Chairman Gene Ratzel called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


The June Amended Agenda was read as follows:

Call the meeting to order

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Approve the May Agenda

Approve the Minutes of the Last Regular Town Board Meeting

Treasurer’s report

Voucher Approval

Clerk / Correspondence

License Application-Liquor Licenses-Class B Beer and Class B Liquor (Combined)-1. Alibis Resort 2. Enchanted Inn 3. RC’s Decoy Inn 4. Buck N Bass 5. Sage’s Saloon  6. Northwood’s Tap  7. Downtown Barnes 8. Cabin Store. Class A Beer and Class A Liquor (Combined)-Friermood’s Spur. Class A Beer-Jim’s Bait and Sport Shop. Operator’s Licenses-1-year-Rose Skinner, Brent Winch, Claudine Hoover, Jim Nieckula, Gary Bergman, Lisa Puckett, Tracey Levy, Nancy Loughren, Tracy Roehr, Ed Roehr, Jr., Cari Gorud, Karen Rutzen and Jim Freese. 2-year Operator’s Licenses-Colleen Ruhman, Louie Draganowski (needs Responsible Beverage Server Course) and Gary Larson.

Anyone not on agenda-5 minutes

Contract for Waste Management-Sign contract for coming year

Bridge Work-Future work for South Shore Bridge-Sign application for Local Bridge Rehab and Replacement Funding. Discuss and decide what weight limits for River Road bridge

ATV Trail Access-George Urban

Town Ordinances-Signs Ken Hailey

Zoning-1.Rucker-Moore Road, walking trail  2. Buck N Bass- expand resort building 3.Murphy-Porcupine Trail, temporary use of RV during building process 4. Laberdie-Badger Trail, place 1973 mobile home on property 5. Hoyt-Call O Wild Road, put 1981 mobile home, sewer, water in F1 zoned land 6. Kernan-Moen Road, Build residence in F 1 zoned land

Potawatomi Land Issues-Dawn Pittman

Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease


Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee-Updates

Department Head Reports

Board Member Reports


The month noted in the agenda was May. This was changed to June. The chairman also asked to have the agenda item regarding zoning moved to the beginning of the meeting to accommodate the County Zoning meeting that is being held at the same time our meeting is held. The results will then be faxed to the county. Zoning will follow the clerk’s correspondence.

Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the change of the location of zoning on the agenda to the first part of the meeting.  Motion carried.

Motion (Chermack / Scharlau) to approve the June amended agenda with the changes. Motion carried



Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve the minutes of the last regular town board meeting as presented. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report- Treasurer Debbie Sesko gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:


Checking Balance from last meeting                        $                        69,600.20

Receipts # 15774-# 15798                        $                        22,117.98

Checks # 16666-# 16768                        $      (42,302.82)

May EFTPS                        $                      (3,977.30)

May Interest                        $                             41.17

May Service Charge                        $                            (19.15)

Automatic Withdrawal- Insurance Payment                        $        (6,255.68)

Check # 16459 Void                        $                              13.35

                                  Checking Balance                        $                      39,217.75

Ambulance Department Investment Fund                        $                         1,800.89

Highway Department Sinking Fund                        $                      69,858.04

Highway Department Operational Fund                        $                         1,008.45

BES Sinking Fund                        $                      48,851.58

BES Operational Fund                        $          1,006.94                       

Park Savings-Receipt # 15770 $138.00                        $                         9,571.49

Ski Trail Savings-Receipt # 15757 $30.00                        $                         1,615.16

Parade/ Event Calendar Fund                        $                         2,616.51

                                   Balance All Accounts                        $      175,546.81


Treasurer Sesko then presented a plan to change the way the accounts are done. She said that at the next meeting the board should approve the deleting of the highway operational and the BES operational accounts and just have them as sub accounts under the general fund, as this is where everything for these accounts is paid out of anyway. This is by recommendation of our CPA firm. The other special funds will remain as they are now. The money will be left in the accounts until the quarterly interest is set at the end of June. The board will take this up at the next meeting in July.


Motion (Scharlau / Webb) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as given. Motion carried           


Voucher Approval-Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve the vouchers as presented. Motion carried.


Clerk / Correspondence-There were 6 Intent To Cut permits: 5 were for Plum Creek Timberland for Plum Creek Lands and one was for Sherlyn Wilkinson / Paszak by Robert Paszak.  The clerk read from

the Waste Tire Collection letter from the county. The dates for collection are Wednesdays June 18 and June 25, from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and Saturdays June 21 and June 28, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. The sites for collection are as follows:

Town of Clover Recycling Center-Clover

BRB Recycling Center-Russell

Bayfield County Highway Department Storage Area-Washburn

Iron River Recycling Center-Iron River

Mason Area SW District Recycling Center-Mason

Town of Drummond Recycling Center-Drummond

Town of Namakagon Recycling Center-Namakagon.

