OF DECEMBER 16, 2003


Chairman Gene Ratzel called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Ratzel read the December Amended Agenda as follows:


Call the Meeting to Order

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Approve the December Amended Agenda

Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Voucher’s Approval

Clerk / Correspondence

License Application-1-year Operator’s Licenses-Scott Ruhman, Kathy Gatzke and Debbie Oberholtzer

Contract for Service-New Copy Machine- Approval to contract for this service

Zoning-Brad Brunner-Sunset Resort Road-Special Use Permit to operate a Construction/ General

                                     Contracting Business

Mid America Planning Association-Wisconsin Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Law and Grant

                                      Program. Decide whether to adopt.

Barnes Area Development Corporation-Funding for grants

Appointed Clerk and Appointed Treasurer - Create Ordinance to Change These Positions

Enforcement and Penalties Ordinance-Decide on which options to use for existing ordinances

Employee Handbook for Town of Barnes – Updates

DSL Line for Town-Discussion on getting this service

Ordinances-Set Date for All-Board Review of Ordinances

Public Comment Session- 5-Minute Limit for Those not on Agenda

Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease

Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee-Updates


Department Head Reports

Board Member Reports


Motion (Scharlau / Meinke) to approve the December Agenda. Motion carried.


Motion (Chermack / Scharlau) to approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Board Meeting as presented. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Debbie Sesko gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

                                    Checking Balance from Last Meeting                          $       244,150.96

Receipts # 15942-# 15960                                                                               $           8,360.57

Checks # 17298 to #17387                                                                              $       (29,630.73)

November EFTPS                                                                                          $         (3,525.38)

November Interest                                                                                         $               95.45

November Service Charge                                                                              $              (17.90)

Transfer from Tax Savings (Balance from 2002)                                              $            1,276.06

                                      Checking Balance                                                    $       220,709.03


Ambulance Department Investment Fund                                                        $            1,808.75

Highway Department Sinking Fund                                                                  $          70,163.19

BES Sinking Fund                                                                                           $            5,434.42

Park Savings -Receipt # 15942 $256.50                                                           $            8,199.55

Ski Trail Savings                                                                                             $               114.31

Parade-Event Calendar Fund-Receipt # 15960 $500.00                                     $            2,349.32

                                       Balance All Accounts                                              $       308,778.57


Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as given. Motion carried.


Voucher’s Approval -Motion (Chermack / Ratzel) to approve the Vouchers as presented. Motion carried.

Ratzel said he had a question on one of the vouchers, but that he would bring it up later.


Clerk / Correspondence: One Intent-to-Cut for Perry and Genevieve Risberg from Blomberg Logging of Ogema. Letter from Bayfield County Land Records for the town to update and correct any inaccurate mapping information on town roads. The crew has completed this and it has been returned. Letter from the Wisconsin Elections Board- They will be coming to each county sometime during January, February and March of 2004 to meet with the clerks and municipalities on the new Voter Registration Law and the systems that are now in place.


License Application1-Year Operator’s Licenses for Scott Ruhman, Kathy Gatzke and Debbie Oberholtzer.Each has completed his/her Responsible Beverage Server Class and has been checked out. Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the 1-Year Operator’s License for Scott Ruhman, Kathy Gatzke and Debbie Oberholtzer. Motion carried.


Zoning- Brad Brunner-Sunset Resort Road-Special Use Permit to operate a Construction / General Contracting Business from that residence. The clerk read a letter from Roy G. Kiekhafer from Beloit, WI. He has property across Bony Creek from the Sunset Condos. He expressed his objection to the application indicating that the permit was written in such a way as to allow construction materials and equipment to be stored on the property. He felt that it would be noisy, inappropriate and visually offensive and he hoped that the town board would deny the application. Supervisor Meinke said that he had several areas of concern. 1.Recommend no storage of equipment or materials in the open on the property. 2. No fabrication on the site and 3. No storage of waste or refuse (no dumpster) on the property. Chermack asked where this was. It is by the old Sunset Resort across from Jim’s Bait. She asked about additional structures that he might want to put up. Ratzel said that Mr. Brunner would have to meet zoning requirements for this. Mr. Brunner said that he would have no objections to the restrictions. There was discussion on this issue. Meinke said he was not against the business, but wanted to see these restrictions on the application. Several board members had discussed this with Mike Furtak from Zoning and Furtak also recommended these covenants be added. Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the application with the following conditions. 1. No open storage of materials or equipment 2. No fabrication on site and 3. No storage of refuse or dumpsters for waste on the site. Motion carried. The board signed the application with the restrictions. 


