OF DECEMBER 21, 2004



Chairman Gene Ratzel called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Ratzel read the December Amended Agenda as follows:

Call the meeting to order

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Approve the December Amended Agenda

Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk / Correspondence

Department Head Reports

Approval of 2005-2006 Election Inspectors

Zoning: 1. Sharon Stark-Rezone R2 to R3   2. Approve corrections to the official zoning district map

Ambulance Personnel-Fritz Barnes

Resolution to approve loan for $600,000.00

Worthless Check Ordinance

Contract for Employee Handbook Updates

Scott Construction-Motion to pay additional amount

122-1 Road Issues

Issues Timeline

Web Page Issues

Snow Plow Issues

Amend 2004 Budget Amounts

Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee

Barnes Area Historical Association-Centennial Report


Board Member Reports

The Town Board will go into closed session pursuant to State Statutes 19.85 (b) and (c) for considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. The board will then return immediately to the regular session after the closed session.


Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve the Amended December Agenda. Motion carried.


Motion (Meinke / Chermack) to approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Town Board Meeting. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report- In the absence of the Treasurer Debbie Sesko, the Clerk read the following report:

                        Checking Balance from last meeting                        $                        267,805.45

Receipts # 16246 to # 16263                                       $                          3,770.52

Checks # 18584 to # 18690                                $                       (57,114.99)

November Service Charge                                                                                                 -

November 2004 Interest                                     $                               82.30

Transfer from Tax Savings                              $                           1,324.25

                        Checking Balance                        $                        215,867.53

Ambulance Department Investment Fund                        $                          2,830.18

Highway Department Sinking Fund                        $                        85,833.92

BES Sinking Fund                                         $                        17,835.74

Park Savings-Receipt # 16247-$242.25                        $                        10,207.74

Ski Trail savings                                                $                             303.81

Parade-Event Calendar Fund-Receipts # 16254-56 & 59                        $                          2,819.44

                        Balance All Accounts                        $                        335,707.36


Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Motion carried.


Motion (Chermack / Ratzel) to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried.


Clerk / Correspondence-

  1. Notice from Bayfield County Zoning of the Public Hearing held on December 16, 2004 and of the Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments.
  2. Letter from the Department of Commerce regarding the Uniform Dwelling Code.
  3. Letter from the Department of Transportation on out Transportation Aids for 2005. This will be $273,330.25.
  4. Notice from County Zoning on the Timothy Boles request (approved); Roger Keske 1st request (denied) 2nd request sent to Zoning Board for the January 25, 2005 meeting; Pavey request (approved).
  5. The clerk read a letter from Vern and Diane Schmitz on road issues on Eight Mile Lake Road. The crew will take care of the issues there, although some of the work may have to wait until spring. There was a question on what the marker was for. This will be looked into. The clerk will send the Schmitz’s a letter to this effect.


Public Comment Session-5 minutes for those not on the agenda. Dave Pease spoke on the Closed Area Ordinance and what his concerns were on the issue. Was it the Town Ordinance that enforced this? He said that this affected many residents in the areas around the lakes-several hundred people. Chris Webb said that since the Code of Ordinances has taken effect, this ordinance is no longer valid, but that the town has adopted the state hunting and trespass laws. These laws can be enforced by the sheriff’s department and the DNR, as well as our own constable. Jack Meinke noted that this makes it easier to enforce these issues. Previously only the constable could enforce this ordinance and the town did not have provisions in place to give out citations.  Now the constable has the power to do this. There is more protection now. Jon Harkness also spoke on the Closed Area. He said that property does not have to be posted. The hunters must have permission from the landowner to be on that property. This is the hunter’s responsibility. It is OK to call the sheriff’s department. Ratzel said that the yellow Closed Area signs will be removed as they deteriorate.  Mike O’Keefe, Constable, said that he had received 3-4 trespass calls this hunting season. He talked to the persons involved to educate them on the trespass laws and the penalties involved. Gene Miller spoke on the town’s web site. He asked that when the issue came up in the agenda, if the floor could be opened to discussion for him. Yes it could.


Department Head Reports:        

               Cemetery Report- Bud Pease, Cemetery Sexton, reported that there was a burial for Gertrude

                (Norton) Ditmar on November 20th. That was the only activity.

