Monday. October 3, 2005

Chairman Collyard called the Special Town Board Meeting to order at 4:30PM.  Board Members present were Jack Meinke, Dick Collyard, Donna Porter, Dixie Chermack, Chris Webb- absent (5:08PM).  Clerk-Treasurer Brustad was present along with Dave Thorson, Dave Pease and John Kudlas of the EWM Ad Hoc Committee.


          1)      Eurasian Water Milfoil – Updates and Budget Expectations

          2)      Board will continue to look over budget figures for 2006


Dave Thorson gave an update of the project’s status to date. They have a public information meeting planned for October 22nd at 9:30AM at the Town Hall.  John Kudlas passed out copies of the preliminary report that will be given to the State.  The committee wanted Board approval and signatures on the report after the report was finalized.  Collyard said he thought the report should be signed by the Board now to eliminate the extra time it would take for waiting until the next Board meeting.  Motion (Chermack/Meinke) to accept the Barnes Eurasian Water Milfoil Report with the necessary adjustments. Motion carried. Thorson asked for $25,000.00 to be put in the budget for the next stage of the project, which would be treatment of the two lakes affected.  A separate grant would be available for that, with a 50% participation requirement by the town.

The Board then continued to go over budget figures for 2006. 

Motion (Webb/Chermack) to adjourn the Special Town Board Meeting of October 3, 2005. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM


Elaine J. Brustad,

Barnes Town Clerk-Treasurer

October 6, 2005