OF OCTOBER 19, 2004


Chairman Gene Ratzel called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Ratzel read the Amended October Agenda as follows:

Call the Meeting to Order

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Approve the October Amended Agenda

Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Town Board meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk’s Correspondence

Liquor Licenses-Application-2-Year License: Scott Meinke and Gale Chermack

Public Comment Session-5 Minutes for those not on the agenda

Department Head Reports:

             Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease

            Ambulance Department-Del Jerome

            Fire Department-Tom Renz

            Constable-Mike O’Keefe

            Garage-Len Schiller

New Clerk / Treasurer-Approval of personnel

Relief Help for Transfer Site-Approval of personnel

Grant for Eurasian Watermilfoil-Carol Tierney

Ad Hoc Eurasian Watermilfoil-Dave Thorson

Four Star Construction-Additional billing for River Road Bridge repair

East Eight Mile Lake Road and Eight Mile Lake Road- Roadwork

Zoning-1. Corey Clausen-51640 CTY HWY Y-Build a residence in F1 zoning district

New Doors for Town Hall-Approve the contract

Sale of Town Truck-Bids opened and approve / reject sale

Ordinance Issues / Action

Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee-Updates

Centennial Committee-Updates

BADC-Barnes Area Development –Updates

Board Member Reports


The board will then go into closed session pursuant to State Statute 19.85 (1)(g) for the purpose of conferring with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved. The board will return to open session immediately after the closed session.

Motion (Meinke / Chermack) to approve the Amended October Agenda as read. Motion carried.


Motion (Webb / Chermack) to approve the minutes of the last regular town board meeting as presented. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report-Debbie Sesko gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

                                                      Checking Balance from last meeting                         $          321,781.73

Receipts # 16190 to # 16214                                                                                          $            76,168.75

Check # 18383 to # 18479                                                                                             $          (67,660.57)

September 2004 Service Charge                                                                                     $                  (17.90)

September 2004 Interest                                                                                                $                 160.40

September 2004 Federal Tax Payment (EFTPS)                                                             $              (3,573.94)

                                                      Checking Balance                                                   $          328,858.47

Ambulance Department Investment Fund-Receipt # 16197 $5.35                                     $              2,836.79

Highway Department Sinking Fund-Receipt # 16199 $161.80                                           $            85,761.66

BES Sinking Fund-Receipt # 16198 $35.77                                                                      $            17,820.73

Park Savings-Receipt # 16190 $228.00 & #16202 $17.90                                     $              9,957.10

Ski Trail Savings-Receipt # 16201 $.57                                                                           $                 303.55

Parade-Event Calendar Fund-Receipt # 16200 $4.19                                                       $              2,217.57

                                                      Balance All Accounts                                              $          447,755.87

Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Motion carried.


Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried.


Clerk / Correspondence-

1.      2 Intent to cut-Wendy Davis CO HWY N by Carl Peters and Plum Creek Timberlands for Plum Creek Timberlands

2.      Letter from Steve Probst thanking us for the opportunity to speak at the last meeting and some notes from him.

3.      Notices from the Board of Adjustments and the Zoning Department on the results from their hearings and of the zoning meeting to be held on October 21, 2004.


Liquor Licenses-Application-2-Year Operator Licenses to Scott Meinke and Gale Chermack. Both have had their Responsible Beverage Server Classes and have had the background checks done.

Motion (Webb / Ratzel) to approve the 2-Year Operator Licenses to Scott Meinke and Gale Chermack. Motion carried.


Public Comment Session-5 minutes for those not on the agenda-Penny Paul spoke on the need for a turn around at the end of Tomahawk Lake Road where she lives. The school bus has to come down that road and it gets stuck trying to turn around in their driveway. She asked if the town was supposed to provide a turn around? Could the town plow push the snow? Len Schiller said that the road ends just past the driveway and the town would do a turn around for the school bus, as well as for the town truck. There was discussion on the issue of some differences to be worked out, but Schiller said the town would do it this year for sure.


Department Head Reports:

            Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease reported that there was a burial for Matt Bott on October 2nd and that

             there would be a burial on October 23rd for Mr. Plachy. Other than that there was nothing new.


