Chairman Dick Collyard called the meeting to order at 6:30PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  Roll call to establish a quorum was called: Meinke-here, Porter-here, Webb-here, Collyard-here, McGee-here. Quorum was established.  Clerk verified the Notice was posted in three places as required. 

Motion (Meinke/Porter) to approve the November agenda. Motion carried. The agenda as posted follows:




Tuesday November 21, 2006 at 6:30PM at the Town Hall



Call the Regular Board Meeting to order.

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Roll Call to establish a quorum/Verification of Public Notice/Approve the November Agenda

Approve minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting/Motion to dispense with reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report and Resolution to pay all required taxes above bond for Treasurer

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk Correspondence

                Discussion on Health Insurance increase for 2007 and possible alternatives

Department Head Reports:



                Fire Department

                Ambulance Department


                Transfer Site – Increase of Fees for Disposal

                Resolution to combine Ambulance and Fire Departments

Committee and Commission Reports:

                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee

                Land Use Planning Commission Reports

                Tabled Resolution from Bayfield County regarding the combined Land Use Grant

Resolution to correct error in Chapter 20, Alcohol Licensing Ordinance

Chapter 5 amendment to add forfeitures and penalties in Chapter 20 Alcohol Licensing Ordinance

Acknowledgement of Property Owners Letter regarding better communication for meetings

Response from survey of what to do between the Hall and Garage area after trees cut down

Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Issues Timeline Update

All Department Heads are required to be at the Regular Board Meetings

All Department Heads and Committee Heads must submit a signed written report to the clerk by friday evening prior to the Board Meeting.

The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from

Department heads and Committee heads only, without opening the floor to discussion.

Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the Clerk.

Elaine J. Brustad    Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 16th Day of November, 2006



Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the minutes of the last Regular Baord meeting and motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Checking Balance from last meeting









Transfer funds from Money Market




Check #'s 20903-20981




October Tax Payment & other direct payments



Service Charge October




Interest Earned October





















Money Market Gen'l Fund Balance from Last Meeting


Interest earned October

YTD Interest $28,045.38


Check # 1026 Transfer to General Fund




Sub-Total Money Market Gen'l Funds


Highway Dept. Sinking Fund




BES Sinking Fund





Park Savings





Ski Trail Savings





Parade-Event-Calender Fund










Total all Money Market Funds





















Motion(Porter/Meinke) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read. Motion carried. Clerk-Treasurer also read a Resolution required by the County Treasurer. It is as follows:



WHEREAS, the Town of Barnes Treasurer is required by statute to furnish a bond to the County Treasurer in a sum of double the amount of state and county taxes apportioned to her town, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of her office and that she will account for and pay over according to law all state and county taxes which shall come into her hands, and

WHEREAS, the Town of Barnes is given the power under Section 70.67(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes, to obligate the town in case the Town Treasurer shall fail to pay all state and county taxes required by law to be paid by the Town Treasurer to the County Treasurer,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of the Town of Barnes, at its regular meeting held this 21st day of November, 2006, that the Town of Barnes does hereby obligate itself to pay in case the Town Treasurer shall fail to do so, all state and county taxes required by law to be paid by such Treasurer to the County Treasurer.


__________________________                   _________________________

Dick Collyard, Chairman                                    Jack Meinke, Supervisor


__________________________                   _________________________

Christine Webb, Supervisor                              Donna Porter, Supervisor



Mitch McGee, Supervisor



THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution duly and legally adopted by the Town of Barnes at its Regular Town Board Meeting held on November 21, 2006.



Elaine J. Brustad, Clerk-Treasurer





Motion(Webb/Meinke) to approve and sign the Resolution # R06-17 for obligation to pay taxes to the County Treasurer if the Town Treasurer does not. Roll call vote taken, Meinke-yes, Porter-yes, Webb-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


Motion(Webb/Porter) to approve the voucher’s as written. Motion carried.


Clerk Correspondence

1 Notice to cut on property owned by Plum Creek Timberlands on Section 26, Township 43N, Range 9 West.

Clerk wanted to thank the Gordon-Barnes Garden club for their generous donation of two wreaths, which are hung up in front of the town hall.  She also thanked Jack Meinke and Quentin Ruprecht  for decorating the hall and the Friday morning craft ladies for decorating the Christmas tree.

Notice of Assessments are out. Open Book will be on Friday December 1st from Noon until 6:00PM, and Saturday December 2nd from 10:00AM until 4:00PM. Board of Review will be on the following Monday, the 4th of December at 6:00PM. Anyone who has a question on their assessment may call Charlotte Johnson at 715-223-1606 or email her at [email protected].