               Ambulance Department-Ambulance Director Del Jerome said that there was one run since the last

                meeting and one ice rescue stand-by. Dr. Schultz, Medical Director, will be at the January 5, 2005

                Ambulance Department meeting at 6:00PM. He would like to hold it in the main town hall. He urged

                all of the board members to attend that meeting. The clerk will post the notice of attendance of the

                board members. Jerome said that he had spoken with Great Divide and that they have some ideas on

                the 24-7 signup problems.

               Fire Department-Tom Renz, Fire Chief, was attending classes. The clerk gave the following report:

                There was one false call. An ice rescue training session was held on Saturday and 6 persons

                participated. The chief had one new member for the board to approve. He is Kevin Fleming and has

                his Entry Level requirements. Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve Kevin Fleming as a new member

                of the fire department. Motion carried.

               Constable Report-Constable Mike O’Keefe reported that he had 17 calls since the last meeting. He

                had several alarm calls from the sheriff’s department and several trespassing calls and calls for a


               Garage Report-Len Schiller, Garage Supervisor, said that the crew had installed the new cattle-type

                gates at the clay pit and brush pile across from the transfer site. The new card reader for the fuel

                system has been installed and the system  seems to be working all right now. Schiller had discovered  

                a source for training videos and the crew has been able to view some of them. He will get more from

                UW- Madison. The crew has been doing the routine maintenance of the road such as plowing and

                sanding.  Schiller asked the board if they had done anything on the proposed road name changes

                described at the last meeting. This will be put on the January Agenda as an ordinance to take official



Approval of 2005-2006 Election Inspectors- The clerk read the names of the candidates who had submitted their request form to be an Election Inspector. Motion (Meinke / Webb) to approve Polly Beuk, Kitty Smith, Evelyn Hanson, Bonnie Jacobson, Dorothy Mueller and Peg Harsvick as Election Inspectors for the term January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006. Motion carried. The clerk will swear in the named persons before the next election.


Zoning-1. Sharon Stark  53895 George Lake Road-Rezone from R2 to R3. There was a question on why this rezoning was requested. Mike Furtak from zoning said that this was to allow the previously undividable land to be divided into possibly two or more parcels of two to four acres. The lot on the eastern side is not 300’, but is zoned R2.  When Barnes first adopted zoning, the first 300’ around the lakes was zoned R1. The next 300’ was zoned R3 and the remainder of the lots were R2. Back then the implications of this zoning was not realized. Now when people go to subdivide their lots, they find that the back half of their lot is not 300’ average width and many of them aren’t able to subdivide their parcels since they need the 300’ requirement.  The other land in the area is zoned R1 and R3 now. This rezoning would not make an impact on the area. There are a couple of small ponds on the property, but this would not affect the zoning. There are about 11 acres for this property. There could be more petitions in the future on this same issue, on other parcels in this area. Motion (Chermack / Webb) to approve Sharon Stark’s request to rezone her land from R2 to R3. There were no other conditions put on the request. Motion carried. 2. Approve the corrections to the official zoning district map-Furtak said that this request was being made to correct typographical errors, mis-coloring and omissions made on the official zoning district mapping. Dave Kedroski of the county was in charge of this project that was brought to light when some residents of Barnes said that their property was not zoned correctly or was noted as being incorrect. Chermack said that when she looked over the changes, mainly for the Comprehensive Land Use Planning, she found that there were errors on the changes as well. She called Mr. Furtak and he said that they were aware of the problems and had tabled the issue until the corrections were done. He and Mr. Kedroski sat down and did the corrections. There were about 20 corrections. Furtak said that this issue was tabled at the December 16, 2004 zoning hearing, as the town board had not had a chance to put in its comments either. Jon Harkness, a resident whose property was one of the ones affected, said that he had contacted the number given on the letter he had received, as he had noted a problem on his parcel. He said that he had not been treated well at the county zoning office and that it had not been a good experience. Furtak said he would report this to zoning. Furtak would also take a look at Mr. Harkness’s parcel. The board members had received a copy of the corrected changes. Furtak went through each one with the board and explained them. Dave Pease had a question on the old Pease Resort property. Furtak said he would check this out. Chermack said that the bottom line was that the maps were correct and if we show approval here tonight, at the January meeting they can say it was approved by us. Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve the amendment changes, as outlined by the county, to the zoning district map. Motion carried.  The clerk will get the signed papers back to zoning.


