Chairman Dick Collyard called the meeting to order at 6:30PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  Roll call to establish a quorum was called: Meinke-here, Porter-here, Webb-absent, Collyard-here, McGee-here. Quorum was established.  Clerk verified the Notice was posted in three places as required. 

Motion (Meinke/Porter) to approve the September agenda. Motion carried. The agenda as posted follows:



Call the Regular Town Board Meeting to order

Pledge Allegiance to the flag

Roll call/Quorum call, verification of Public Notice and Approve the September agenda

Approve the minutes of the last Regular Board Meeting-motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk Correspondence

Department Head Reports

                Highway -Transfer Site Updates –Aluminum Can Proposal


                Fire and Ambulance


Committee/Commission Reports

                Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee Appointments

                Comprehensive Land Use

Andy Knudson – Regarding Gravel Pit

Public Hearing for the Discontinuance of Warner Road and Action by Board

Jet-Ski and Water Ski Hours Discussion

Driveway Ordinance Amendment approval

Discussion of Alcohol Control Ordinance

Operator License Approval – 2 year license for Jana Janssen

                                                       1 year license for Amber Wilson

Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

Issues Timeline Update


All Department Heads are required to be at the Regular Board Meeting


All Department Heads and Committee Heads must submit a signed written report to the Clerk by Friday evening of the week before the meeting


The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from Department Heads & Committee Heads only without opening the floor to discussion Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the Clerk.

Elaine J. Brustad, Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 15th Day of September 2006



Motion (Porter/Meinke) to approve the minutes of the last regular board meeting and to dispense with the reading of those minutes. Motion carried.


Treasurers Report













Checking Balance from last meeting











Check #'s 20610-20694





August Tax Payment & other direct payments




Voided check 20600 dated 7-17-06




Service Charge August





Interest Earned August

























Money Market Gen'l Fund Balance from Last Meeting



Interest earned August

YTD Interest $21994.67













Sub-Total Money Market Gen'l Funds


Highway Dept. Sinking Fund





BES Sinking Fund






Park Savings






Ski Trail Savings






Parade-Event-Calender Fund





Skate Park Savings













Total all Money Market Funds



















Motion (Meinke/McGee) to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read. Motion carried.


Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the voucher’s as presented. Motion carried.


Clerk Correspondence  Elaine Brustad mentioned the election results could be seen on the Barnes website, www.barnes-wi.com , or the Bayfield County website – www.bayfieldcounty.org .

There were two Notices to Cut received by Wausau Paper Company.

She also mentioned she received an email from the Assessor and she had been working in Barnes last week, she will be here this week Wednesday through Friday and all next week.  Board of Review may go into November this year.


Department Head Reports

                Highway –Transfer Site Updates – Aluminum Can Proposal-Jerry Witt

Last two and one half weeks have been spent finishing the transfer site building. A new electrical service was installed by Dahlberg, a new office for the transfer site attendant was constructed inside the new building, and the compactor pump was moved out of the old shack and modified to work with the new discharge area inside.

We have taken delivery on the new road signs that were purchased with grant money from the state and will be putting them up as needed and time allows.

We will finish shaping and gravel the six short stretches of roads that were reconstructed with the rented backhoe.

I got the specifications back from the road engineer for the reconstruction of Jim Miller rd. and am setting up appointments with interested contractors at this time.

Collyard then added the regular person who had been taking the aluminum cans in to the recycling place had quit so he called Waste Management and got a proposal from them.  They will provide a container at the Transfer Site. When it gets full they will bring it to Chicago Iron in Ashland for $150.00.  Chicago Iron will pay the town directly with a receipt for the cans.  This container holds approximately 800 to 1000 pounds of aluminum cans.  The current price for aluminum ranges from 40 to 60 cents per pound.

Motion (Porter/Meinke) to accept the Waste Management Proposal. Motion carried.

                Cemetery-Bud Pease The clerk read the report from Bud Pease as he was not present for the meeting.  He sold two lots this month. There will be a foot stone set by the VFW for Charles Williams soon.

                Fire and Ambulance – Tom Renz Clerk read his report also as he was not present.