Clerk Brustad then told the Board health insurance costs had increased 17% from last year. She was in the process of getting other bids for health insurance through the RJF Agencies and Wausau Insurance.  She wanted to talk to the Board about the possibility of using a Health Savings Account to lower the health care costs.  This would have a larger deductible, the employee and the employer can put monies into the HSA to be used toward the deductible or any other medical expenses. Board agreed anything that could be done to keep the costs lower would be something they would be interested in.  Brustad would get the bids in then present them to the Board at the December meeting.

Department Head Reports

                Highway – Jerry Witt

Both channels have been braced for the winter.

150 of the 300 new signs have been installed by Mike in the past month.

Snow plow and Sanding equipment has been readied for the upcoming winter season.

Jim Miller Rd. is approximately 85% finished. The remaining work to be done includes: final shaping of gravel base and shoulders, graveling driveway extensions, installation of required culverts, and the erosion control  work.

By hauling gravel from the new pit on 27, we will be saving approximately $6000-$7000 on the trucking charge from Balcsik Farms because of the much shorter traveling distance as compared to hauling from the Jerome pit on N.

I have been working on the 05 tandem International truck to make it safer and more efficient for plowing snow and sanding the roads. I had Superior Auto Glass install a window in the passenger door so the operator can see the wing. The other area of concern I have is with the sanding unit itself. The box has to be raised ten to fifteen times on a normal run to utilize the sander. This is a major safety issue with the amount of overhead power wires on our plow routes. Witt also explained a different type of sanding unit which would be safer and not have to raise the box so often would be around $5,000.00 to $6,000.00. He had the money in his budget to do that but wanted approval from the Board. Motion (Webb/Meinke) to authorize the purchase of a sander unit for the 2005 IH truck. Roll call vote taken: Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Porter-yes, McGee-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


 Cemetary – Bud Pease Neil Bonner was interred on Otcober 30th, Block 5, Lot 10, Site 6. No other activity.


                 Fire Department-Ambulance DepartmentTom Renz was not at the meeting.  The clerk read his report: No fire runs and three ambulance runs since last meeting.  The fire department is now running an officers training class. Next month’s meeting Tom will be presenting a proposal for consideration in charging for certain fire runs. Collyard also wanted to mention he spoke with Gene Ratzel regarding the landing zone at the Industrial Site. Gene asked for Dick to have Tom contact him so they could mark  the helicopter landing pad off.  The landing zone was changed there because the helicopter pilot felt it would be a safer area than at the Town Fire Hall area.


                Constable – Mike O’Keefe was not at the meeting so the Clerk read his report also. 3 alarms from the Sheriff, 2 firearm complaints, property owners target shooting on their own property. 2 car-deer hits, both vehicles left the scene, issued mail in reports. Excessive noise complaint, loud music. Asked the owner to quiet down and he complied. 1 domestic battery complaint, I was contacted by the female subject who said she was assaulted by her live-in boyfriend at her home in Gordon. She was calling from Barnes. Contacted the Douglas County Sheriff. Responded to her location, male subject arrested at her home. Female subject taken to the hospital. Forwarded report to Douglas County.

                Transfer Site-Increase fees for DisposalCollyard said he asked Tom Pieters to check around the area for fees others charge for refrigerators, tires and furniture.  The following is what he has proposed to the Board for increases:

$15.00 to $18.00  Empty refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, dish


$3.00   Passenger tire or smaller trailer tires (larger tires - charged based on size).

$12.00 Larger furniture items, large/stuffed chairs, etc. (hide-a-bed couch $15.00)

$5.00 to 10.00   Small items such as lamps, etc., small TV's, small appliances, microwave ovens,

                  end tables.

$   5.00  (and up) - Carpeting, padding rugs, depending on size.

Large or heavy scrap metal such as BBQ grills /(mattress frames-$10.00)

Fee may be assessed and determined by attendant

Motion (Porter/McGee) to increase the rates per Tom’s proposal for 2007. Motion carried.


Resolution to combine Fire and Ambulance Departments. Collyard explained this was an error, he had misunderstood but it should have been to appoint Tom Renz as head of both departments. Motion (Webb/Porter) to appoint Tom Renz as Ambulance Director and also to appoint Tom Renz as Fire Chief. Both Donna Porter and Chris Webb wanted to make sure the motion was for separate appointments and that the departments remained separate. There was no other discussion. Motion carried.


