OF JANUARY 20, 2006



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was said. Roll call  to establish a quorum was established. Jack Meinke-present, Chris Webb-present, Donna Porter-absent, Dixie Chermack-   present, Dick Collyard-present. Clerk verified the notice and agenda was posted as required. The Notice was also posted in the Northwest Shopper. 

Motion (Chemack/Meinke) to approve the minutes of the last regular board meeting and to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion carried.  The agenda for the meeting is as follows:




                    Call the meeting to order

                    Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

                    Roll Call/Quorum Call/Verification of Public Notice and Approve the January Agenda

                    Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting-Motion to dispense with the reading of minutes      

                    Treasurer’s Report     

                    Voucher’s Approval           

                    Clerk / Correspondence

                      New Town Office Hours                  

                    Department Head Reports:



                                    Fire Department –



                    Committee Reports:  (will be read if needed)

                       Zoning – 1)Special Use Permit Application Charles Esperson Property on 43 road (NW/14 of the SE1/4,                               S11, T43N, R9W)

                       Easement removal request Brad Anderson Lot 1 Cree Addition to Potawatomi Estates, 55715                                    Wilderness Court

                       Ordinance for Planning Commission

                       Appointment of Plan Commission Members

                       Road Damage Ordinance – Approval and Adoption

                       Emergency Services Resolution – Amendment to Ordinance Number Chapter 3 Section 3-2(c)

                       Ambulance Director Job Description

                       Amend 2006 Budget for Network Proposal of $4,400.00

                       Operator License Application – Miranda Plahn  2 -year

                                                                                    Donald Frable – 2 year

                       Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

                      Transfer Site Pole Building Proposal

                       Discussion of Revaluation of property in Barnes

                       Update of the Town Map 

                       Issues Timeline-Update                          

                                                                                      Elaine J. Brustad                 Barnes Town Clerk/Treasurer

                                                               Dated this 16th Day of January, 2006

The Clerk read the Treasurer’s report:

January 17, 2006 Town Board Meeting













Treasurers Report















Checking Balance from last meeting






Receipts 16558-16578







Check #'s 20010-20093







December Tax Payment & other direct payments





Service Charge (not received)






Interest Earned (not received)






Transfer from Money Market Savings Account




































Highway Dept. Sinking Fund

Interest Sep & Dec 4.03




BES Sinking Fund


Interest Dec 30.49




Park Savings


Interest Dec 21.64-Trans to Gen Fund 1002.17


Ski Trail Savings


Interest Dec .95




Parade-Event-Calender Fund






Skate Park Savings


Interest Dec .85




Tax Checking


Interest Dec .15 -Trans to Gen Fund 357.57



Money Market Savings








Transfer to Genl fund  







Interest Earned







Deposit - Taxes







Ck #s 1007-1010 January






Tax Settlement




































Motion (Webb/Meinke) to approve the Treasurer’s report as read. Motion carried.

Motion (Webb/Chermack) to approve the voucher’s. Motion carried.


Dick Collyard asked for a motion to move the agenda item “Discussion on revaluation of property in Barnes” as Charlotte Johnson, the assessor, was here to speak and would be traveling back to her home in Unity after talking.  Motion (Chermack/Meinke) to move the agenda item up to this slot. Motion carried.  The Clerk introduced the Assessor to the members of the audience, and said she had spoken to her last week regarding a number of parcels with no improvements on the tax bills that she knew should have improvement values on them.  Ms. Johnson said she had also noted a number of parcels with no improvements that she had picked up with building permits.  She had asked the Clerk to supply her with building permits from 1999 through 2003 so that she could check to see if there were more.  She felt with the number of parcels she and the clerk had discovered she felt the Town Board should consider doing a “reval” this year instead of waiting until next year.  She would propose doing it for a cost of $16,500.00 per year for three years which would include two years of maintenance and one year for the reval.  She would send a contract out for the Board to review. 


Clerk Correspondence: The Clerk said she had received a letter from Denise Scharlemann and Robert Cochrane regarding changing the hours for waterskiing and jet skiing back to the 5:00PM quitting time.  There was no other correspondence.


New Town Office Hours – Collyard  had asked the Clerk to put this on the agenda for everyone to note. It was posted in the newsletter that went out with the tax bills but Collyard wanted it to get into the minutes.  The hours will remain the same during the week but Saturday hours will be every third Saturday from 8:00AM until Noon. Last year it was every second and fourth Saturday from 8:00Am until Noon.  Chermack asked why the hours were changed.  The Clerk said it was discussed during a closed session and felt the hours on Saturdays should be cut down because the Clerk was working over 40hours each week already.    


Highway Report – Jerry Witt was not in attendance and didn’t leave a report for the Clerk to read.


Cemetary Report – Bud Pease said there was no activity last month.