Ambulance Personnel-Fritz Barnes said that in July of this year there had been an issue with unauthorized personnel being on the scene of an ambulance call and being in the back of the ambulance and that it may have affected the town’s liability, was this correct? Ratzel said that it did expose the town to all kinds of action by having unauthorized personnel assisting. Mr. Barnes then said that the chairman wrote a letter on it and that he had two town board members set up a commission to interview ambulance personnel, by-standers, etc. This had people under a lot stress and humiliation. People were reprimanded and suspended, etc. The same thing happens again and the Ambulance Director and the town board do nothing. Mr. Barnes wanted to know why. This call involved the town chairman. Why was he helping, as he was not an EMT or 1st Responder? Ratzel said he would clarify the situation. Ratzel said he had heard the call and was in the driveway. He was requested to physically help with lifting the cot as there were only two people on the scene and they were short handed. Mr. Barnes noted that this was the same as the incident in July. Ratzel said that it was a totally different issue. That person was in the ambulance and by the helicopter and was much more involved. Ratzel said he was a private individual that was requested to physically give assistance to the litter. Mr. Barnes asked if Ratzel was legally

able to do that. Ratzel said yes. The other question from Mr. Barnes was on the issue of the 24-7 coverage and that the Ambulance Director has stated that the coverage is only 40%. Is the town still going to provide coverage for those portions of the Town of Highland and the Town of Drummond? Ratzel said that this issue can’t be covered at this time. The Ambulance Department head is working on that solution and is in contact with the Medical Director. He has a meeting set up for next month to pull all of these people together and to fine tune what we have for resources and what the requirement is going be and what the deficiency is and how to fill it.


Resolution to approve loan for $600,000.00 at 3% for 5 years from the State Trust Loan Fund for roadwork to be done in 2005. The clerk read the resolution that had been prepared by the State Trust Loan Fund. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to pass the resolution to take out the loan for $600,000.00 at 3% for 5 years from the State Trust Loan Fund for roadwork to be done in 2005. Roll call vote was taken: Chermack, yes; Meinke, yes; Webb, yes and Ratzel, yes. Supervisor Dave Scharlau was absent. Motion carried.  The clerk will complete the loan application process and return the application to the State Trust Loan Fund.


Worthless Check Ordinance- The clerk read the Worthless Check Ordinance as follows:

Section 2-9 of the Town of Barnes Ordinances

(1)    Issuance of worthless checks. Whoever issues any check or other order for the payment of money which, at the time of issuance, the person intends shall not be paid shall be subject to a forfeiture and the obligation to make restitution as provided in section (4) below.

(2)    Any of the following is prima facie evidence that the person at the time he or she issued the check or other order for the payment of money, intended it should not be paid:

(a)   Proof that, at the time of issuance, the person did not have an account with drawee; or

(b)   Proof that, at the time of issuance, the person did not have sufficient funds or credit with the drawee and that the person failed within 5 days after receiving notice of nonpayment or dishonor to pay the check or other order; or

(c)   Proof that, when presentment was made within a reasonable time, the person did not have sufficient funds or credit with the drawee and the person failed within 5 days after receiving notice of nonpayment or dishonor to pay the check or other order.

(3)    This ordinance does not apply to a postdated or to a check given for past consideration, except a payroll check.

(4)    Whoever violates this ordinance may be required to make restitution as provided in Section 800.093 of the Wisconsin Statutes and, in addition, shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than $50.00 and not more than $400.00 together with the costs of prosecution.

(5)    This ordinance is intended to be in conformity with Section 943.24 of the Wisconsin Statutes and shall be interpreted consistent with that intent.

Motion (Webb / Chermack) to approve the Worthless Check Ordinance as stated. Motion carried. The clerk will publish and post the ordinance in accordance with State Statutes.