Fire - one run for one vehicle roll over,  Conducted Search of area for ejection of operator and passengers and stood-by until vehicle was removed from scene. We have Driver operator class starting this week Thursday and Friday night and all day Saturday.  I just returned from week long class in Eau Claire
conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigations and the ATF
in Fire cause and origin determination and Arson Investigation.
Several Firefighters have attended Live burns this last week and several in
the weeks to come to complete their Entry Level Training.
Ambulance-We will begin using or CPAP protocols and Machine here now.  Fred Barnes

has attended Public Information Officer Training and several others that will be
attending some training coming up of various locations to keep their
National Registry up to date.
We have had eight ambulance calls , 2 no transport three were life-flighted out
and one motor vehicle accident with no transport.
I had an all membership meeting last month for everyone to attend and laid
out the direction I want both Departments to head in working together and
Team Work.  We are doing a great job at that but like everything else there
are areas to improve in and we are working at them.  This is a We effort and
not an I effort.

Constable- Mike O’Keefe – also was not in attendance so the Clerk read his report.

( 1 )……… 4.  Alarms ( from sheriff ) .                                            

(2 ) ………..3. Assist E.M.S.                                                                                                                              

( 3 )……….2. Car / deer MVA ( contacted sheriff )                                                                        

( 4 )……….16 Over weight truck violations. ( operators pulled over on lake road and south shore road , drivers taking short-cut to Co Y from Hwy 27. Contacted gravel pit owners, who notified all drivers to obey weight restrictions on town roads.                                                                                                                             

( 5 ) ……….6. Hwy 27 complaints ( sand and stone on road ) : I instructed pit operators to send out loader to scrape highway  several times a day to remove hazards.                                                                                        (6 ) ……… 1. Animal complaint : Owners dog shot by neighbor. Subject said the dog was on his property and that he hit it with stick , but did not shoot the dog . Dog was x-rayed by vet , bullet found in abdomen. I returned to subjects home and informed him that his( stick) must have been loaded . contacted animal control and Sheriff.                                                                                  

( 7 ) ……..3. Trespass complaints : Bear hunters on private property                     

( 8 ) ……..4. P.W.D complaints on upper and middle eau Claire .                           



Committee/Commission Reports

Eurasian Water Milfoil (Invasive Species Committee) Appointments

Collyard said he had been in touch with Ingemar Eckstrom, Lee Wiesner and others involved with the Eurasian Water Milfoil Committee who had expressed an interest in forming a new committee which would continue the fight against Eurasian Water Milfoil and other invasive species in our waters.  He named the following people interested in being involved in the new committee: Ingemar Eckstrom, Barb Romstad, James Joswick, Patti Joswick, Dave Pease, Lee Wiesner, Stefania Strzalkowski, Bayfield County Invasive Species Coordinator, Mitch McGee would be Town Board representative, Pam Toshner, John Kudlas, and Paul Laliberte.

Motion (Meinke/McGee) to approve the Invasive Species Committee and the mentioned members. Motion carried. 


Comprehensive Land Use Committee -  Dave Pease reported they are awaiting DNR approval of the lake study.  The next meeting will be on October 11th, and will be a joint meeting with the Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee, The Town Board, and the Plan Commission.


Land Use Plan Commission – Gene Ratzel – submitted a report to the Board, they met the prior Thursday and had no zoning issues to discuss. 


Andy Knudson Regarding the Gravel Pit-  Chairman Collyard stated he had invited Mike Furtak, Bayfield County Zoning, Rick Forsythe, Northwoods Paving, a Division of Mathy Construction, and Matt Dickinson, WISDOT to be here to answer questions of anyone in the audience after Mr. Knudson spoke.  He stressed that this was NOT a public hearing, that the matter is a done deal.  All required permits had been obtained by Mathy Construction, and this was to be an informational question and answer period only.  If it got out of hand he would close the floor to discussion.  Andy Knudson read a letter to the board in its entirety at the meeting regarding his concerns over the recommendation of approval by the Town Board of the Gravel Pit and Quarry in the Town of Barnes.  Mr. Knudson mentioned eight negative impacts he felt would be felt on the lakes, woods and homes in the area due to the operation of the Gravel Pit.  They were: Noise from blasting, material processing and truck traffic.  Truck Traffic creating safety risks for drivers, bikers, and walkers. Potential Long-term Operation or expansion, concern the operation would continue after the 5 year permit expired.