Only tires WITHOUT RIMS will be accepted. Bring proof of county residency.

Auto, light truck, large truck, tractor and other oversized tires accepted.


Tires collected through this program will be shredded and used as a fuel supplement or recycled into other rubber products. For more information call 715-373-6104. There was a notice of the County Zoning Committee’s Public Hearing on Dog Kennels that was held June 17, 2003. The WisDOT sent an application to all towns to inform them of flood aids available. The clerk spoke on fireworks and who was allowed to get a permit. All information must be given on the permit. Only organizations or groups should be given the permits according to the Wisconsin Towns Association Attorney Carol Nawrocki. The issue of such permits is up to the discretion of the town chairman. There was one bid for the ski trail groomer, but it was received after the agenda was posted so it will be taken up at the July regular town board meeting.


Zoning-1. Rucker-Moore Road, Walking Trail-The party would have to skirt the wetlands area according to zoning, but otherwise zoning sees no problems. Motion (Scharlau / Chermack) to approve the walking trail for Mr. Rucker no restrictions from the board other than not to go through the wetlands. Motion carried. 2. Buck N Bass Resort- expand resort building. Motion (Scharlau / Chermack) to approve the request with no other restrictions from the board. Motion carried.  3. Murphy-Porcupine Trail, Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the request with the added provision that there would be a 2-year time limit with the board reviewing the situation in 18 months. There was discussion on where they were at on building. It was not started yet. Chermack said they were over the time limit for doing something and built a very nice privy that may indicate they are not moving forward with the process, so she would like to see a 1-year time limit. They did not come to us with some sort of time frame. Webb said that it takes time to get things done, but we could do a check on it in 18 months. Motion carried. 4. Hoyt-Call O Wild Road, Move a house trailer (1981) on F 1 land, put in sewer and water on F 1 (Forestry 1) zoned land. It is not on the lake side of the road. Motion (Scharlau / Chermack) to approve the placing of the 1981 trailer home with sewer and water on F1 land. Motion carried.

 5. Laberdie- Badger Trail, Place a 1973 mobile home on property. Motion (Webb / Scharlau) to decline the application for placing a 1973 trailer on the property.(Motion carried after the discussion). There was discussion on what time frame there was for this property. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to open the floor to discussion. Motion carried. Mr. Laberdie spoke on his request. He agreed that he had gone about the process in the wrong way. There was discussion on the issue of the trailer being a 1973 trailer. The county ordinance says that trailers must be 1976 or newer. He has removed the other old trailer that was there. He indicated that he would be upgrading at a later date, but that there was not a date set at this time. He said they would be selling their home in Superior where they live now, in the future, but this was not done yet. It was suggested that the party try to sell the old trailer and then get a newer one that would conform with zoning. Ratzel said that there wasn’t much information on this trailer for the board to look at. Motion (Webb / Chermack) to close the floor to discussion. Motion carried. The above motion was approved to decline the application. 6. Kernan-Moen Road, Build a residence in F 1 (Forestry 1) zoned land served by a sanitary system. Motion (Meinke / Scharlau) to approve the placing of a residence with a sanitary system in F 1 land with no further restrictions by the board. Motion carried. These requests were then faxed up to the county board meeting.


License Applications-Liquor Licenses-Class B Liquor and Class B Beer Combined-1. Alibis Resort 2. Enchanted Inn 3. RC’s Decoy Inn 4. Buck N Bass Resort 5. Sage’s Saloon 6. Northwood’s Tap 7. Downtown Barnes 8.Cabin Store. Class A Beer and Class A Liquor Combined- Friermood’s Spur. Class A Beer-Jim’s Bait and Sport Shop. The clerk said she had gotten a statement from Leamon Mercantile about an unpaid liquor bill from Buck N Bass, but that has now been paid. The clerk indicated that no license will be issued until all fees and any past due taxes and other unpaid items are taken care of. This is due on June 30, 2003. Motion (Scharlau / Meinke) to approve the licenses as presented. Motion carried.