Committee and Commission Reports

                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee John Kudlas spoke on his Lake Survey done recently with no reported invasive species found in the other lakes. Ingemar Ekstrom spoke on the committee’s progress, a survey had been sent out to the Tomahawk Lake and Sandbar Lake owners. 62% have responded so far. He said Pam Toshner of the DNR has been in contact with the Corps of Engineers and they are very interested in doing something on the two lakes. They would not be able to start until summer of 2008. Stefania Strzalkowska is working on a grant from the DNR for 2007 for help with the Clean Boats Clean Waters program.  Their meeting minutes and notices will be posted on the Town of Barnes website – www.barnes-wi.com.  Collyard said he and the rest of the Board wanted to thank everyone involved for all the volunteer hours they have put in on this.

                Recreational Committee Chris Webb said the committee met on the 15th, they asked again about the signs to be placed on each side of the ice rink.  Collyard said he needed to know exactly how many and what each should say. Chris said they talked about 4 signs, each saying “No motorized Vehicles”. They would put two on each end of the ice rink and the other two would be placed in the park.  She also said the committee is looking for more volunteers, the Chairman has resigned from the committee so they will be electing officers soon. The next meeting is Wednesday, December 13th at 6:30PM. They will discuss at that meeting what to purchase for the park with the $3,000.00 in the budget for the parks. Chris said she is going to set up a meeting with Ken Wilk and Jay Mitchell about flooding the ice rink.

                Land Use Planning Commission Gene Ratzel said the commission had met on Monday the 20th to discuss the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  There were some minor changes made to the plan.

Motion(Webb/Meinke) to open the floor for discussion. Motion carried.  There were questions about the changes made to the plan by Lee Wiesner and and questions of the board by Jon Harkness.  Motion (Meinke/Porter) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.


Tabled Resolution from Bayfield County regarding the combined Land Use Grant – Collyard explained he called the County after last month’s meeting to get additional information as requested by the Board. He was told the Resolution needed to be in to the County on that day so the Town Board wouldn’t need to pass it at the next meeting in November. 


Resolution to correct error in Chapter 20, Alcohol Licensing Ordinance Clerk Brustad explained a typographical error was found before publishing the Ordinance by the Town’s attorney. The Resolution corrects the error in Section 20-7.



The Town Board of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, by this resolution, adopted on proper notice with a quorum and by a roll call vote of a majority of the town board present and voting resolves and orders as follows:Chapter Twenty, Section 7 of the Town of Barnes ordinances shall be amended to read: The forfeitures and penalties provided for in this section shall be applicable to violations of Section 20-4(a) of this ordinance.  Violation of this ordinance shall be in accordance with the schedules of deposit, which are now in existence and may be amended from time to time in the future, plus any applicable assessments, costs, fees and penalty enhancements now in force in the Bayfield County Circuit Court, or as enforced in the future and restitution as it may apply under §973.20 Wis. stats.  Each day’s failure to comply with this Chapter shall constitute a separate offence.

The town clerk shall properly post or publish this resolution as required under s. 60.80, Wis. stats.   

Town of Barnes

_________________________________                   ________________________________

Richard Collyard -Town Chairman                                  Christine M. Webb-Town Supervisor

_________________________________                   _________________________________

Mitch McGee -Town Supervisor                                        Jack Meinke-Town Supervisor


Donna Porter -Town Supervisor

Adopted:  November 21, 2006

Published: __________________                                 Posted: 11-27-06

Attest:________________________________________        Dated: 11-21-06

                Elaine J. Brustad-Town Clerk-Treasurer


 Motion (Webb/McGee) to approve the Resolution as read.  Collyard said he also spoke with the attorney regarding a call he received from one of the tavern owners.  The attorney prepared a letter stating why the town needed an ordinance. John Carlson, the town’s attorney, stated: “ The need for an ordinance arose last spring when a person with a liquor license was charged with possessing a significant amount of controlled substances. The town then realized the procedure outlined in chapters 125.12 and 125.17 of the statutes for issuing and revoking licenses were not sufficiently detailed.  I advised the town to adopt an ordinance that provided the missing details and that dovetailed with the statutes. The grounds for revocation contained in section 20-6(a) (1-5) are similar to the grounds for revocation and suspension provided in S 125.12(2) (ag) (1-5) of the statutes. If the license holder is obeying state and federal laws, there are no grounds under the town ordinance to revoke or deny a license.”  There was no other discussion. Motion carried.


Chapter Five Amendment to add forfeitures and penalties in Chapter 20 Alcohol Licensing Ordinance Clerk Brustad explained a forfeiture amount needed to be set for the penalties section in the new Ordinance for Alcohol Licensing Procedures. Motion (Webb/Meinke) to set the forfeiture amount for Chapter 20 Section 4(a) at $100.00. Roll call vote taken: McGee-yes, Porter-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried. The Ordinance amendment for changing Chapter Five will be done at next month’s meeting.


