Of December 27, 2006

Chairman Collyard called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 5:00PM.  All Board Members were present. The Agenda for the meeting was as follows:




1) Adoption of Comprehensive Land Use Plan

2) Hiring of second Deputy Clerk



1)  Collyard explained the Plan Commission would present the Plan to the Board this evening by Resolution.  Then the Board would need to adopt the Ordinance, Chapter 19 in the Town of Barnes Ordinance which is adopting the Land Use Plan. This Ordinance is as follows:


Ordinance No. 19







The Town Board of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows: 

            SECTION 1.  Pursuant to sections 62.23(2) and (3) for towns exercising village powers under 60.22(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Town of Barnes is authorized to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan as defined in sections 66.1001(1)(a) and 66.1001(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

            SECTION 2.  The Town Board of the Town of Barnes, Wisconsin, has adopted written procedures designed to foster public participation in every stage of the preparation of a comprehensive plan as required by section 66.100(4)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

            SECTION 3.  The Plan Commission of the Town of Barnes, by a majority vote of the entire commission recorded in its official minutes, has adopted a resolution recommending to the Town Board the adoption of the document entitled “Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin,” containing all of the elements specified in section 66.1001(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

            SECTION 4.  The Town has held at least one public hearing on this ordinance in compliance with the requirements of section 66.1001(4)(d) of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

            SECTION 5.  The Town Board of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, does, by the enactment of this ordinance, formally adopt the document entitled “Town of Barnes Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2006-2026,” pursuant to section 66.1001(4)(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes. 

            SECTION 6.  This ordinance shall take effect upon passage by a majority vote of the members-elect of the Town Board of Barnes and publication/posting as required by law.


ADOPTED this 27th Day of December, 2006



                                                                                 Richard Collyard, Chairperson

                                                                                Town Board of Barnes





Approved: ______________________________________


Attest: _________________________________________

Motion (Webb/Meinke) to adopt Ordinance Chapter 19 as presented: Roll call vote was taken: Meinke-yes, McGee-yes, Webb-yes, Porter-yes, Collyard-yes.  Webb asked if there would be a separate Resolution to adopt the Lake Management Plan. It was thought that it was recommended to do that in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Implementation pages. Webb also thought it important to note that the Lake Management Plan is not the Property Owner’s Plan, it is the Town of Barnes Lake Management Plan and it should be changed on the actual Plan. It looks as if the Property Owners were the persons responsible for the Plan.  The Town of Barnes is the responsible party and that should be changed. Call for the question. Motion carried.


2)  Brustad said she was in need of immediate help during the tax season for someone who could answer phones, and help out in the office.  Collyard had told her they needed to advertise for the position, but after asking the Clerk network she was told by other clerks that per state statutes she could hire someone herself as long as monies were budgeted.  She asked for Board approval to hire a temporary person now and if they felt the need to advertise for the position, she would do that at a later date. The current Deputy was not always available when she needed her so she wanted a back-up person, at least until the end of January.  Motion (Webb/Porter) to allow the Clerk to find a deputy to assist her when the current deputy is unavailable at a rate of $7.00/hour, Hours to be as needed. Roll call vote taken: Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes.


Motion (Porter/Meinke) to adjourn the meeting of December 27, 2006. Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30PM.


Respectfully Submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad,

Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

January 23, 2007