             Ambulance Department-Del Jerome, Ambulance Director, reported that they had 4 runs since the last

             meeting-one was to Ashland with an intercept with Great Divide, three were to Hayward-one of these

             was a multiple patient run. There were 3 temporary licenses for the people who are taking the EMT

            classes and one person who was a transfer from Florida who wants to be a new EMT on the department.


            Fire Department-Fire Chief Tom Renz was attending EMT classes and could not be at the meeting.

            The clerk reported that there was nothing new to report for the Fire Department according to Renz.


            Constable Report-Mike O’Keefe had sent the report in to the clerk. There were 17 calls since the last

             meeting: 6 ATV complaint; 2 Assist motorists; 2 Deer hits; 2 Trespass on private property (hunting

             related); 3 Alarm calls from the sheriff’s department; 1 Assist ambulance and 1 Parking related (No over

             night parking / camping at boat landing).


Garage-Len Schiller reported that Fabco had done repairs on the grader. The crew has been cutting

limbs around town. The water lines have been winterized. The nets have been removed from the tennis

courts and the buoys removed from the water. Del Jerome has trucked 290 yards of gravel to Eight Mile

Lake Road and 65 yards to Cranberry Lake Road. The crew did some black top patching. 16 loads of

gravel was hauled to Smith Lake Road and James Road. Scott Construction has finished shouldering

the Pease Road and gravel has been added to the driveways where they dropped off to low due to the

road construction. The town received a new delivery of gas and diesel. The old Town of Barnes signs

have been removed. There was a question if there were any salvageable items. Schiller said that it was

all too damaged to save.


New Clerk / Treasurer-Approval of personnel and introduction of Elaine Brustad as the new Clerk / Treasurer. The clerk would swear the new person in when she starts as Part Time Deputy Clerk on November 1, 2004. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve Elaine Brustad as the new Clerk / Treasurer. Motion carried. Elaine was introduced to the people. Brustad will take over as Clerk / Treasurer in April upon completion of the terms of the current Clerk and Treasurer.


Relief Help for the Transfer Site-Approval of hiring Harry Jacobson as the relief person for Tom Pieters at the Transfer Site. There was discussion that the process was not followed correctly as far as putting out notices for the position. Ratzel said that it was an emergency situation as Tom was going to be gone a lot in November and someone had to be hired to fill in. The job was not going to add hours to the Transfer Site, only replace Tom when he was gone. Ratzel said that that there were not too many people willing to work every weekend, especially out in the cold and we needed someone fast. The other board members said that they were unaware that there was a need for this position until tonight. There has to be more communication. Meinke said he had no problem with Mr. Jacobson, as he knows he would do a good job, but he did have a problem with how this action was carried out. Motion (Meinke / Chermack) to approve Harry Jacobson as the relief person for the Transfer Site. Motion carried. Mr. Jacobson would have the same rate of pay as Pieters, $10.00 per hour.


Grant for Eurasian Watermilfoil-Carol Tierney, a resident of Barnes spoke on this issue. She said she had volunteered to secure a grant for Eurasian Watermilfoil. The grant can be up to $10,000.00, but she felt it would not have to be that much. Chermack asked what lakes were involved. There are 2 bodies of water in the Town of Barnes that are infected as of now-Tomahawk Lake and Sandbar Lake. They are at Stage 2. The town would be the sponsor for the grant, but all of the community could be involved. Groups such as the Conservation Club, the Property Owners Association and individuals would be asked to help in the project. The money must go through the town. There is a deadline that is fast approaching, so Ms. Tierney has a lot of work to do. The board was in agreement to go ahead with this.