Acknowledgement of Property Owner’s Letter regarding better communication for meetings.

Collyard explained he received a letter from the Eau Claire Lakes Property Owners Association giving recommendations for improving communication between the board and the people of Barnes. The Property Owner’s  Association reported comments from members of not knowing about the town’s business until it was over.  The Association asked for the Board’s cooperation in listing agenda items in the Northwood’s Shopper and County Journal so the members of the community would know what was going to be discussed at a particular meeting.  Collyard explained the State Statutes state Town’s have to post the agenda in three places only, and usually the agenda is not finalized before the deadline for publishing in either of the papers. Chris Webb read a statement she prepared:

“The Town Board has received a letter from the Property Owners Association containing recommendations to the Board for improving communication between the Town Board and its constituents.

We thank the Association for the interest shown by them in events and past meetings of the Town Board.

As you know, there are legal requirements for posting meetings.  Posting of the meeting notice must occur at least 24 hours prior to the meeting at 3 public places.  The notice is posted at Bank, the Homestead Station and the bulletin board at the town hall.  The notice and agenda are posted on the Barnes web site and a public notice in published in the Northwoods Shopper.

The Northwoods Shopper was chosen as it is received by all people living and receiving their mail in Barnes.  The County Journal is used when we want exposure to the rest of Bayfield County, such as offering swimming lessons, bidding of contracts, etc.  We have used the County Journal in the past for posting of some notices but found that it was neither efficient, nor effective use of public monies as the only people receiving this paper are those who subscribe to it.

The Town Board has been very open about any town business and any decisions that are made involving the public.  The current Town Board has refrained from using ‘closed meetings’ except in matters involving employees or town personnel.  The Town Board has very seldom deviated from the normal 3rd Tuesday of the month for scheduled meetings.  We have opened the floor to public input on more occasions than any Board in the past.  The Town Clerk is available five days a week and the Town Chairman is often at the Town Hall but also has made his home number available for contact.  The Town’s website has been improved for easier access to town information or for contacting Town Board and the Town Clerk.

The recommendations stated in your letter will be discussed by the Board.  It is possible that a larger ad could be inserted in the Northwoods Shopper and a general agenda attached.  It is important to note that the deadline for publication is a full week prior to the town’s meeting.  The agenda can be changed up to 24 hours before the meeting.  So the public can not rely on just what is published.  If they are interested in all town matters then they will come to the meetings whether the agenda is published or not.

The Board believes that it is very important that the public have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments on issues.  We will continue to open the floor on issues of concern.  Interested parties have up to 24 hours prior to the meeting to have their issue or name added to the agenda.  While we encourage public input, we reserve the right to limit discussions in order to maintain an effective, efficiently run meeting.  We were elected to handle the affairs of the town and the current Town Board takes their responsibilities very seriously. 

We look forward to continued partnership between the Town Board and the POA on matters that concern the town as a whole.”

Motion (Meinke/Porter) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried. The clerk read an answer she received from the Wisconsin Towns Association. In it they recommended not using a “shopper  for notices but to post in three places per statutes and use the website for informational purposes.  A notice will be placed in the newsletter that is included with the taxes about the website and encouraging people to use that for information on what will be on the agenda for meetings.  Possible enlarged notices will be put into the Northwoods Shopper also, when time permits.  Collyard mentioned it is not always possible to make the deadline for printing in the shopper with items of interest, so people should be made aware that the notice in the shopper is informational only and may not include everything on the agenda. People should always try to check the final agenda which is posted at the Bank, Homestead gas Station and the Hall for a full agenda. The website is not a legal posting area but will have the final agenda on it also. Motion (Webb/Meinke) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.


Response from survey of what to do between the Hall and Garage area after the trees were cut down

Collyard said most responses said to increase the parking as there isn’t enough when the hall is busy.  Also the front parking area is a dangerous place and if there were parking spaces on that side it might help. Porter said we received a very nice drawing from Leslie Hall also.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the agenda

Dave Pease thought Chris Webb’s idea to use the column Nancy Hunter used to do in theCounty Journal for news around town was an excellent idea. Webb said she would check with the County Journal and see what was needed.  We need to find another person willing to write the column and with all the news around town we really need that.  We could have the new writer put in items of interest to be discussed at Board meetings.

Ingemar Ekstrom and Jon Harkness talked about their assessments. Open Book will be Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd .  It is the chance to talk to the Assessor in person about your assessment.     


Issues Timeline Update – Items to be removed are Alcohol Control Ordinance, Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee, and Ambulance Department.  Two items will be left on and are ongoing.


Motion (Webb/McGee) to adjourn the meeting of November 21, 2006.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:55PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad,

Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 2nd Day of December, 2006