Reduced Property Values,  Knudson felt property values would decrease because of the heavy equipment noise, blasting and truck traffic. Loss of Tourism Business, Knudson felt people come here for the “away from it all ambience”.  Because of the noise, he felt people would go elsewhere. Harmful Air Emissions and Noxious Smells, Knudson said “Hot mix plants are known for strong, offensive odors. Asphalt plants emit particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)”. Possible contamination of groundwater, wells, and lakes.  “Water and well contamination of water tables are possible harms that can result from mining operations, including quarries.” Exposures to Liability. “Granting industrial permits and allowing this type of operation may expose the Town of Barnes to additional risk.”  Knudson states “As partner and general manager of a risk management services firm, I can tell you this is a very common practice which has been totally overlooked.”  In Summary, Knudson stated: ”We and our neighbors in the Town of Barnes need our elected officials to make decisions based on complete information on matters of such importance to the community.  We expect them to make decisions that do not degrade the value of our property or impair our ability to enjoy it.  So far, arguments in support of the quarry are that gravel is needed and the town can save some money.  These benefits become insignificant when compared to the negative impacts.  The negatives far outweigh the positives.  As it stands today, the true winners in this deal are the non-resident operator and the nation’s largest private landowner who already enjoys significant tax breaks on its forestry property and is now profiting from new leasing fees.

We need controls put in place to make sure future development decisions are not made hastily, but openly and based on sound reasoning.  We need to give careful consideration to how future growth affects the environment and residents.  But more immediately, we need corrective action now to eliminate or reduce the negative effects of this quarry.  Ask residents what they are experiencing.  Get an environmental impact study done by an independent company.  Consider ways to eliminate this operation or get it moved away from lakes.  At a minimum, require a specific closing date and adopt regulations to severely limit the noise and protect our lake areas.”    Collyard then asked for a motion to open the floor  for anyone to ask questions. Motion (Porter/Meinke) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried.