Contract for Service-New Copy Machine- The clerk spoke on what the contract involved. This is an optional item. Tri-State Business Systems would provide the maintenance, servicing, parts and toner for $.012 per copy that will be billed quarterly, with a minimum of 5,000 copies per quarter.  The cost was estimated to be between $50.00 and $70.00 per quarter. The toner alone is about $90.00 and lasts about 6,000 copies. The board discussed this and decided to try it to see if it will work out. If it doesn’t, we can opt out of the contract. Meinke said that the Barnes Church had the same service from Tri-State and they were very happy with them. The service was always prompt. Motion (Scharlau / Meinke) to approve contracting with Tri-State Business Systems for this service. Roll call vote was taken: Meinke, yes; Scharlau, yes; Chermack, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. The clerk will contact the representative from Tri-State within the next 90 days to do the contract. The clerk sent $800.00 of her own money as a down payment for the copier to insure us getting the price indicated for the copier. The town will then reimburse the clerk when

the new budget takes effect. Our old copier will stay with us. It still works, but it is very hard to get parts. That is why we won’t sell it off. It will be the town’s responsibility for the disposal of the old machine when it goes.


Mid America Planning Association-Wisconsin Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Law and Grant Program. Supervisor Chermack spoke on what the Barnes Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee recommended. She said that the committee felt that this group represented special interest groups and that this law was not in the best interest of the towns. The committee would not recommend the endorsement of this law. Motion (Scharlau / Meinke) to NOT endorse the Wisconsin Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Law and Grant Program. Motion carried.


[At this time Fire Chief Tom Renz came in. He had requested to be heard at this time since he was on duty with the Sheriff’s Department tonight-The request was granted.]

Fire Department Report- Chief Renz said that he had received the bill from the fire inspector for the inspections of the businesses in the Town of Barnes. The department had 4 calls since the last meeting; 2- fire alarms, 1-glow in the sky and smell of smoke, 1-chimney fire. Renz discussed the unauthorized use of town equipment (radios). He also spoke on radios that may be out there being used by unauthorized personnel. Ratzel said these issues should be checked out. There was discussion on having a list with serial numbers for all radios and pagers and any other equipment that is out with the various department members. The Fire Department has given the board an inventory list with serial numbers. Renz said that at the first meeting of the fire department in the new year, there will be an inspection and check of all fire department equipment. Renz said he had written letters to 3 persons to inform them that they will no longer be on the Fire Department roster. These persons will be asked to return any equipment that may have been issued to them. Renz said that these persons would be given until January 1, 2004 to turn in any equipment. Ratzel said that the town must keep abreast of this situation and asked for an assignment sheet that all of the personnel would sign indicating that they have the equipment. There was discussion on unauthorized conversations using the town radios. Ratzel said that the sheriff’s department said unauthorized calls were not to be allowed-that this interferes with real emergency calls coming in. Meinke asked if the board could get a similar list of the ambulance department radios and equipment.  Ratzel said he would ask the ambulance director for a report. The clerk will also look in her files for the inventory lists. There may be one in the files. Renz said that this is the first time this inspection and verification has been done. Colin Nowaczyk, former fire chief, said there was no paper work from the past on this-that it had never been done. Renz said that the new fire truck would be coming sometime in February. Renz would like the Town Board to draw up a proclamation, or a dedication, that the truck would be dedicated to all past, present and future Veterans of Foreign Wars. Ratzel asked Renz to bring something back to the board on this.


Barnes Area Development Corporation-Funding for Grants-Ratzel asked the board to OK the grant process for the BADC. The BADC is working with Cooper Engineering on grants and it requires board approval for this. These grants at this time would be mostly for infrastructure at the site on N.  Money is easier to get for this and there is a good chance BADC will get a grant. Meinke said that Cooper was a good firm to work with. The town used Cooper when the town had applied for the TRIP-D program for the Pease Road project and would recommend them. Motion (Chermack / Ratzel) to allow the BADC to use a firm such as Cooper or any other representatives that can apply for funds for the BADC. Chermack had some questions on what this would involve. Scharlau asked what it would cost the town. Ratzel said this motion basically was to allow the firm to go ahead and write a simple grant for infrastructure. Meinke said that the cost should be minimal, if there is a cost for this initial grant. Chermack said that there was usually a percentage of the grant money that was charged or a set flat fee. Ratzel said this is just for a simple grant application. A roll call vote was taken: Scharlau, yes; Chermack, yes [with reservations]; Meinke, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. Ratzel said that Cooper had said that they needed Town Board approval because town funds were involved. The board will be kept informed on the grants.