Ad Hoc Eurasian Watermilfoil-Dave Thorson spoke on the idea of getting an Ad Hoc committee formed to look into this issue. The Property Owners Association is very interested in this. Thorson has been in contact with the DNR. One representative is Frank Koshier, State Aquatic Plant expert and the other is Dave Bloomer of Spooner, whom the town has dealt with on other water quality issues. Bloomer also deals with the Aquatic Invasive Species Program. All of the community should be concerned, as it could affect all of us in one way or the other, ecologically or financially. Eurasian Watermilfoil is spread primarily by boats that are transported from one lake to another. Parts of the plant remaining on the boat or motor, if not removed, then get into the lakes. Once it is in a lake, it can’t be eliminated, but it can be controlled. There are basically two situations to address on this issue. One is what to do about the lakes that already have the problem-Sandbar and Tomahawk Lakes. The other issue, possible requiring a separate grant, is the issue of keeping the Eurasian Watermilfoil from spreading to other lakes and waters. That would be the proposal for the Ad Hoc committee, to see that action is taken and work done to control this problem to keep it from spreading. Thorson proposed that the Conservation Club, the Property Owners Association, the Town Board of Barnes, the DNR, the residents on the lakes already infested, the Business Association and other individuals work together on an Ad Hoc committee along with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission [Thorson noted that this group has money

available plus experts who work in this field]. There are residents of the lakes just to the south and west of us, Beauregard Lake and Catherine Lake and the 70% of Lower Eau Claire that is in Douglas County that should be involved also. We need to be pro active in this matter. Jon Harkness said that he was part the team that checks the lake water for quality. He said it was a matter not of if, but when this problem would come. People have to be very careful to clean off their boats and motors. We now have lakes that have water of outstanding quality and we want to keep it that way. Webb asked if this was connected to the other lake grant we have. Thorson said it is not, that this would just be for Eurasian Watermilfoil. Webb said that the board has to be pro active and asked if the board should make a motion for this. Thorson said that leadership on this issue should come from the board. If the town is willing to assemble the Ad Hoc committee, they can do so even before the grant work is done. Work can be done so that it is ready when the grant is finished. Chermack asked if Thorson would set a meeting date and at that meeting decide what to do. Webb said that the ad Hoc committee should consist of members of the organizations in town, as well as any individuals who want to be involved, including residents from the Town of Highland. Thorson said that because we already have Eurasian Watermilfoil and we are not just trying to prevent it, we would be given priority. We are also at Phase 2, not Phase 1. Webb said that the town should have 2 board members there to start. Ingemar Ekstrom said that there would have to be matching funds for this grant. Ratzel said we would have to get some figures for the budget if we have to do some matching funds. Ekstrom said that part of the money could be received “in kind” and there are people out there who are willing to donate their time. Motion (Chermack / Webb) to approve support of the AIS Ad Hoc committee for Eurasian Watermilfoil or any other aquatic invasive species prevention or control and the grant for this. Motion carried.


Four Star Construction-Ratzel said that the town had received a bill from Four Star for the last work they did on the River Road Bridge. He thought that it had been agreed that this work was to be done free of charge as it was the fault of Four Star. Webb said that it was not done right in the first place. Meinke said that all they did was make an initial cut of 2’ x 4’, but didn’t take out that portion and then decided that wasn’t needed either. They just poured some concrete in the holes. Webb said that it didn’t meet the requirements yet. Meinke said that he had been out there and that the blacktop had dropped already. The board asked the clerk to write a letter of dispute to deny the payment. Chermack said that the problems should be looked at and Webb said that there should be documentation of the problems in case of any court action. Chermack asked if there should be a different way of doing the bridge. The DNR was supposed to be involved in this project. It was decided that the town would start with a letter to Four Star. The clerk and the chairman would get a letter out.


Eight Mile Lake Road and East Eight Mile Lake Road- The roadwork issue was discussed.  Schiller said that 4 to 5 areas were marked off on these roads for more gravel to be put down. Del Jerome then hauled the gravel to those locations. Ratzel said that he didn’t think there was anything else we could do before winter. We won’t know if this would be adequate until spring. The residents still are not happy with it. Meinke said that it looked like it would drain if the ground stays firm like it is. Unless we get another 4” of rain, it should hold up. The residents were told that this was to get them through the winter and that in spring, bids would be put out on the roads and have it done by professionals. This road is a bus route now, so we have to address the issues, Ratzel said. Chermack said she had been out on those roads and that it looked like the gravel would help. The residents know how it really is. Meinke said that he had seen it at its worst and that it was much better now. The ground seems to be quite hard.