Contract for Employee Policy Handbook-Update. Ratzel said that the town board has been wrestling with this issue for a long time and that the current handbook still does not address all town employees. Ratzel said that at a recent Clerk Conference the clerk received information on the CEP (Concentrated Employment Program) program on how to do the Employee Policy Handbooks. CEP is a division of the Department of Workforce Development. They do this service for all businesses. CEP has developed a program for employee policy handbooks and that legal staff has reviewed all of the handbook issues. A representative from CEP met with Ratzel this week on our handbook. CEP has federal grant money that helps support this organization. The cost is $200.00 for the creating the manual, including 10 manuals for the town. Additional manuals are available for $10.00 each and we would need about 30 more. Ratzel said that after we start on some of these projects, we find that there is help out there for us. We just don’t know where to look for the help. This looks like a cost saving effort and to have a professional approach to get all of our ducks in a row. The program is put to disk. The town can have the disk to do internal changes such as vacation days, etc. Webb asked if CEP had seen our handbook. Ratzel said that yes they had seen it. Ratzel said that CEP wanted to meet with the Ambulance Director and the Fire Chief on December 28th, if possible, to get their input, as the original handbook was geared more to the highway garage and transfer site personnel. Motion (Webb / Meinke) to enter into a contract with CEP to design and develop the Employee Policy Handbook .There was discussion on the issue. Chermack asked how long it would take to get it done. The Policy Handbook could be ready within a few weeks. Webb said that because they have the templates, it should not take them long. We still have to review it. Ratzel said that CEP also provided him with a folder that had other information available to the town from CEP. There was discussion on the limit for the amount. The following addition to the motion was made to read for a maximum cost of $500.00 (includes the additional handbooks). Roll call vote was taken: Meinke, yes; Webb, yes; Chermack, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. Ratzel will get back to the CEP people on this and arrange for the meeting on the 28th.


Scott Construction- The clerk said she had contacted Zane Korthoff from Scott Construction to see why the amount was $2,390.40 more than the bid proposal and contract that was agreed on. He said that this was because at the request by the highway department and Meinke, Scott needed to put in additional gravel in the driveway areas off the Pease Road-[Meinke stated that this was only for the roads that came off of the Pease Road, not individual driveways]. Scott did need to put down the additional gravel. It was the town’s gravel, but they did the hauling. They are asking to have the town split the additional cost with them, 50-50. They said that the town would have had to do all of the hauling anyway and as long as Scott was there, they were asked to do it as it was quicker and more convenient for Scott to do it.  Motion to pay additional 50% of cost overrun on the Pease Road project. Motion (Webb / Chermack) to approve the payment to Scott Construction for the additional 50% ($1,195.20) for roadwork done on the Pease Road. Roll call vote taken: Chermack, yes; Meinke, yes, but with reluctance; Webb had a question on this comment. Meinke said that this was due to the dialogue that he had had with Zane. Webb asked if Scott should have paid for all of it. Meinke said that with the contract they had, [Meinke didn’t want to put too much pressure on them because they will be back next year, if they get the contract, which will be reopened and re-bid], because they only did half the original contract which was bid on the completed job and what they said they would do it for last year, you would think that the gravel roads that hit that spot [would be included]. If they all came up just perfect, there would be no issue, but like Mulligan Creek Road which was the worst, we had to go back quite a bit and use a lot of gravel. At the time, Meinke had asked how many loads of gravel would be needed. Zane said it would come to about $4,000.00 worth of gravel.  Meinke said he thought it should be done and he thought it would have been done with the hot mix. That was his point. We have to go ahead and pay this amount. Webb, Yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. Ratzel asked if this was because of the raising of the road which required us to taper those driveways more. They were only going to do the 2’ of shouldering. Meinke said some of those roads come up at an angle of 2’’ to 4’’ above the grade and you couldn’t leave it with just 18” that they put on these driveways.  Schiller said that the town crew did do a lot of the work on these driveways. That is why Meinke had a question on the additional costs. We will make sure they are held to their responsibilities next year. Webb was glad Meinke had stayed on top of it. The clerk will send the amount due to Scott Construction. Motion (Meinke / Chermack) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried. Bud Pease wanted to say that this job was one of the worst jobs he had seen. It was washboardy and had areas where water sits. It was a poor job. The town could do better with its own equipment Ratzel said that because the town altered the road, the town is responsible to see to correcting the driveway issues. Webb said that if it is that poor of a job, Scott should get a letter saying that we aren’t happy with it. Schiller said he had never seen a bumpier road job. Ratzel said that there had been a lot of negative feedback on that section that was done. Motion (Webb / Chermack) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried.


122-1 Road Issue-The clerk read the letter from the attorney as follows:

Dear Mr. Coe:

Enclosed you will find a copy of the title search that was performed on the parcel of land at issue. The title report and accompanying deeds indicate that the Town of Barnes has never held any interest in the parcel. In discussing this matter with Chequamegon Bay Title, the gas tax map obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation does not show the Town having any ownership in the said parcel.

Accordingly, I will recommend to the Town Board to take no further action regarding this matter at their next scheduled meeting on December 21, 2004.

If you have any questions, please advise.