Appointed Clerk and Appointed Treasurer-Create ordinance to change these positions-Updates-The clerk said she had spoken with the WTA’s attorney Carol Nawrocki about the process. The board first must create an ordinance changing the individual positions from elected to being appointed. At least 45 days before the Spring Election to be held on April 6, 2004 the ordinance must be published. Then a referendum vote is held at the Spring Election. If this passes, then these position changes take effect at the end of the current term for those offices and that would be April of 2006. If this referendum passes, then the town may combine the two positions by Resolution at the Annual Meeting a week after the Spring Election. Our attorney will draft the new ordinance for the January meeting. Ratzel said the process starts with this ordinance, but then is voted on by the people.


Enforcement and Penalties Ordinance-Decide on which option to use for existing ordinances-Ratzel said in correspondence from the attorney in November, she said some of our ordinances have forfeitures or fines. We haven’t gone through each one to see if they have forfeiture or not. She indicated that there were 3 ways to go: 1. the town can go through each ordinance -each of the ordinances that are enforceable and amend those that do not provide a penalty provision. Ratzel thought this would be too cumbersome to go through and amend all those ordinances. 2. Specifically itemize each ordinance which may be violated and determine what penalty would be for that ordinance. This can also include provisions for a penalty on any subsequent violation within a year or two years of conviction of a prior violation. That one seems to be more a workable option for us. 3. Adapt a penalty provision for any ordinance which does not already include a penalty within the ordinance itself. One of the disadvantages of this provision is that the town does not get to determine what ordinance violations may be more severe or more serious and incorporate a higher monetary penalty to reflect that philosophy. Ratzel said that he agreed with the attorney on that issue. Option 2 will probably the one we will want to schedule along with our other ordinance activity and provide the penalty feature for our ordinances that way. Ratzel said he would like to get this implemented sometime after the first of the year. Chermack said we would be setting the meeting for the ordinances tonight. She also said that most of ordinances already have a penalty and there is a follow up of what’s going to happen if they don’t pay. There was discussion         on who would do the enforcement and what would be enforced-Keep it simple and not broaden the responsibilities. We only have one person. But because our ordinances can only be enforced by our town constable, that’s where our focus should be. Chermack said that more than one person could be involved and it could get complicated.


Employee Handbook for the Town of Barnes-Updates-The clerk said that Ms. Webb’s requested this be held over for a decision until the January meeting as she could not be here this evening and has not had a chance to look over some of the information.  The other board members discussed various issues that they had with the document. Chermack had a question on page 9-employee development and training-Town of Barnes management may request an employee to participate in cross training to accommodate a temporary need if the required skill is outside the employee’s initial job description. As equipment, technology or the needs of the Town of Barnes changes an employee may voluntarily participate in additional job training at the Town of Barnes expense. Personal job skills training by an employee will be at the employee’s expense. Ratzel said that if the job needed the additional training the town would pay for the training-new equipment, etc. Personal job skill improvement, such as that to advance in their position, would be paid for by the employee. Chermack-Also on page 9-Employees Position Job Description. She asked if there were written job descriptions and where are they. There are written descriptions of all full time hourly employees and are in the clerk’s office. These are the same ones that Vic Wekkin created. All of the employees have seen them and have signed them. Page 10- Employer Rights and Responsibilities. On the 4th sentence-to hire, promote, assign, retain and terminate employees; to establish and enforce work rules and to determine work schedules. Do we have work schedules? Ratzel said right now the garage foreman assigns it. Under Job Performance and Appraisals do we have evaluations or do we need new forms? Is everything included in these forms? Ratzel said yes they are. Chermack had a question on time cards. Employees not required or unable to use the Time Clock cards must submit in writing their hours worked to the Town of Barnes Clerk and must be approved by the Town of Barnes Board designate. Who would that be? Ratzel said the Transfer site worker