Jerry Reed asked who had the final say about this gravel pit, was it the Town or the County Zoning? Mike Furtak said the process starts at the County with a permit application, then it goes to the Town Board for their recommendation. The Zoning Committee then makes the final determination.  This is how the process worked for the gravel pit.  Then for the asphalt plant, since it is being placed in a F-2 Zoning District, that needed a use variance. So another meeting at the town level, who gave their recommendations to the Board of Adjustment.  These county meetings were all noticed, published in the County Journal, since Barnes has no newspaper, the surrounding land owners were notified by mail, and in the case of the Town meetings, they are posted in three places, the Hall, the Bank and the Homestead gas station.  Mike met with the Board members on site and adjoining property owners, and reported to the zoning board and board of adjustment.  Collyard said of Knudson’s mentioning taking water out of the lakes that the DNR owns the water, and the DNR gave permission to Mathy Construction to remove water from Middle Eau Claire Lake and Pickerel Lake.  The DNR also owns the land at the boat landings. Tom Stolee asked if there had been any attempt to assess how much noise there was going to be with this operation.  Rick Forsythe from Mathy said a requirement was for vegetative screening. Unfortunately that forty had been clear cut, but adjoining 40’s surrounding the property were not and one of the requirements was that Plum Creek leave the adjoining acres wooded while the pit was in operation.  He also said this year the noise is as bad as it is going to get. First they had to rebuild the road going into the pit, then they have been hurrying to crush rock for the highway 27 project. They are also crushing to stockpile for next year and for local sales.  Next summer they hope to be crushing for only a few weeks.  Sue Knudson asked who at the county made the determination that this was an isolated area?  Furtak said the pit is located in a middle of a 40 acre parcel, surrounded by other 40 acre parcels that are not improved, you can’t get much isolated than that.   Gordy Lund asked what benefit is in this for me or the town? Forsythe said he sells gravel to local residents, everyone here has a driveway and the resulting cost to homeowners here is less than if it had to be hauled from Hayward or Brule. Mike Kuebler asked about air pollution, is anyone monitoring this to ensure we are not going to have problems. Regarding emissions, the DNR regulates that and they test regularly.  As far as groundwater contamination, an environmental impact study is not required by Bayfield County Zoning for a non-metallic mine such as a gravel pit. An independent study was done by Mathy construction.  All permits are in place and are highly regulated by the DNR. Forsythe also said Mr. Knudson’s letter is a bit misleading.  Forsythe said he lives in Bayfield County, and has all his life.  He employs people from Bayfield County. They searched for two years looking for the right area with an abundant supply of rock for crushing.  As far as noise goes, he asked for patience.  They are trying to put berms or gravel up around the site but that can’t happen overnight.  They need to crush enough to do that. Also once they get going they will be further down into the hole, so the noise won’t travel as far. The company is tested periodically by the DNR.  Lee Wiesner said he came to the first meeting a few months ago ready to object to this pit.  He wished more people would have been to that initial meeting.  He is retired from the DNR and is confident they will do their job in monitoring the plant.  At the meeting he listened to the facts and it swayed his opinion.  He was going to ask about berms around the plant but Rick Forsythe had mentioned that already.  Wiesner also asked if it were true they were taking water from the Middle Eau Claire Lake and if so did they have a permit to do so from the DNR.  Forsythe said yes, they did, for Pickerel, Middle Eau Claire and also the Brule river.  They have been using approximately 2000 to 3000 gallons a day.  They need water when grading for compaction.  The crusher has been getting water also, about 1000 to 2000 gallons a day for dust suppression, so there isn’t a huge dust cloud around. He said they are trying to do the right thing by keeping the dust down.  Buck  Carlstrom asked how come this came as such a big surprise to homeowners in the area who didn’t know anything about it until they heard the banging?  Donna Porter said people don’t come to a board meeting unless like tonight they object to something.  The meetings are the same time and day every month, they are posted around town for everyone to see, the minutes are posted, but people just don’t come out to the meetings.  She didn’t feel they should have been surprised, it was in the agenda.  Sue Wiesner asked if they would be doing Highway S, that really needed work.  Forsythe said Douglas County lays their own mix, he hoped to bid on it though but that depended on if they got the bid awarded to them if they would be the ones doing it or not.  Buzzy Harkness said she did go to the County meeting and it was said there something about the noise being so bad they would be taking the crusher off-site and crushing elsewhere.  Mike Furtak said that had to do with the old pit off Denver road that they were going to haul material from that to the new site to redo the road going into the gravel pit. Forsythe said they looked at that and decided it would be more cost-efficient for them to use material from the new site to do the road.  She said they also did not have a recommendation from the Town as to the hours of operation so they set it at 5:00AM. She wanted to know why the Town didn’t recommend something different?  Collyard talked with Rick Forsythe before the initial meeting and he told Dick the same thing about the short season and the need to have the longer hours this year in particular for the highway 27 project. Furtak also said unless the town gives specific hours the county assigns the same hours of operation to all pits in the county.  That is usually Monday through Saturday from sun up to sunset.  Tom Stolee also asked since asphalt has a number of carcinogens what is being done exactly to monitor that? Forsythe said the asphalt plant is self-contained, it is never exposed to air while it is being produced.  He knows employees have worn packets on their belts to monitor that they are not exposed to unsafe levels.  He doesn’t have more information on what or how it is tested.  He knows there are reports done but that is not on his level of expertise at all.  Collyard asked if the town could be provided with a copy of any results. Forsythe said he would try to see what he could get for us.  Matt Dickinson with the DOT spoke on the schedule for highway 27, next year in 2007, they will be doing County road B to highway 2.  He said he can’t say whether Mathy Construction would be providing the asphalt for that project as the bids are opened in March.  Then in 2010 the highway will be done from the south county line up to what was completed this year.  He has worked with Northwoods Paving in the past and they are a good company.  Trucks do not damage the roads unless they are overweight.  They have had no problems with them being overweight at all.  Bob Oberstar said his main concern is with the trucks entering and leaving the plant.  There are rocks flying and dust being kicked up.  Maybe blacktopping a portion of the driveway into the pit would help.  Forsythe said he had the guys drag the rocks back in last week, they water the road down each day to stop dust and last week he had the road regraded, then he sprayed “dust control” on it.  This should last for a couple of months.  The “dust control” binds to the gravel, makes it hard, so it doesn’t fly around and get dusty.  Oberstar also asked if an environmental impact study was done.  Furtak said the County doesn’t require an Environmental Impact Study for a non-metallic mine by ordinance such as a gravel pit.  They did do a type of study and the town has a copy of it.  Collyard said the copy is in the office and anyone can come in and read it during regular office hours if they want.  Jerry Reed wanted to know what the Town of Barnes will realize from allowing this in our community and will our taxes go down because of it? Collyard explained the advantage to the highway department is the lower cost of gravel to the town.  Knudson said after looking over the town budget he felt the town would only be saving approximately $30,000.00 which wasn’t much considering the town had a budget of 1.5 million dollars per year.  He felt that it wasn’t much considering the hassle to the townspeople, and would gladly pay $100.00 $200.00 more in taxes per year for the trade and was sure everyone here felt the same.  Furtak said the County gives out twice as many building permits to Barnes than any other township.  A lot of people in Barnes will be needing the gravel for their driveways and such.  Also, he is on the Board in Hughes, and it is a state law that townships cannot increase their budget more than 2% each year.  When you look at just fuel costs, insurance costs, and heating costs how they have increased, towns are doing everything they can to keep costs down.  You can’t just slap everyone with a hundred dollar increase, the state would get on our backs and their funding would then be reduced.  When you look at the town’s budget, the state funds about 60% to 80% of dollars needed to operate so you have to play their game.  Michelle Ruprecht said she was one of the closest residences to the gravel pit, yes it is noisy, but it is making our roads better so we are able to go to town or wherever.  It is not affecting the animals, they still come into her yard, even when the pit is in operation.  They even gave her brother a job, so she is glad it is here.  Sue Knudson asked a question of the Board.  Does the Board recognize they have the ability to say no to these zoning requests?  And do they know they have the ability to require an independent Environmental Impact Study, and that the zoning varience requested is for a zoning use that is not allowed.  Collyard said yes, we are very aware of this. When we get a zoning request from the County there is certain criteria that has to be met.  The Board makes their recommendations based on if the criteria is met or not.  This is true whether it is you wanting to do something on your own property or a company such as Mathy Construction wanting to open a gravel pit.  If all the criteria is there then how can you not approve it?  Collyard said there are 5 members on the Town Board, they all live in this community and they all have the same concerns as you people, whether it be noise from a gravel pit, trucks running up and down highway 27 all day long, listening to noise from jet skis, snowmobiles or whatever.  We were elected to make decisions based on what is best for the town, and we honestly try to do that.  And as far as notifying you of what is on the agenda we are not going to call each and everyone of you up each time there is something on the agenda we feel you would be interested in, we just don’t have the time.  We put out the notices as we are required and we can’t spoon feed you. This is a part-time job for us and we all spend a lot of time on it.  We try to do our best and if it is not good enough for you then I am sorry.   

