Of  September 20, 2005



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  A roll call to establish quorum was asked. Jack Meinke-present, Donna Porter-present, Chris Webb-present, Dixie Chermack-present, Dick Collyard-present. Quorum was established. Notice was verified by Clerk and September agenda approved.

Motion(Porter/Chermack) to approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting. Motion carried

Motion (Webb/Porter) to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion carried.

The agenda is printed as follows:




                    Call the meeting to order

                    Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

                    Roll Call/Quorum Call/Verification of Public Notice and Approve the August Agenda

                    Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting-Motion to dispense with the reading of minutes 

                    Treasurer’s Report     

                    Voucher’s Approval           

                    Clerk / Correspondence                   

                    Department Head Reports:



                                    Fire Department

                                    Ambulance – Mission Statement Approval


                      Assessor  - Update – Selection of Charlotte Johnson                                               

                    Committee Reports will be read if needed

                       Recreation Committee – Purpose and Updates

                       Committee Appointments for Comprehensive Land Use Committee                                                    

                       License Approval – 2 year Operator License for Nichole Arseneau                                    

                       Zoning   1)  Special Use Permit – Mitchell Property 51980 Idlewild Lake Road

                                      2)  Petition for Zoning District Map Amendment – Todd Lechner

                                      3)  Special Use Application – Home Based business –Marilee Ludgaitis                                            

                       Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the Agenda

                       Issues Timeline-Update

                     Board Member Reports            


                All Department Heads are required to be at the Regular Board Meetings

                                            All Department Heads and Committee Heads must submit a signed written report to the clerk

                                                 by Friday evening of the week before the meeting.


                                  Closed Session:  The Town Board of the Town of Barnes will then go into closed session pursuant to        State Statute 19.85 (b) and (c) for the purposes of discipline, considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.  The board will then reconvene to the regular session.


                                      The Town Board reserves the right to solicit information from

                                     Department heads only, without opening the floor to discussion.

Any persons requiring special needs for handicap services please contact the clerk.

                                            Elaine J. Brustad                 Barnes Town Clerk/Treasurer

                                                               Dated this 19th Day of September, 2005






The Clerk/Treasurer read the Treasurer’s Report as follows:



September 20, 2005 Town Board Meeting











Treasurers Report













Checking Balance from last meeting




Receipts 16485-16510





Check #'s 19644-19742





August Tax Payment & other direct payments



Service Charge August





Interest Earned August





Highway Loan Proceeds





Transfer to Money Market Savings Account




Transfer from Money Market Savings Account





























Highway Dept. Sinking Fund





BES Sinking Fund






Park Savings

deposit $233.59




Ski Trail Savings






Parade-Event-Calender Fund





Skate Park Savings






Tax Checking and Savings Account




Money Market Savings opened 9-2-05





from Genl Fund  400,000.00





from tax sav       190,546.71





to genl fund        -50,000.00

































Motion(Meinke/Porter) to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.


Voucher’s Approval  - Motion(Porter/Meinke) to approve the Voucher’s. Motion carried.


Clerk/Correspondence – One Notice of Intent to Cut on Property owned by Troy Swanson. Clerk received three emails and letters disapproving the change in ordinance for Waterskiing and Personal Watercraft Hours.  Clerk then read an email from Brian McInnes about the history section on the Barnes Town website, especially when it talked about the Indian Burial Sites. He asked if the Board had done any research about where they were possible located or if the Town had ever had any contact with the Burial Sites Preservation Office before.  Chairman Collyard had given McInnes’ email address out to a person who was going to research it. Meinke said he should contact Art Taintor who might have some knowledge too.  Webb said she remembered talk about the burial sites before in an area on Middle Eau Claire around where Jim’s Bait is but no one found any that she could recall. 


Department Head Reports:

                            Highway: Foreman Jerry Witt was unable to attend the meeting so Chairman Collyard talked about the status of the roads to date. Thompson’s came back and repaired some of the roads in Potawatomi that were bad. The crew had been repairing roads but had since run out of gravel. Dick had purchased eighteen  27 watt incandescent bulbs for the garage. Currently there are 38 fixtures in the garage area, and they had been using 250 watt bulbs.  Jerry had been checking on bids to replace the fixtures to ones that used fluorescent bulbs but cost was prohibitive he thought. Someone had told him about these 27 watt bulbs, they were much brighter and more cost effective so he was going to try that. 