Zoning-1.Corey Clausen of 51640 CTY HWY Y was petitioning the board to OK his request to build a residence in an F1 zoning district. Chermack said that she had contacted Mr. Clausen and that he said he would not be able to attend the meeting tonight, as he lives in Chaska, MN. She said that he told her that he has already

poured the slab, as he thought the zoning had already OK’d his building. There was discussion that the zoning office should be more clear on their approval process. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve Mr. Clausen’s request to build a residence in an F1 zoning district. There were no other restrictions from the board. Motion carried. All of the board members and the clerk signed the request. The clerk would send it back to zoning.


New Doors for the Town Hall-There was only one bid for this project and that was from Sclavi Builders of Solon Springs. The bid was for $3,674.00 for materials and labor to install a new single metal door in the rear of the building by the kitchen and also to replace the main double doors at the front entrance of the main hall and to repair the one broken Anderson window. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to have the work done by Sclavi Builders for $3,674.00. Roll call vote was taken: Chermack, Yes; Meinke, Yes; Webb, Yes and Ratzel, Yes. Motion carried. Schiller would back to Sclavi on this matter.


Sale of Town Truck-There was only one bid and that was opened at the meeting. The bidder was Wayne Boelk of B & S Landscaping, with a bid of $3,100.00. The minimum bid had been set at $3,000.00. Motion (Meinke/ Webb) to accept the bid for $3,100.00 from Mr. Boelk. Roll call vote was taken: Chermack, Yes; Meinke, Yes; Webb, Yes and Ratzel, Yes. Motion carried. Schiller would get the truck ready. The town decals have to be removed and some other items have to be taken care of. Schiller would inform Mr. Boelk of these issues. Mr. Boelk would see the clerk for the title and payment.


Ordinance Issues / Action-Chermack said that she had gone over the draft of the ordinances that Ruth Kressel had given the board. She had noted several typos and had marked them. Webb went through the various chapters. The layout is as requested. Several dates are missing and have to be inserted. The ordinance for the parking was sent to the board members with the attached map. The board should make any changes and then get the draft back to the attorney so that it can be finalized. The attorney will prepare the Code of Ordinances and provide the clerk with several copies for viewing. Once the corrections are done, the notice would go into the paper 15 days in advance of the November 16, 2004 regular town board meeting. The board can then approve the Code of Ordinances at the November 16, 2004 meeting. The board would use Chermack’s copy, as it was already marked, and she would bring it up to the attorney’s office on Thursday when she goes to the zoning meeting.


Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee- Dave Pease said that the committee was working on the Housing Element of the plan. The committee discussed the soil types and drainage and how it relates to zoning. The next meeting would be held on Wednesday November 10, 2004. Everyone is welcome to come.


Centennial Committee-Dave Thorson, a member of the committee, spoke on what was happening. There are now two groups in the Barnes Centennial Committee. One is the actual Centennial Celebrations Committee that deals with the actual celebration to be held next year and the other is the Barnes Area Historical Association. This last group is looking at first of all, the publication of a book about Barnes and in the future, a small museum. In order to be able to solicit money from individuals and businesses for publication of the book, they had to be associated with a non-profit organization. The Barnes Area Historical Association is now a member of the Bayfield County Historical Society. They have been approved as a sub member. Dave Pease and Thorson will be attending those meetings. The clerk read a letter from Judy Neider on the calendars that the Centennial Committee would be selling as follows:

The Barnes Centennial Historical Calendar-Limited Edition will be ready for sale in November. This keepsake edition has over 30 archival black and white photos of the Barnes area. The cost is $10.00. Calendars will be for sale at: Jim’s Bait and the Barnes Town Hall. For more information and to order your keepsake limited edition calendar in advance, call Marilyn Bowes at 715-795-3125 or Judy Neider at 715-795-2310.


BADC-Barnes Area Development Corporation-The clerk said that she had talked to Art Smith today and that there was nothing new. There would be a meeting in 2 weeks. There was a question on the web site issue. The clerk said that she has been working with CCS of Hayward on the web page. It is going well and should be done soon.