John R. Carlson

(Spears & Carlson Attorneys at Law)

Motion (Webb / Chermack) to approve the letter from the town’s attorney on the Road 122-1 issue and to approve having the town’s attorney send the letter to Attorney Coe. Motion carried. The clerk will contact the attorney on this decision.


[At this time the Ambulance Director was available for his report-was on a run] See Ambulance Report page 2.


Issues Timeline- Supervisor Chermack went over the Timeline spreadsheet for the items that the board is working on.

1. Driveway and other Ordinances-Chermack said that Schiller had contacted several other towns to see what their driveway ordinances read. The board has a copy of the Town of Drummond’s ordinance. Ratzel said that the board members had also picked up information at the WTA meeting that they attended on December 14, 2004. Webb said this should be put on the special town board meeting agenda to review along with ordinances for Town Meetings and Parliamentary Procedure, Hazardous Waste and Alternates for the Board of Review. There are boiler plate ordinances available that we can adapt to our own needs. These would be reviewed by the attorney. The board would like to take one ordinance each month until they are completed. There was discussion on what date should be set for this meeting. The date will be January 10, 2005 at 5:30PM at the town hall. The Employee Policy Handbook and Weight Limits will be added to the agenda.

2. Ambulance Department Issues-Webb said that she and Del Jerome will get together in January to review these issues. Chermack said two other issues -Litigation and Road 122-1 were now completed. The Purchase Order and Voucher System will be worked on this coming spring. The LZ Zone is still awaiting the OK of the FAA. Dave Scharlau is working on getting the permits and locations set for the “Welcome to Barnes” signs. The Web Page is on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.


Web Page Issue-Updates-Webb asked how much was paid to CCS as of tonight. The clerk said that we have paid nothing yet. Chermack said she had spoken to CCS and told them that nothing has been done and that we need to have information going out and nothing is available-only excuses from CCS. Chermack said she gave CCS until the 21st of December to get back to her.  The information that Chermack received said that CCS would need more money to complete the project. The Dane County system for minutes and agendas was suggested by CCS. The clerk said she had been in contact with CCS several times and no mention of the data entry problem was brought up. The clerk said that CCS had contacted her about the web page and Chris Johnson from CCS said that the town would have to pay an additional fee of over $800.00 over the agreed upon amount to do the data work. Motion (Webb / Chermack) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried. Gene Miller said it has been at least 7 months and we still don’t have a web page. If we are having this much difficulty getting things done now, what does the future look like. Gene Miller said that his son’s business would be able to provide the kind of web site that the town is looking at-one that is interactive Miller said that he had told the board that he would even volunteer a lot of his time for this. He said he was not promoting this business, but was offering it as alternative if CCS does not come through. Dick Collyard suggested calling Dane County to see how they like their program or get their data base cheaper. Ratzel said it required a data base.  It was decided not to call Dane County. Webb said if the original conditions are not being met, we should stop and look elsewhere. Webb said we want something that we are proud of in the end. Motion (Webb / Ratzel) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried. Ratzel said he would go down to CCS and talk with them, as that was one of the conditions of the agreement, that we would be able to enter our own data. We should not have to pay any more money. The clerk will continue to work with CCS to get the web page up as soon as possible. This will be on the January 10th agenda.


Snow Plow Issues-Ratzel asked the town board members what their expectations were as far as snow plowing of the town roads was concerned. Webb asked what time the crew got started in the morning? She said she had come by on a recent snowy Monday and two of the rigs were just getting out at 6:45AM. A big deal was made this summer about getting the bus routes and mail routes opened. The school bus routes and the mail routes have to be cleared and the bus routes have to be done early. The first child gets picked up at 6:40AM. If the crew has to go out at 3:00AM then maybe this is what has to be. If the town is going to spend all of the money to upgrade these roads, then we have to plow them in the winter. Schiller said that it wasn’t possible to get all the routes done by the time the buses get out. Sometimes it snows in the night and we don’t know it until morning. There was discussion on how the crew could coordinate the routes to the best advantage of the bus routes and the major town roads. This will be looked at further. Ratzel said it was complicated. Webb said that the county plows (both Douglas and Bayfield) go out early. There has to be some sort of compromise on getting the main roads done as well as the bus and mail routes. Webb said the residents are upset that roads that are snowmobile trails and unused roads are being done before the main roads. Ratzel said that this was not true, but there does have to be dialogue with the crew on what needs to be done. Ratzel said that the crew has done a good job for the most part. Webb said that some common sense has to be applied as to when to plow. The issue of having another plow operator called in was also discussed. Meinke said the town is responsible to see to it that all residents that need to get out to go to work or get to appointments are able to do so, not so much as having someone get in to the town. An earlier start was recommended. This would be Schiller’s call. The crew has been requested to use a wider band in sanding also.