                            Cemetary- Bud Pease reported no activity, Clerk said she had received a check for the purchase of 18 sites, all of lot 13, Blk 4 for $900.00.

                            Fire Department – Tom Renz was unable to attend and had nothing to report.


                            Ambulance – Del Jerome was unable to attend the meeting, there were 4 runs since the last meeting in August.  At their ambulance meeting they adopted a Mission Statement, which the Clerk read. Motion (Webb/Meinke) to approve the Ambulance Mission Statement as read and attach it to the employee handbook with this meeting’s date as approved. Motion carried.


                            Constable – Mike O’Keefe would be late so the Clerk read his written report. Since the last meeting  there were 2 alarms from the Sheriff, 12 ATV complaints, 6 boat and personal watercraft complaints from the Upper, Middle and Bony Lakes, 2 firearm/fireworks complaints, 1 deer hit, 2 dogs running loose complaints for a total of 25.  Total miles 640, fuel used 30 gallons. Spent 4 days in Washburn for court.

                            Assessor-Update – Selection of Charlotte Johnson – Clerk reported the Board had met the 1st of September to review the proposals received for Assessor. There were 11-12 proposals sent in, with a range of $6,900.00 to over 22,000.00 per year.  The Board went with the low bid of $6,900.00 by Charlotte Johnson for the 2006 year.  Chairman Collyard explained there would be a need next year for a revaluation, we have been on a maintenance –type contract with the past Assessor and will be also with this new assessor, which means a persons assessment doesn’t change unless there is an addition or new construction done. It was far too costly, about $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 per year to have each parcel revalued each year.  Every four years or so the town needs to have a “reval” done, during which every parcel is looked at and revalued.  Ms. Johnson was qualified to do that also and Meinke said he hoped she would be as economical then as with the maintenance agreement.  Ms Johnson will be coming to the November Regular Board Meeting and at that time the Board will introduce her to the community.


Committee Reports  Collyard spoke on the Fireworks committee’s progress after the second meeting.  He would like to have an ordinance prepared and approved to be ready for next year. Webb thought it would be good to have it ready so information on it could go out with the tax bills in December. Collyard said he thought they could have something ready by then.  Meinke spoke on the Rustic Roads Committee.  Sharon Moen had done a great job on it.  She’s had 100% agreement so far with all the comments she has received.  Tars Pond Road will have to have the cooperation of the Town of Drummond for approval as a Rustic Road needs both an ingress and egress.  Sharon had not met yet with the Town Board of Drummond, they had changed their last meeting which coincided with a day she wasn’t able to go.  She will be attending the next meeting.  She sent letters out to all Mulligan Creek landowners also and had received a few positive results already. He wanted to make a point that had come up. The roads would not cost the town any more to have them named a Rustic Road, we would still get the same funds for them and would still have to maintain them in the same way.                 

Wildfire Protection Committee, Chermack and Meinke have been attending those meetings. Barnes and Drummond will be another “model” for a grant available to the area for Wildfire Protection.  Also they are working on an emergency plan which would be implemented in case of massive fire.  There are four buildings they will possibly name in Barnes, the Church, the Town Hall, the VFW and the Downtown Barnes buildings. Every government leader has to take a course to become certified in the National Incident Management System or NIMS by September 30th.  Collyard said he would call Jan Victorson about the course and see if she could come to Barnes and give the course to everyone needing it here.  

EWM Committee- Dave Thorson will present his update to the Board at the Special Board Meeting on October 3rd

at 4:30PM.