or someone who does not have access to the building-no door code. The cleaning person puts down her own time and turns it in. The clerk documents the file clerk’s hours. Chermack also asked about the Work Code Guides. Are we using this? Yes, since June or July of this year. The next issue was Overtime / Compensatory Time. All compensatory time must be used within 90 days......and must be used before December 31st. Use of compensatory time is at the discretion of the Town of Barnes Board or designee. Who is this? Ratzel said right now that would be the chairman. How would this be implemented? Ratzel said it would all have to be documented. It has to be tracked. Ratzel said that he has had dialog with the highway department. This is cumbersome and should be left optional. It is not always feasible to take the time off. He recommends that we change that to use it at the discretion of the Town Board or designate. There was more discussion on this issue. Tom Renz said to just leave it as is and any time left at the end would just be paid out as overtime to clear out the year. You keep a tally of each employee. Len Schiller said that he would be in favor of eliminating this issue all together. It has not been used in the past. We don’t have a large enough crew for this. Ratzel agreed with this. We’ll settle this at the next meeting. Meinke had a question on the designate issue. You go from a five -man board decision to a one-man. This could cause problems. It should go to the supervisor first. Should this be put under this issue? Some actions can only be done by the Town Board unless it designated. Most are not designated. Renz said that department heads should be the first ones to address the issue. If it goes past this, then the Town Board or designate will take action. Meinke said he had a problem with # 3-Corrective Action (Suspension by the Town of Barnes Board or Designate) Ratzel said the statues say that all actions must be done by the Town Board or it’s designate. Chermack said that perhaps the statutes could be included in this. Renz asked if the Fire and Ambulance Departments are under these same rules as they have their own documents. This will be as an addendum to this. If this violates any state laws, that will also supercede this. Schiller asked why his department didn’t work the same way. The highway workers are at-will employees. The fire and ambulance are paid volunteers. Meinke had a question on page 6-The Town of Barnes Management, responsible for employees, is required to hold four safety meetings each year. Is that a designate too? Ratzel said yes. The board is the management. The wording will have to be worked out. Scharlau asked why the corrective action has to be different between the different department heads. Why can’t there be a standard set of rules for everyone? You can’t terminate the volunteers-You can, but the application is a little different. We will run this past the attorney. Donna Porter as designate for the Ambulance Department said that the board has the final say. The Medical Director can also take the license of a member. This issue will be postponed until the January meeting.


DSL Line for the Town-Discussion on getting this service-Ratzel explained a little about the DSL line. It would free up a line so that our messages can get through and the fax can be accessed at all times even when the Internet is in use. The clerk also called the phone company and had our Line1 be able to transfer to Line 2 if Line 1 is busy and if Line 2 is busy, then the voice mail will pick that up. This will help a little with volume calling also. Webb spoke with the clerk by phone this afternoon and said she would be looking at all of the lines that the town has to see what is needed and what is not. She was for the new DSL line. Ratzel was unsure of what the cost would be. For residential service this is about $39.00 per month. He didn’t know what it would be for us. This will be looked into. This will do much to improve communications. Chermack said she knew hard it is sometimes to get through and would be for this new DSL line. Motion (Chermack /

Scharlau) to go with the DSL line. A roll call vote was taken; Scharlau, yes; Chermack, yes; Meinke, yes and Ratzel, yes. Motion carried. Webb will be asked to look into the line issues.


Ordinances-Set date for all-board review of ordinances-There was discussion on what date would be best. The date would be set tentatively for Thursday January 8, 2004 at 6:00PM at the town hall. This will be an

open meeting.


Public Comment Session-5 Minute limit for anyone not on agenda-Janine Watts asked if there was an update on the Steve Hanes property on Highway 27 as far as cleaning up the property. Mike Furtak has indicated that the county zoning has been working with Mr. Hanes on this. Chermack said that the county only has enough money set aside {$25,000.00} to go after one case a year. They have used up most of that

money on this issue. It is further along that what is thought. There aren’t enough personnel to do all the work. Chermack said that bill NR-115 addressed this kind of thing. The DNR is also involved with this issue, but it

is very hard to get a hold of anyone Meinke said. Dick Collyard suggested a written letter from the town to these agencies. This letter would ask where the issue stands and to have a written confirmation from them as to what is being done.  The clerk will check with Furtak on Tuesday.


Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease-Pease said that there was one burial for Donald Kline on December 10, 2003. Other than that, there was no activity and everything was fine. Pease did note that the flag at the cemetery was removed as it was badly torn. There was a discussion on the flag. The clerk will ask Dean Peet about getting a new one from the VFW. Pease asked if his slot on the agenda could be moved closer to the beginning of the meeting. There was discussion on the feasibility of just handing in a report. This was what the original motion of 2000 set. This issue will be addressed at a later meeting. After discussion, the board agreed to put the Cemetery Report, for future meetings, after the Clerk’s Correspondence or after any License Applications that need to be heard. Meinke asked about an issue. Meinke asked how many veterans were buried in our cemetery. The county has some sort of funds for the upkeep and maintenance of these graves, evidently. Pease said that he would look into the matter once the snow cover is gone. The VFW may also have this information. There are other veteran’s organizations also. There was also a question on why the town does not plow the cemetery in the winter. The roads are narrow and the gravesites could be damaged. The main drag in could be plowed, but not the off roads. This will be looked at.


Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee-Updates-Chermack said that 26 people had met on

December 10th to fill envelops for the survey being taken by Cedar Corporation for the Land Use Planning. 1675 surveys were mailed out. Cedar Corporation said that so far 150 completed surveys have been returned to them. There will be a press release to the Northwoods Shopper and The County Journal letting all renters or other interested parties know of the survey and where one could pick up a survey. The next meeting of the CLUP will most likely be held on January 15, 2004 at the hall. 


Centennial Committee-There was no representative from the committee in attendance. The clerk said that the committee meets the third Thursday morning at Downtown Barnes at 9:00AM. They welcome all to attend and contribute information. There was a bulletin included with the tax statements that were sent out in December from the Centennial Committee. Everyone is urged to read this insert and send back any information that they may have for the Centennial Celebration or contact a Centennial Committee member.


BADC-Updates-Meinke said that most of this was covered in the earlier agenda item. The BADC met on the 4th of December and had a representative from Cooper Engineering speak. There is no activity going on at this time.


Department Head Reports:

Ambulance Report- Donna Porter was the representative for Viola Friermood. She gave the following report prepared by Mrs. Friermood:

There were 3 calls since last meeting. 1-Mutual Aid with Great Divide [4-car accident], 1 transport to Hayward and 1 to Duluth. There was 1 call to look for a fire on Kelly Lake Road and then go to a chimney fire on Lower Lake Road.

Mark Paulus from Physio Control checked 6 of the defibs. The other 3 will be sent to him after we get loaners.

We had some of our 1250 radios set up with the frequencies for the other county grant. I will take the other 2 to Superior when I go up there. [Renz said that this was for emergency responses when multiple agencies respond to the same scene-Incident Command Scene.]

Marilee (Ludgatis) quit the ambulance service, as did Lynn Skandel. Both were for health problems.

We are looking for people who would like to be EMTs or First Responders. Anyone interested contact Vi.

Viola S. Friermood, Ambulance Director

There was discussion on the issue of the ambulance equipment and that the department should have a check and verification of all equipment once a year like the Fire Department will have. Ratzel said he would speak to the Ambulance Director about this issue. Porter said that with the resignations of the 2 EMTs, there would possibly be equipment available that could be used by the Fire Department or Ambulance Department for new recruits. The equipment issued to these people will be called in. Porter also said that she has 2 radios and that the Fire Department could have one of hers if they need it. Meinke asked if there was anything we could do to get more recruits. Donna Porter said that a while back there was an attempt to get more EMTs, etc. by putting an article in the paper. This did not produce many responses she said. Ratzel read the letter from our attorney concerning the Refusal of Service form.  All requests for attorney reviews must go through the board first. There was a discussion on the Refusal of Service form that Gene Miller has submitted to our attorney for review. Ratzel said it was OK to have things like this go to the attorney, but this should go through the board first, as the town pays for the costs of the attorney. There was discussion on who had the authority to do this in the departments.


[The Fire Department Report was given earlier]


Constable Report-Mike O’Keefe gave the following report:

There were 18 calls for the month. There were several calls during deer season from the sheriff’s department, 2-Tresspassing, 3 –Alarms,5-closed area complaints, 2 assist motorists, 3-Respond with Fire Department, 2 ATV complaints and 1 hit and run.