Board Member Reports:

            Jack Meinke-Jack had nothing more to add.


             Dixie Chermack-Dixie said that she had prepared a timeline format for ongoing issues to help keep the

             board on track-who is doing what and when. This is a master list. She went through the list with the

             other board members. She asked if they thought it was a good idea. It was agreed by the board members

             that it was a good idea. Chermack said that she had spoken with Patrick Beilfuss of Cedar Corporation,

             as she was concerned that the cost of the Comprehensive Plan was going to go over what it was

             contracted for. Beilfuss said that the cost would not exceed the $37,000.00. They have done $27,000.00

             worth of work already, but still have a year of work to do. The verification of the cost was done both

             verbally and by contract.


            Chris Webb-Chris said that she liked Chermack’s idea of the timeline because maybe we will get some

             things done. The ordinances are close to being completed. There was discussion on the 122-1 Road

             issue. This has to get out of the town’s hands. The web site is almost completed also. We need to get

             these issues off the table. Webb said that the board had received a letter from the DNR about Cranberry

             Lake Road. The letter basically said that if the town was going to alter or change a road, it has to contact

             the DNR. Webb said that this issue did not apply to this road. Once we decide on what roads we would

             do however, the board should send a letter to the telephone company and the electric company when

             they are going to do any work. Schiller said that he does this already. Webb said we were just repairing

             Cranberry Lake Road, not altering it. This was just a roadwork issue. If the roads would be close to any

             waterways, then the DNR should be notified. Someone should send a letter to the DNR referring to this

             road, saying what we are doing on Cranberry Lake Road and that this issue does not apply here.


            Gene Ratzel-Gene said that if residents have issues with the roads, they should contact the garage first.

             Leave a message if the crew is out or talk to Len if he is there. If you talk to him, he’ll have to call Len

             anyway and then it delays the issue at hand. There have been a lot of driveway issues lately. We are

             trying to fix and adjust those that we feel that we are obligated to do because of roadwork done in the

             area, etc. Some have to become the owner’s responsibility.


Motion (Webb / Chermack) to go into closed session pursuant to the State Statute noted. Roll call vote was taken: Chermack, Yes; Meinke, Yes; Webb, Yes and Ratzel, Yes. Motion carried. The regular session was adjourned at 8:00PM.



 OF OCTOBER 19, 2004


Chairman Ratzel called the closed session to order at 8:05PM.


Only the members of the board and the clerk were present in person at the closed session. The board met to discuss only the issues related to the State Statute noted. The attorney was present by speakerphone.


The closed session was adjourned at 8:35PM and the board immediately returned to the regular session.


Webb asked if the letters went out to the residents involved in the Road 122-1 issue. The clerk said that all of the letters had been sent out.  There was discussion of discontinuing town roads. Ratzel said that this discussion would take place after the first of the year, when the new Transportation Statutes go into effect.  There was no decision on any other issues at this time.


Motion (Webb / Meinke) to adjourn the reconvened regular session. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.



Members of the board in attendance: Chairman Gene Ratzel, Supervisors Dixie Chermack, Jack Meinke and Chris Webb. Absent was Supervisor Dave Scharlau (Out of town). Also present was the Treasurer Debbie Sesko and Clerk Lu Peet.


Department heads and committee members present: Garage Supervisor Len Schiller; Cemetery Committee Chairman Bud Pease; Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee Chairman Dave Pease; Dave Thorson Centennial Committee member; Del Jerome Ambulance Director; and Constable Mike O’Keefe.


Members of the community present: Marcia Wellnitz, Donna Porter, Dick Collyard, Wayne Boelk, Penny Paul, Ron Clark, Lois Clark, Elaine Brustad, Carol Tierney, Pat Tierney, Janine Watts, Jon Harkness, Buzzy Harkness, Patti Joswick, Ingemar Ekstrom, Bill Cirhan and Mitch McGee. There may have been others present and not noted or signed in.


Respectfully submitted,




Lucille J. Peet

Barnes Town Clerk

Dated this 26th day of October 2004