Recreation Committee – Purpose and Updates Chris Webb spoke on the form she had prepared for the Purpose of the Recreational Committee.  The Board members all had copies. It is as follows:


  • To formulate ideas and plans for existing parks; present them to Town Board
  • To examine other recreational opportunities
  • To involve parents and other volunteers in all park activities
  • To involve organizations & others for volunteer funds and/or labor if needed
  • To organize and oversee Swimming Lessons
  • To oversee the proposed development of the Skate Park and other new additions
  • To bring community concerns to the attention of the Town Board
  • To oversee the condition of playground equipment & other equipment safety
    • Request additional equipment if needed
    • Bring to Town Board’s attention the need for repairs



  • Revitalize committee by recruiting new members
    • This could consist of a Core Committee with subcommittees by rec areas
    • Suggestion should come from Committee to Town Board on process
    • List of committee members to be presented to Town Board for approval
  • Hold election of Committee Chairman and Secretary
    • Election should be held by December
    • Office will be one year term
    • Officers names will be presented to the Town Board for final approval
  • Hold meetings monthly at first; may be able to have them less frequently later
    • There are immediate concerns and projects to be taken care of now
    • Later when committee is fully functioning, meetings could be held less often
  • Have minutes of meetings & status of projects to Town Clerk prior to Board’s monthly meeting
    • As with other departments, reports must be made monthly to the Town Board
    • Reports can be written, however an officer or designee must appear at meetings where Town Board decisions are expected in regards to any recreation projects or budget items.
    • Budget items requested must be presented to Town Board by September of each year



  • Tomahawk Park & Swimming Beach
  • Skiing & Hiking Trail
  • Town Park Playground
  • Town Park Ice Rink
  • Town Park Skate Park
  • Town Park Ball Park
  • Town Park Basketball Court
  • Town Park Tennis Court
  • Other areas as they are developed in the future
  • Toboggan run at Tomahawk Park

Webb said she wanted to get the committee revitalized and talked about getting more people interested in our parks and activities there.  This form was drawn up by her and she wanted input from the other Board members if this is what they also expected out of the Recreation Committee.  She was hoping to get enough people to organize into sub committees based on the individual’s interests.  For instance, we are looking for people interested now in the skating rink, volunteers who would be interested in flooding it.  People who’s kids like to skate should volunteer to come out and shovel off the rink occasionally to keep it clear. She suggested putting a newsletter out with the taxes about the committee and trying to recruit people that way while educating the general public on what the town parks have to offer.


Committee Apointments for the Comprehensive Land Use Committee- Dixie Chermack gave the background of the committee when it was originally formed.  The Board at that time had approved the creation of the Comprehensive Land Use Committee but had not officially approved what members were to be on the committee.  In October of 2002, the Board had approved a 5-7 member committee but 8 members signed up so they felt it was only fair to keep all 8 members. The original 8 members and two Board Members were: Dave Pease, Marcia Wellnitz, Ron Pearson, Don Zigman, Marie Hughes, Duke Martin, Lee Wiesner, Leslie Hall, Dixie Chermack, and Larry Peterson. Dave Scharlau has since replaced Larry Peterson, and Donna Porter replaced Marie Hughes. In April of this year Carol LeBreck and Gene Ratzel joined the committee, and Chermack said she should have asked for Board Approval then but didn’t.  There is a Citizen’s Advisory Committee for each element and people have signed up for those, but they are advisory only, with no voting status.  They currently are working on the Land Use Element.  When done with Land Use this group will not be involved anymore or they will sign up for a new element.  At the last Land Use Meeting the Core group talked about increasing its size and voted on that, although some voted who weren’t on the core committee.  The general consensus was evenly divided. Chermack asked Tim Kane for his input and he said he thought the core committee should stay the same size.  Chermack wanted approval of the core committee members by the Board since it had never been done, and then it would clear up a lot of confusion.  Webb said that with each committee the Board approves there should be written expectations and goals, because even though it may be discussed and recorded in minutes of the Board Meetings it is not always clear.  Chermack said there is a “citizen’s participation plan” from Cedarcorp, but not one of the committee members had ever seen that plan.  The Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee is the correct name for the “core” committee, and will be around throughout the whole life of the project.  The Land Use Advisory Members are of that element only, they do not vote but they definitely take part in the discussions. Motion (Chermack/Webb) to have the following people along with two supervisors remain on the Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee (the core committee): Dave Pease, Marcia Wellnitz, Ron Pearson, Don Zigman, Dave Scharlau, Duke Marten, Lee Wiesner, Leslie Hall. The two current supervisors on the committee are Dixie Chermack and Donna Porter. Motion carried.