Public Hearing for the Discontinuance of Warner Road and Action by the Board. This was the final step to be taken before the Board would ok the discontinuance.  The Resolution had been posted for a period of 30 days.  The Clerk had filed the required paperwork and had notified by certified mail the proper people.  Collyard asked that the clerk send a letter to Mr. Gynnild that everything was completed.  There was no one objecting to the discontinuance at the hearing. Motion (Porter/Meinke) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.


Jet-Ski and Water-Ski hours discussion Collyard explained this had been discussed many times before, and after last meeting it was decided to put it on the agenda for a vote.  Motion (Porter/Meinke) to keep the hours as it is now, from 10:00AM  to 6:00PM.  Discussion followed. Collyard asked to open the floor to discussion from the audience. Motion (Porter/Meinke) to open the floor to discussion.  Motion carried. Sue Wiesner felt the board should listen to the surveys taken on the issue, both majority votes were for 10AM to 5PM.  Lee Wiesner said the first survey taken at the Property Owner’s Annual Meeting had the same results, voting for the 5:00PM quitting time.  Jack Meinke said there were many people in opposition to the 5:00PM time who had attended prior meetings, and that is why they had changed it.  They originally wanted a later time than 6:00PM so the Board had compromised and went with a 6:00PM quitting time.  Sue Wiesner again said she felt the Board should listen to the majority not the loudest complainers. Motion (Porter/McGee) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.  Motion (Porter/Meinke) to rescind their original motion. Motion carried.  Motion ( Porter/Meinke) to change the ordinance times form 10:00AM to 6:00PM to 10:00AM to 5:00PM because that is what the people wanted. Motion carried.


Driveway Ordinance Amendment Approval – Jack Meinke mentioned the Ordinance was now in effect, but one line in the ordinance needed to be amended.  Under Section 3 (c) Culverts: The minimum culvert size was deleted and replaced with “ As determined by Town Board or designee” .  The original line had a size of 18” x 25’, and some would need less than that size or none at all.  Motion (Meinke/Porter) to approve the amendment to the Driveway Ordinance as presented. Motion carried.  The clerk will post the amendment as required by State Statutes.