Operator’s Licenses-1-year License-The clerk said there were two changes in the list. Lisa Puckett has decided to seek employment elsewhere and is not going to renew her license and Tracey Levy has decided to get a two-year license. Rose Skinner, Brent Winch, Claudine Hoover, Jim Nieckula, Gary Bergman, Nancy Loughren, Tracy Roehr, Ed Roehr, Jr., Cari Gorud, Karen Rutzen and Jim Freese. 2-year License-Tracey Levy, Colleen Ruhman, Louie Draganowski and Gary Larson. The clerk indicated that Mr. Draganowski needed to complete the Responsible Beverage Server Class before he can obtain a regular license. He will be issued a temporary license until then. The licensees have been checked out with the State of Wisconsin Criminal Justice system. Motion (Webb / Meinke) to approve the licenses with the noted provision. Motion carried.


Anyone not on agenda-5 minutes- John Kudlas spoke on the request for a town cleanup to coincide with the centennial preparations. The board should consider looking at places that are requesting permits to see if they need to be cleaned up before issuing the permits. This issue will be put on the July agenda. There was more discussion on the ATV situation in the Potawatomi area. Kudlas said he did not take any sides on the issue until this past week when there were many problems. Kudlas asked their board for a moratorium on any more additional trails. They have also asked the ATV club to monitor ATV usage. The bad ones are giving all of the ATV riders a black eye. Dawn Pittman showed map of pro and con responses on the Potawatomi survey for ATV activity. Kudlas gave the map to the board. Marty Moran stated that the bylaws of the Potawatomi are not filed with the county so they do not have a bearing on anything. At this point Ratzel asked that further discussion on this be halted. Welhaven said that there are covenants in place and that both parties are half right. They are in the process of revising the covenants and hopes that some agreement can be made to aid both sides. Ratzel said the board would look into this issue further. Chermack said that at the Bi-County meeting held several weeks ago, there was discussion on the issue of ATV access. There is an item up for vote in Madison on whether the ATV’s will have the same access rights that the snowmobiles have now and that at this time there has been no decision.


Contract for Waste Management-Sign contract for year for dumpster at Peninsula Road boat landing. Ratzel mentioned that there was a satellite toilet and dumpster placed at that landing. Webb asked what cost was involved with the contract and what time frame. The fee is $95.00 per month and it will be tried from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Ratzel said he has checked this site on a regular basis and so far it is working out all right. The clerk said she had also gotten the bill on the satellite, which is $100.00. The satellite at the transfer site was bought for $200.00.  Meinke asked if anyone had requested the satellites for the 4th of July.  The clerk will check on it. Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to approve the contract with Waste Management for the dumpster at the Peninsula Road boat landing. Motion carried.


Bridge Work-Future work for South Shore Road bridge-Sign application for Local Bridge Rehab and Replacement Funding. Discuss and decide on weight limits for River Road bridge. Dave Scharlau discussed the application for funds for 2006 from the DOT. Four Star Construction gave the town a proposal of $143,000.00 for repair of the bridge. This figure was inflated to account for future price increases. We needed a proposal to submit with the application. Right now the problems at the South Shore bridge have been getting worse. The town may have to do some temporary repairs. He felt an engineer should come out and look at the bridge again to see if it is safe and if 2006 will be too late for repairs. Ratzel asked if Scharlau felt there was a public safety issue. Scharlau indicated that this is why we need to have it looked at. There was discussion on how the bridge could be repaired. If there is a heavy rain, it may deteriorate it further. Webb said we should get more information and see if the state or county could come and look at the bridge at no cost to us and then we can bring back the information to the next meeting. Chermack said she had taken pictures of the bridge in September of 2002 and that they were on file in the clerk’s office. Dan Carthel, an engineer, will be contacted. As far as River Road is concerned, Len Schiller said that weight limit signs had already been posted for 10- ton weight limit. Meinke said

that DNR permits need to be obtained before any work can start. There is a proposal out already and they were just waiting for the permits to be gotten.


ATV Trail Access-George Urban-He presented a proposed map that he had done on ATV trails. He suggested connecting some of the roads discussed, as that may help with the problems in Potawatomi.  He said his proposal fit in with the area on the Potawatomi map that was in favor of ATV trails. He also said he would be willing to put the signs up on the trails. Ratzel said it was an issue that needs to be resolved.


Town Ordinances-Signs-Ken Hailey-Mr. Hailey asked where signs like realty signs, etc. could be placed. He indicated that he has had a problem with his realty signs being removed against his wishes. Does the town have a sign ordinance? It was noted that the county zoning has the sign ordinance and that it regulates how far from the right of way a sign must be. If a sign is placed on personal property, the consent of that owner is necessary before placing on sign on that property. The attorney has indicated that this issue is a matter between the parties involved and is not a town matter.


Potawatomi Land Issues-Dawn Pittman-There was discussion on what the town has found in its records as far as accepting these lands. No information could be found in the minutes indicating that the town had ever accepted these lands. [The clerk read the statement from the last meeting.] The attorney said he would get together a proposal for the town to convey these lands to the Potawatomi. This will be on the July agenda.