Motion (Webb/Chermack) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried.  Leigh Jordahl said she was on the advisory committee for Land Use, but never got notices for the meetings on time from Cedarcorp.  She would get a map, but didn’t realize it was for the Land Use Element, then got a meeting notice the day after the meeting took place.  Ron Pearson said his wife also got maps but no information with them and no notices of meetings. He had called Cedarcorp and they were going to start sending out more information but hadn’t yet.  Lee Wiesner said the advisory group members were only invited to that particular element’s meeting but Leigh Jordahl said she was a Land Use Element member but still didn’t get meeting notices. Lee Wiesner would check on that.  Motion (Webb/Porter) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried. 

Motion (Webb/Porter) to propose we add Carol LeBreck, Gene Ratzel, Earl Gregoire, and Bill LaRue to the Citizen’s AdvisoryCommittee  for the Land Use Element and anyone in the future wanting to be one of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee members for each element should send a letter to the Board asking to be on the particular element.  Motion carried. Chermack will put an ad in the NW Shopper for two weeks to advertise for anyone wanting to be on any of the remaining elements to contact the Clerk.


License Approval – 2 year Operator License for Nichole Arseneau.  The clerk said it had been over 2 years since Nicky had an active Operator’s License, therefore she had to attend the Responsible Beverage Service class again, and have the background check also.  Nicky had paid the fee for the license, the Clerk had issued her a temporary license good until the end of September to give her time to attend the class.  Once she completes the class and gets her certificate the Clerk will issue her the 2 year Operator’s License. Motion (Webb/Porter) to approve the 2 year Operator’s License for Nichole Arseneau once she has taken the Responsible Beverage Service Course and obtained her certificate.  Motion carried.


Zoning               1)  Special Use Permit Mitchell Property on 51980 Idlewild Lake Road.  Motion (Chermack/Meinke) to recommend the approval of the Special Use Permit for the Mitchell Property. Discussion followed. Meinke stated he had gone to the property but could not get in as there was a gate there.  He did talk with the Mitchell’s that evening.  The proposed site for construction of a dwelling would be in the larger part of the 40 acres, which is divided by Idlewild Lake Road. Motion carried.  

Motion (Porter/Webb) to open the floor for discussion. Motion carried.  Mr. Mitchell just wanted to thank the Clerk for her help in preparing the application.  Motion (Porter/Webb) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.


                            2)  Petition for Zoning District Map Amendment –Todd Lechner 

Motion (Webb/Meinke) to approve the rezone from F-1 to F-2 to allow for the construction of a cabin. Discussion followed. Donna Porter asked why the Lechner’s wanted all 120 acres rezoned and not just the one forty that the cabin would be placed on. Motion (Webb/Porter) to open the floor to discussion for Mr. Lechner to speak. Motion carried.  Bob Lechner spoke on behalf of his son. When he had purchased the land the agent told him it was zoned correctly so that he could build on it if he wanted to.  He wanted the whole parcel to be rezoned.  Webb said the adjoining parcels all were either F-1 or R-3 so it was felt it would be consistent with the area to allow the rezone. Chairman Collyard called for the question. Motion carried.


                            3)  Special Use Application – Home Based Business – Marilee Ludgaitis/Ted DesRosiers. Motion (Porter/Webb) to approve the Special Use Permit to allow a home-based business.  There were no objections or questions of the Board. Other contractors in the area had home-based businesses.  Motion carried.


Public Comment Session – 5 minute limit for those not on the agenda

Earl Gregoire talked about the voting issue on the Land Use committee and element committee members. He wanted to make sure the Board would designate whether the element members could vote or not.  He said he had looked in the state statutes but nothing was in there, he was told it was a Board decision. Collyard said the intent was clear by the motion that only the Core Committee members can vote.

Lee Wiesner said he wanted to thank the Board for getting a fireworks committee together.  He then read a letter to the Board about the change in time in the Waterskiing and Personal Watercraft Ordinance from 5:00PM quitting time to 6:00PM, which was changed last fall.  At the Property Owners Association meeting in July a vote was taken and the majority (48) wanted the time changed back to 5:00PM. Eight voted to leave the time the same.  He wanted the Board to address this again soon so he could send out the fall newsletter to the Property Owners and let them know for sure of the time.  He also mentioned that the closed area ordinance for hunting that was deleted might be confusing to hunters this fall as many of the signs saying “closed area” were still up.  Webb said the Board had decided not to remove the signs but the hunters should be aware of regulations.  It was changed so the Sheriff’s officers and state officials could enforce the rules instead of just our Constable.  Chermack said we should put the waterskiing and personal watercraft ordinance back on this next agenda so the Board would be able to talk about it.    