Fire Department – Tom Renz was not at the meeting, his report stated there were no calls. The second part of entry level (classes) have started and is underway.


Ambulance – Del Jerome said there was 1 run since the last meeting, with 73 runs total for 2005.




Constable – The  Clerk read the Constable’s report: 3 alarms (from Sheriff), 3 assist motorist, 2 assist resident, 5 atv snowmobile complaints, 4 animal complaints, 2 deer hits, for a total of 19. Total miles logged 590, fuel used 38 gallons.


Committee Reports: Webb reported on the Recreational Committee, the next meeting will be the 15th of February. The ice skating rink was being flooded again tonight, Gene Miller had an electrician estimate the cost  for improvements to the warming shack. It will be around $700.00. There will be lights on a timer that will only stay on for an hour at a time. Also the heat will be set up on a timer.  He was getting a heavy-duty door closure for the shack too and all this should be installed within the next few weeks.  Dave Pease reported on the Land Use Committee, saying the timeline is set up,  hopefully the Public Meeting for acceptance will be in July.  There is a seminar on the 1st of February he and several others were going to attend on the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Workshop.


Zoning – Special Use Permit Application Charles Esperson property on 43Road (NW ¼ of the SE ¼, S11, T 43N, R9W)  Mr Esperson was present and said there was an old trailer now on the property that he wanted to replace with a hunting cabin.  Motion (Webb/Meinke ) to approve the special use permit request for a cabin in a F-1 Forestry District.  Webb said she felt it was good that the trailer was being replaced by a new structure.  Meinke said the request fits with the contemplated land use plan.  Motion carried.


Easement removal request by Brad Anderson for lot 1 Cree Addition to Potawatomi Estates, 55715 Wilderness Court. Mr. Anderson  was present and said he had recently purchased the lot which was next to the public boat landing on Ole Lake.  There is a recorded easement on his property of 15 feet wide on the southern end  which was currently being used by the public to get to the lake instead of using the 63 feet of land owned by the town for the purpose of a boat landing.  He wants to have the easement removed and have the town move the road to their property to place the legal burden onto the town for the boat landing.  Motion (Chermack/Meinke) to open the floor for discussion to allow Dawn Pittman from Potawatomi Property Owners Association to speak. Motion carried.  Dawn said she didn’t think anyone in Potawatomi was aware of the easement until now.  She asked if Mr. Anderson had a certified survey done on the property. He indicated yes he had, and the surveyor had put stakes on the lot lines to show where the encroachment was. Dawn felt the reason for the easement was because it was an easier way to get down to the lake from the road.    

Motion (Webb/Meinke) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried. Collyard said he had been contacted by the Realtor this last summer regarding this and he looked at the property then.  He stated if there was a recorded easement he would not be in favor of removing it but he spoke only for himself and not the rest of the Board.  Webb said the board needed more time to check things out.  Meinke felt they needed to know what the terrain was like there exactly, to see if it was feasible to move the road over.  He seemed to remember the lot for the boat landing was quite steep and that was probably why people used a portion of the lot next door as it was a natural incline down to the lake from there.  Motion (Webb/Meinke) to table the request until a further date to give the board time to look at all the information.  They needed a copy of the certified survey map to look at. It was also felt the Board needed to contact the Town’s attorney to see if we can actually do that .  They wanted to also get the Town Foreman out there to see what would be needed to move the road onto the landing property.  Mr. Anderson said it is only a few feet onto the fifteen foot easement, at the top of his land right off George Lake road. There are stakes up to show where the Anderson property is and where the road starts.  This will be on the agenda in February to at least update Mr. Anderson.  Meinke said there was a request on file awhile back from the property owner to the south of the landing to place a fence on the property line so the board should take a look at that too to see where the property line is on that side. Motion carried.


Ordinance for Planning CommissionChermack spoke about the proposed ordinance and section 17 in particular.  She thinks the board has not done its picking and choosing and they need to look at it closer, contacting the attorney for legal advice on which items to keep and which ones to get rid of.   Meinke said we should have had the planning commission ordinance in place before the land use committee was started.  This should be tabled and have each Board member look at it closely and give their ideas to Collyard.  Collyard said he also didn’t want to appoint the Plan Commission members until the ordinance has been approved. Motion (Meinke/Chermack) to table the Planning Commission Ordinance and its appointments to the commission until the attorney has reviewed it. Motion carried.


Appointment of Plan Commission Members – see above, this was tabled in a Motion with tabling the Ordinance.


Road Damage Ordinance –Approval and Adoption  Chris Webb said she was reading the January issue of the Wisconsin Towns Association magazine and in it was a Wisline Series –Driving the Road Permitting Process.  The class was held on January 12th, but maybe we could get a transcript of the course to review before this ordinance is adopted.  Motion (Webb/Chermack) to table this ordinance until we get more information on the Wisline session.  The Clerk will contact WTA and see if we can get a transcript or written materials of the series. Motion carried.


