________


Attest:________________________________________        Dated:_________________

                Elaine J. Brustad-Town Clerk-Treasurer


Discussion on Town Hall Use Policy

Collyard had asked the clerk to get some Town Hall Use Policies for comparison from the Clerk’s network. She also copied the Board members on the current Town Hal Use Agreement sheet.  Collyard asked the Board members to make some notes and come up with policy on the use of the Town Hall. It will be put on the agenda for the February meeting.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Jon Harkness said a few meetings ago Lee Wiesner had presented a letter to the Board on better communications expected from the Board from meeting notices and agenda postings and publishings. To date, he said nothing had changed and he wanted to know why.   Collyard said a letter had been presented to Lee Wiesner from the Board.  They were going to add “items of interest” to the Notices but he didn’t think there had been anything “of interest” to add to the Board meeting Notice in the Shopper the last few months. Harkness wanted to know why nothing was put into the County Journal. Clerk Brustad said that was her fault, she didn’t understand the Board wanted her to start putting Notices in the County Journal. She thought only the shopper and to add items of interest as needed. Collyard was given the minutes of that meeting to read. He told Harkness to check with Wiesner, and the Board had planned on doing additional publishings of “items of interest”, but not the whole agenda.  The website also has the agenda posted in total.


Issues Timeline Update


On Town Owned land- Meinke will call Dan Cobb, nothing was cut last year because of the glutted market

Fire Department – Chris and Tom will set a date to meet this month

Town Roads & Right-of Way Committee –Will meet before the end of the month. Committee members are Jack, Jerry, Mitch, Dick Webb and Gregg Martin


Motion (Webb/McGee) to adjourn the meeting of January 16, 2007. Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM


Respectfully Submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad,

Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 23rd Day of January, 2007