Ron Pearson talked about personal watercraft on Schunenberg lake where he lives and how they sped through there and Smith lake since it was connected to the Upper.  He checked with the DNR and they told him the town board would have to do something.  They do have a state regulation about no wakes on small lakes under 45 acres.  He asked that the board consider doing an ordinance for small lakes such as his to prevent watercraft from speeding through Schunenberg and Smith lakes in particular.

Also he thought we should put the ordinances on the website and post them elsewhere because lot of people don’t know what the town ordinances are.  The Clerk said she got the ordinances from the attorney in a word file a few weeks ago and emailed them to Gene Miller so he would be putting them on the website soon.


Issues Timeline –Update Chermack said she had reorganized the timeline report.  Under general ordinances, item A-Abandon Roads, B-Rustic Roads, and C-Fireworks- are still in the works or had been addressed during the meeting.  D-Contractor Road damage- Clerk said there was an email from the attorney saying he could draft the verbage if we wanted.  Webb said she thought he misunderstood what the board really wanted, they were talking about a logging truck or cable company doing damage and although they did need something in writing for when a contractor working on the roads did damage the board really wanted something for others we didn’t have a contract with.  We did need some verbage that had “meat” to it in order to get their attention and get paid for what the Town had to do.

II – New Transfer Site Building, III-Town Owned Land, IV-Town Letterhead-V- Assessor -all were work in progress. VI- Website- Clerk said no one else had contacted her about being on the committee, Gene Miller, Ron Pearson and herself were meeting on Friday September 30th at 1:30 in the afternoon in case anyone was interested.  Webb said they would be the approved core committee members for now, and should get some guidelines to the Board for approval. VII-Jim Miller subdivision, still in process, Attorney should have something for the Board in October.  VIII-UEC and MEC Bridge Pilings – The Upper Eau Claire bridge pilings have been adjusted and will be ok for this year.  Jerry is expecting to do the Middle Eau Claire pilings just before freeze. He will be using a hydraulic cylinder and use the Fire Dept’s Compressor to widen the pilings for the winter. They will put a fence around it so no one can get through or use the channel during the winter.  He will see if that helps and then next year may be doing that with the Upper also.  Under IX – Recreation, the crack sealing on the tennis courts have been done.  X-Ambulance Department – no changes, XI- Fire Department – Webb and Renz have not yet met to review policies.


Board Member Reports –

Jack Meinke – nothing more to add, he thanked those that attended the meeting.

Chris Webb – nothing more.

Dixie Chermack – had nothing more to add.

Donna Porter – nothing more to add.

Dick Collyard - nothing more.


Motion (Chermack/Porter) to adjourn the open session to go into closed session pursuant to State Statute 19.85 (b) and (c) for the purposes of discipline, considering employment, promotion, compensation, or performance data evaluation of any employee which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.  The Board will then reconvene to the regular session. Roll call vote taken: Porter, yes, Chermack-yes, Webb-yes, Meinke-yes, Collyard-yes. The regular session was adjourned at 8:30.


Minutes of the Closed Session

Chairman Collyard called the closed session to order at 8:45PM.  Present were all Board Members and the Clerk-Treasurer.  The only items discussed were salary possibilities for the Highway Department employees and the office staff. This was for budget purposes for the 2006 year. There were no decisions made during the closed session. Motion (Meinke/Chermack) to adjourn the closed session and return to the open session. Motion carried.


Minutes of the Reconvened Regular Session of September 20, 2005

Chairman Collyard called the reconvened session to order at 9:20PM. The Board discussed the possibility of giving Mike Collins a bonus for all his hard work during May and June while working alone.  Motion (Meinke/Porter) to give Mike Collins a bonus to be given to him at the next pay day. Roll call vote: Porter-yes, Chermack-yes, Meinke-yes, Webb-yes, Collyard-yes. Motion carried.

There was no other business to discuss. Motion (Webb/Chermack) to adjourn the meeting of September 20, 2005.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.



Respectfully Submitted,



Elaine J. Brustad


Dated this 30th day of September, 2005