Emergency Services Resolution –Amendment to Ordinance Number Chapter 3 Section 3-2C.  The Clerk read the paragraph titled “Organization” in which the first sentence and second to last sentences were deleted. The first sentence-“The




ambulance service shall have a director, assistant director, and secretary-treasurer who are certified emergency technicians and members of the Barnes Ambulance Service” was deleted as it is redundant. It is mentioned also in Section 3-2d.  The other sentence deleted was “The director shall keep members informed of training offered in locations outside of the town of Barnes.”  This is a task someone other than the director currently does.  Motion (Webb/Meinke) to adopt the Emergency Services Resolution –Amendment to Ordinance Number Chapter 3 Section 3-2c. Roll call vote: Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Chermack-yes, Porter-absent, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


Ambulance Director Job Description- Collyard had worked on redoing the job description for Ambulance Director. He asked for suggestions or changes to be noted and brought up at tonight’s meeting.  There were no changes. Motion (Webb/Chermack) to accept the job description for Ambulance Director. Motion carried.


Amend the 2006 Budget for the Network Proposal of $4,400.00.  The network proposal for $4,400.00 by Network It would be taken out of the Capital Outlay for General Government for 2006. Motion (Webb/Chermack) to amend the capital outlay budget for 2006 to include the Network It Proposal for $4,400.00. Roll call vote taken: Chermack-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Porter-absent, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.


Operator License for Miranda Plahn – 2 year, and Donald Frable- 2 year. The Clerk  had received applications and the required fee from both for a two year operator License.  Both had taken the Responsible Beverage Service Course and both had background checks which were ok.  Motion (Meinke/Webb) to approve both Operator Licenses for a two year term. Motion carried.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the agenda


Dave Pease mentioned he felt those asking the board for approval on zoning issues and the like should provide the Board with adequate maps. If not they should be sent home to redo their application.


Jim Johnson spoke on the issue of the PUD on Bony Lake. He stated the property came on the market again.   He wanted to know which board member had called David Swan. Dixie Chermack said she called him because she had heard the Swan’s weren’t closing on the property. She wanted to find out if that was true.  Johnson thought it wasn’t proper for a Board Member to contact Swan since there was so much public outcry against this issue.  Chermack said she acted as an individual, not as a Board Member and certainly not at the direction of the Board.


Transfer Site Pole Building Proposal  Collyard and Jerry Witt had prepared a proposal to be placed in the paper for the construction of the steel building to be erected in the spring. Motion (Webb/Meinke) to post a bid proposal for the design and construction of the steel building. Motion carried.  The clerk will properly post the notice and will place an ad in the Northwest Shopper to come out either Monday the 23rd or Monday the 30th of January.


Update of the Town Map The clerk had copied a map Northwest regional Planning had prepared in the 70’s of the town building site with the park area. The map does not give the full picture of the property.  Motion (Webb/Meinke) to update the map. Motion carried.  Chermack also said we should get maps of all the town property from the County.  David Lee is the person to contact. Webb said she knows the person who originally updated the map for us and he is retired now.  He may consider doing it for  us  at a  lower cost than Northwest Regional Planning.  The Clerk will check to see what we have in the vault.  Collyard said he would contact the County.  


Issues Timeline Update Under General Ordinances- A) Abandon Roads- it should be taken off the timeline to add at a later date when we have an updated list of roads.  B) Rustic roads – Still a work in process. D) Contractor Road Damage-Clerk to check wisline program and this will be put on February Agenda.  E) Driveway Ordinance – Meeting of the committee will be Tuesday the 24th at 1:00 PM. F)Slow-No Wake Ordinance – Will be addressed in the future. G) – Plan Commission Ordinance – tabled until February agenda, revisions to be sent to the Chairman, he will speak with the attorney.   

New Transfer Site Building – design and construction bid proposal will be in the next Shopper

Town Owned Land – work in process

New Town LetterheadCollyard took the disk to Advance Printing to have them convert that to a file which the clerk would be able to use on her computer.  Webb thought the Town of Barnes “logo” on the website would be nice to use also. The clerk will check with Advance to see the status and mention to them to check out the website also.

Board also wanted to formally thank Harry Watts for the letterhead design.  They were very appreciative.

Website Updates- Work in process.

Drivers Licenses in Personnel Files- Donna Porter and Tom Renz had been notified of whose licenses the Clerk still needed. Those not received by January 31st will be sent a registered letter from the Board that if a copy of the license is not received by February 14th they will be suspended. 


Motion (Meinke/Webb) to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting of January 17, 2006. Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.


Respecfully submitted,


Elaine J. Brustad,


Dated this 23rd day of January, 2006.