Ratzel asked what kind of ATV violations there were. These were just to have them stay off the shoulders. The alarms were 2 break-ins in sheds, but the rest were no problems found.


Garage Report-Len Schiller: Schiller reported that 1 crew member was off for 2 days due to an injury, but that he is back to work. The wheel bearing went out on the 1997 dump truck. This was repaired. The plowing, salting and sanding have been on- going. Ratzel said that the 1987 truck was pushing the limits of its capabilities. There are problems with the clutch and hydraulic system. Schiller said they try not to use this truck in the winter.  There are other major issues with this truck. There was a discussion on the driveway snowplowing and if there is a cut off date when people can still sign up. There is nothing in writing that says there is a cut off date, only a provision for additional fees. The board will look at this issue at the January meeting and review the snowplowing agreement and requirement form.


Board Member Reports-

Jack Meinke- He had nothing more to add except to thank those who came tonight.


Chris Webb-Absent


Dave Scharlau-Scharlau said he had talked with Dale Brevak from the county highway department about the South Shore Bridge issue. Nothing has been done yet. The Federal Government hasn’t gotten back to them yet. As to the Waterways issue at the River Road Bridge and the channels between the various lakes, Birch and Middle and Bony, he has had no response back from the DNR. He will try to contact Diane Dalton who is in charge of it to see if she has any more on this.


Dixie Chermack- Chermack asked about the letter that the board members had received from the residents on Witch’s Bay Road regarding that road. She did not see this road on the road plan for 2004. Meinke asked if she had gotten a copy of the new 5-year plan for town roads, as that was one of the roads to be addressed. Chermack asked if there was any idea of when this road would be done. Meinke said that the board should not make a time commitment for these roads, as we don’t know what will happen. The town can’t do all the roads in one year. He can figure out about what it will cost, but the town can’t commit at this time. A lot depends on if we get the TRIP-D money from the Pease Road. The town can send the people a letter to tell them how the 5-year plan works and what goals we have and what the criteria are for the roads. Meinke

thought it was good that the people do get informed on what’s happening and that the roads are getting consideration. Scharlau said he had been questioned on the Tomahawk Lake Road to have some work done.

The letter from the people on Witch’s Bay Road said that in spring the road was almost impassable. A lot of roads in town are bad in spring.


Dave Scharlau-Scharlau said he had talked with Dale Brevak from the county highway department about the South Shore Bridge issue. Nothing has been done yet. The Federal Government hasn’t gotten back to them yet. As to the Waterways issue at the River Road Bridge and the channels between the various lakes, he has had no response back from the DNR. He will try to contact Diane Dalton to see if she has any more on this.


Gene Ratzel-Ratzel spoke on some of the concerns he had with the snow plowing. He hasn’t had a lot of calls. He reported that a school bus had gotten stuck, but it was not on a town road but on a turn around. The school was on the town about the plowing, however. Ratzel said it was not possible to get all of the school bus routes and the main town roads done by that early in the morning. He will be responding to the school administrator on this issue. There was discussion on the school having the responsibility to tell the drivers not to go on these roads. The decision comes from the administrator, not the driver. The first snowstorm was a disaster because of the kind of snow it was and the traffic that beat it down. We also had a driver down because of injury. Many of the main roads had to be reworked because of rutting. Schiller said each snowfall is different. Pease said that you’d never solve the problem. You may help it, but you’ll not solve it. If there is a medical situation the crew will stop what they are doing to open the road or drive. People need to have their vehicle in good order and have good tires on their vehicle.


Motion (Chermack / Scharlau) to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:37PM.


Members of the board in attendance: Chairman Gene Ratzel, Supervisors Dave Scharlau, Dixie Chermack, and Jack Meinke. Also present were the Treasurer Debbie Sesko and Clerk Lu Peet.

Absent: Chris Webb-Weather delay in Minneapolis.

Members of the community present: Donna Porter, Dick Collyard, Janine Watts, Mike O’Keefe, Bud Pease, Colin Nowaczyk, Tom Renz, Daryl Shemwell, Brad Brunner, Diane Rupnow, Bill Cirhan and Len Schiller. There may have others not noted or signed in.


Respectfully submitted,



Lucille J. Peet

Barnes Town Clerk

Dated this 17th day of December 2003