Amend Budget Amounts for 2004-The clerk asked for a motion from the board to amend the 2004 budget to more accurately reflect the expenditures for 2004. The budget itself would not be increased, just amended in the different departments. The clerk also asked the board to adjust the figures for the Road Salt, Sand and Gravel expenses so that $20,000.00 could be paid out to Kraemer Company on the outstanding gravel bill for this year. Kraemer has allowed the town to hold off payment of the bill until January of 2005. This bill is for $148,125.00. Motion (Webb / Chermack) to accept the amended budget for 2004 and to pay Kraemer Company $20,000.00. Roll call vote was taken: Chermack, yes; Meinke, yes; Webb, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. The clerk will send $20,000.00 to Kraemer Company as partial payment on the gravel bill.


Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee-Dave Pease said that the committee had not met this past month of December and had no report.

Pease wanted to note at this time that the Calendar of Events for 2005 that was sent out with the taxes had an  error on it and a correction was made to it. The corrected version is available at area locations and at the town hall. This error was on the 4th of July date.  PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION!!!


Barnes Area Historical Association-Centennial Committee Updates-Dave Pease also reported on this committee as there was no one else in attendance from the committee. He said that the historical association now had access to the Bayfield County Historical Society files. There were no other updates.


Barnes Area Development Corporation-Updates-There has been no activity. There will be a meeting on January 6, 2005 at 3:00PM at the town hall.


Board Member Reports:

Jack Meinke- Meinke had nothing more to report.

Chris Webb- Webb said that in regards to the road name changes, the board should notify the residents on those roads of the proposed changes and be given a chance to speak. Webb asked how the new clerk was doing. Clerk Peet reported that Elaine Brustad was doing fine. Brustad has a good knowledge of finance and is catching on quickly. She works about 20 hours per week, although she worked a few more hours during the time the taxes were being sent out.

Dixie Chermack-Chermack had nothing more to add.

Gene Ratzel-Ratzel reported that there had been a waterline break in the kitchen area and that Rasmussen had been out to repair it. There was also an electrical failure at the Recycle and Transfer Site. This caused the compactor not to work. Ratzel said he had sent Tom Pieters home early that day. Dave Rowe had been over to repair the problem. Ratzel spoke on the road issues. He has had a lot of dialogue on these issues and has presented a copy of the most frequently asked questions for the board and the public to read. These were questions brought up to the WTA attorney Carol Nawrocki. 


Motion (Webb / Meinke) to go into closed session pursuant to State Statute 19.85 (b) and (c) [as stated in the agenda]. Roll call vote was taken: Webb, yes; Meinke, yes; Chermack, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. The regular session was adjourned at 9:01PM.




Chairman Ratzel called the closed session to order at 9:10PM.

Only issues pursuant to State Statutes 19.85 (b) and (c) were discussed. No decisions were made in closed session.


Motion (Webb / Meinke) to return to the regularly convened open session. Motion carried. The closed session was adjourned at 9:38PM.




Chairman Ratzel called the reconvened session to order at 9:40PM.


There were no decisions made or any further discussion.


Motion (Webb / Chermack) to adjourn the reconvened regular session. Motion carried. The reconvened regular session was adjourned at 9:42PM.



Members of the Town Board in attendance: Chairman Gene Ratzel; Supervisors Jack Meinke, Chris Webb and Dixie Chermack. Also present was the clerk Lu Peet. Absent: Supervisor Dave Scharlau-Health concerns and Treasurer Debbie Sesko-Out of town.

Department Heads and Committee persons in attendance-Cemetery Sexton, Bud Pease; Ambulance Director, Del Jerome; Constable Mike O’Keefe; Dave Pease, Barnes Area Historical Association and Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee.

Members of the community in attendance: Jon Harkness, Buzzy Harkness, Dick Collyard, Earl Gregoire, Elaine Brustad, Mike Brustad, Gerald Gustafson, Gene Miller, Donna Porter, Fritz Barnes and Marcia Wellnitz. There may have been others present but not noted or signed in.


Respectfully submitted,




Lucille J. Peet

Barnes Town Clerk

Dated this 28th day of December 2004