Discussion of Alcohol Control Ordinance – Collyard explained after talking with the attorney regarding the sample alcohol ordinance he sent the Board a new simplified ordinance which addresses only those issues the town is interested in, i.e. the issuance, suspension and revocation rules and fees to be charged for the license.  He will have the clerk send out a copy to all liquor license holders in Barnes asking for their input. 


Operator License Approval – 2 year license for Jana Janssen. Brustad said Jana had made application, paid the required fee and a satisfactory background check was performed.  Jana was given a temporary license through the end of September so she could attend the Beverage Server Course.  Once the Beverage Server Certificate is received she would issue a license if approval by the Board is given.  Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the 2 year license for Jana Janssen once the Beverage Server Certificate is received. Motion carried.

                                                       1 year license for Amber Wilson. Brustad said the same was true for Amber, she had issued a temporary license good through the end of September so she could attend the Beverage Server Course.  Her fee has been paid and satisfactory background check was done. Motion (Porter/McGee) to approve the 1 year license application for Amber Wilson pending receipt of the Beverage Server Certificate. Motion carried.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the agenda

Dave Pease said he thinks this noise is irrevelant compared to the other noises we are subjected to during the year.  You noticed the majority of people here objecting to the gravel pit this evening were part-time residents.  Minimal objection, if any was received by full time residents because we are aware of the infrastructure of the town and its importance.  Most seasonal residents want a very good road to get to their cabin, they want electrical service without interruption, and they want good telephone service.  The Board is charged with all of these issues and it is what they consider when making their decisions and I applaud those decisions.  Pease said he has seen a larger number of logging trucks on the roads than the gravel trucks, and the drivers of the gravel trucks are far more courteous and careful drivers than the drivers of the logging trucks. Pease also wanted to commend Collyard on his handling of the meeting this evening, he felt he had done a very good job.

Jon Harkness wanted to address the problem many people involved in the Property Owners Association have brought up regarding finding out what will be discussed at a Board Meeting.  He felt the town should do more than just post the agenda in three places as required by law.  Clerk-Treasurer Brustad explained usually the agenda is not finalized until the Friday or even the Monday before the board meeting.  To get anything in the Shopper has a deadline of the Tuesday before it comes out so many times there just isn’t a way to get an agenda into a newspaper for townspeople to read.  She said she does try to get it on the website and posted as soon as she can, but doesn’t want to post it until it is finalized. If they publish a notice with partial information then people would get upset about that if we missed putting an important item in.  Lee Wiesner said the Property Owners Association were considering putting an ad in the paper with important items that were going to be discussed at a meeting to keep people more informed.  Collyard said that was an excellent idea, they can check with him before putting the ad in to see if we had something for him to put in.  Collyard also said he wanted to get the information to Andy Knudson to make sure and remove the excess flyers he left on mailboxes because Collyard had been called many times about that. 

Bud Heerema said he was getting tired of people distributing flyers in mailboxes, on cars and so forth and not signing them.  Did the town consider adopting a solicitation ordinance?  At the bare minimum they should be required to have the name of the organization responsible for sending the flyer out, a contact name and a telephone number and address so people can reach them and respond directly to them over the issue.  He said the facts are usually wrong when people don’t sign the flyers, and it just stirred up a whole community over an issue that they see through their eyes only.   Donna Porter said too putting the flyers on mailboxes is totally illegal and he could be prosecuted for that. Sue Wiesner said she was glad the Board voted the way the people wanted on the waterskiing and jetskiing hours, but she wondered why it wasn’t done as soon as the survey results came in. Collyard explained this was the first time it was on the agenda for a vote. The survey results were not read until March or April’s meeting, the hours had been talked about but this was the first time on the agenda for a vote.  Carol Pease said she was glad the hours were changed back, it will give the loons a chance to be around in the early evening again.


Issues Timeline Update

The board went over the items on the timeline.  The driveway ordinance and transfer site building could be removed because they were both done.  All others were still a work in progress.


Motion (Porter/McGee) to adjourn the meeting of September 19, 2006.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 9:50PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Elaine J. Brustad,

Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dated this 3rd day of October, 2006