Cemetery Committee-Bud Pease- Mr. Pease was unable to attend the meeting this evening. Chermack said that the committee was re mapping the cemetery. They were working to correct some problems at the cemetery also.


BADC-Updates- Gene Ratzel spoke for the group. There has been no activity since the last meeting. Steve Schraufnagel, a design engineer from Ashland, was going to lay out a design for the park. Lu Peet indicated that the corporation had received a bill from Mr. Schraufnagel for work already done.


Comprehensive Land Use Planning Committee- Updates-Dave Pease, chairman for the committee gave the report. He said that the committee was going to go over and revise the language of the contract with MSA at a meeting to be held on June 18th. He hoped to have the results by the July board meeting.


Department Head Reports-

Ambulance Department-The clerk read the report from the ambulance director, as she could not be present at the meeting.

We had 6 calls since the last board meeting.

2 intercepts with helicopter

2 transports to Duluth

2 no transports

We had Crime Scene training

We had our helicopter training

Working on the 4th of July Fund Raiser

Viola went to meeting put on by the sheriff’s department about the new dispatch center.

Viola S. Friermood-Ambulance Director

Fire Department-There was no one here from the fire department and no report was turned in.

Highway garage-Len Schiller said that the crew had graveled the Martin Road and Pease Resort Road, widened and ditched them. The tire had to be replaced on the ’97 dump truck. The 10-ton weight limit

signs have been placed at the River Road bridge. The crosswalk on Lake Road by the VFW and the intersection stop areas have been painted. The crew has been grading and repairing the rest of the roads. The work was still going on remodeling the town garage as well as the operations of the garage.  The garage now has an e-mail address. It is [email protected]. This is set up so that if there is an issue, you can contact the garage directly. Letters were sent to the property owners on several roads that are going to be worked on this summer [Wallman Road, Clearwater Road and Clearwater Court]. This was done as a courtesy to the property owners so they will know if there will be possible delays in getting in or out of their road. Other roads that will be worked on are Lower Lake Road, Lynx, Silver Wolf and Broken Arrow loop and a short stretch of Island Lake Road between Little Island and Island Drive. The entire Island Circle Drive and Red Oak Drive will be paved with hot mix and shouldered. The minutes of the two road meeting will be also be available for the public to read. Schiller also added that work would be done on the Moore Road by Little Island Road.


Constable-The constable was unable to attend the meeting, but had submitted a report to the clerk. O’Keefe said he had 12 calls for the month; 7 were for ATV violations, 2 deer hits, 1 alarm, 1 assist motorist and 1 follow the ambulance call. Mike O’Keefe-Constable


Board Member Reports-Dave Scharlau-He did not have a lot. The ATV issues could be brought to the Lake County ATV club for them to look at.

Dixie Chermack-She had nothing to add.

Jack Meinke-Meinke wanted to thank Dean and Lu Peet for their work in putting in the landscaping by the hall. Ratzel also wanted to put in a word of thanks to the town crew for getting the old plantings out.

Chris Webb-Webb asked how the ordinances were coming along. She wants to get to work on them with Chermack. The clerk said she was scanning them.

Gene Ratzel-Ratzel said that a lot of roadwork was being done. The board had met and had decided on the contracts for the roadwork for the year. A lot of headway has been made. Gene has a new program that we might use, but he has to see how it will work first. We are trying to get our ordinances into permanent storage. We would like to get it in PDF format where we can search by words. We need to get our ordinances in order. Scharlau reminded Ratzel that the application for the bridge work had to signed and sent in right away.


Motion (Chermack / Meinke) to adjourn the regular board meeting. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50PM


Members of the board present were Chairman Gene Ratzel, Supervisors Dave Scharlau, Jack Meinke, Chris Webb and Dixie Chermack. Also present were Treasurer Debbie Sesko and Clerk Lu Peet.


Members of the community present were Ken Hailey, Ida Moran, Marty Moran, George Urban, Janette Laberdie, Tom Laberdie, Dawn Pittman, Greta Pittman, Lisa Pittman, John Kudlas, Jean Walstad, Len Walstad, Ron Welhaven, George Lanphear, Dave Webb, Ed Erickson, Ray Betz, Sue Betz, David Pease, Ron Moen, Steve Hunter, Mitch McGee, Leigh Jordahl, George Martin, Lori McCaske, Kevin Murphy, Marcia Wellnitz and Len Schiller. There may have been others present who were not signed in or noted.


Respectfully submitted,


Lucille J. Peet

Barnes Town Clerk

Dated this 22nd day of June 2003